Britney Spears Grammy afterparty nip slip?

February 9th, 2006 // 121 Comments

  1. jugsgirl

    2 = baby number 2 ???

  2. Lynette

    That is definatly a giant nipple. ew.

  3. Romeo Foxtrot

    no way that’s a nip. too big

  4. Binky

    In the first pic they were each asked how many brain cells their spouse had left.
    At least Kev wore some of his better jeans.

  5. richelle

    That isn’t a nipple, it’s one of those sticky cup bra things that stick onto your boob so you can wear strapless gowns and stuff.
    Still trashy that it’s showing, though.

  6. DuckBoy

    She’s looking great again.

    More pics of her at the party here:

  7. These two just get sadder by the minute! He looks like he
    hasn’t see the sun in like a decade and what’s with the ratty
    looking jacket cuff? And why does she insist on wearing these 1980′s looking school dance dresses? Save the minis
    until you have lost the rest of the baby weight-you could look so much nicer with clothes that suit your figure.
    She really was a beauty in her day!

  8. Go Sip

    The nipple slip is the least of her troubles this week, the woman used her kid as an air bag and was photographed. She has the IQ of a melon, so why not show the melons?

  9. Sara=hater

    Ha, ha she is oblivious that her dress strap has fallen down. Well that looks nice!

  10. ESQ

    Holy areola!

    In response to comment #4 – LMAO

  11. tash

    I don’t think that’s a nip, unless she has ginormous alien nipples. I like how her taste doesn’t improve whether she’s dressed up or not, she still looks like she’s wearing a misshapen sack XD

  12. Celetina

    What was she doing at the Grammys? Isn’t that an event for, y’know, actual recording artists?

    Then again, I might have trouble with my dress too if I made it out of trash bags and mosquito netting. At least she had the common sense to complete the look with a set of classy cockroach carcass earrings.

    I still wish you hadn’t posted the pictures, though. Her Eau de White Trash perfume is actually coming through my computer.

  13. inspector11

    Oh commenter #9, i have prayed since junior high school for hot girls to not notice their dresses were falling down. However I don’t remember asking Jesus for them to be accompanied by a scrub with a pinky ring and possessing areola’s that make tara reid’s nipples seem “tasteful”

  14. She’s disappearing into pudding.

    His ‘career’ is just about to take off. Vroom!

  15. innit

    I hope her nips really aren’t that ginormous… I kinda do think they’re those sticker things tho.
    ITA with #7… I think she’s trying to emulate Madonna from the old days, since she’s always gone on and on about how Madonna is her hero or whatever. Didn’t there used to be a time when people were saying Britney was going to be the next Madonna? LMAO!

  16. PapaHotNuts

    That’s not a nipple.

    That’s a half-eaten cookie she stole from the catering truck. Kevin’s gone through most of her money so now she has resorted to theft of all things edible. Guess where she hid the banana?

  17. PapaHotNuts LOL!!

    Hmm, wait, a post about Britiney and Kevin, let me break out the Brit/K-Fed word jumble. “Trash” “Pig” “Sponge” “Jobless” “No Talent” “Hose-bag” “Dirty” “Dumb-ass” “retar….ok, well you know where I’m going with this.

  18. memichelle77

    that so IS a nipple, i swear! When you breast feed they get all big and dark so the baby knows where to find them. so, i don’t think seanny p will have any problem there…

  19. careylicious

    I’d rather dry heave than have to see that ever again.

  20. derekd

    To all you people that keep saying “Gosh darn, she’s lookin’ good again ” Are we looking at the same picture? Just because she looks like she brushed her hair and has been out of bed longer than 15 minutes DOES NOT mean she looks good again! Look how meaty those thighs and arms are! She looks like a Russian weight lifter!! Bad posture as well.

  21. spacca

    those are her nipples, after your pregnant that happens meaning i dont think she did have enlargement surgery.

    i heard they had a big fight after this was taken…

  22. pookiedoo

    I’ll bet she thought if she flashed some nip, it might distact people from thinking that Kev was a douchebag. Didn’t work, though.

  23. Lavis

    Can someone take out the trash!

  24. Romeo Foxtrot

    #20 i think the people saying ‘gosh she’s looking good again’ are exercising sarcasm

  25. Caught Dead In That Dress

    Is her dress duct taped together…?

    Mummy, make the scary peopel go away =/

  26. Ahh, the nip-slip. The crazy new trend that’s here to stay, like that one time everybody was stapling their scrotum to their leg, remember that? Good times…

  27. ShanDourdan

    Maybe she thought by making a public appearance she could play down all the contraversy at the moment.

    That’s a lesson to all of us really. If you’re worried you’re being recognised as a dumb hick who can’t tell her ass from her mouth and like using your babies as human airbags,show your nipples ( or hint of) at an awards ceremony and you’ll be laughing all the way to bank.

  28. Go Sip

    Britney looks like 150lbs of sausage in a 10lb sack in that dress. #26 maybe Kfed should have his scrotum stapled so there are no more accidents. Please God tell me that is not baby number 2 under the fat. Britney’s life is like an episode of Jerry Springer, and K Fed I am gonna enjoy watching his career circle the drain a little while longer. PoPo Zao!

  29. Mary45

    She looks really messed up like she got into K-fed’s stash…is the baby in the limo? Or is he now in the custody of Children’s Services? We can only hope…

  30. DuckBoy

    “What was she doing at the Grammys? Isn’t that an event for, y’know, actual recording artists?”

    Wait Celetina…you mean like ones who have sold 85 million records, had 4 #1 albums, and they themselves actually won a Grammy….

    you mean like Britney?

  31. DuckBoy

    oh, and props to the webmaster for putting the worse pics of the entire set from that evening on this site…. I expect nothing less from you

  32. Jezabel

    Who cares about the nipple!?!?! Check out that skanky
    clip-on clump of gold hair cascading down her chest.

    Hey, is that the one K-fed clips on the back of his neck for
    his rat tail? Hmmmm…

  33. playahater101

    PapaHotNuts, you are hysterical! We can only hope that’s a cookie she’s hiding in there. Looks more like a large piece of salami.

    She should have gotten a dress that fit her and extensions that don’t look thrown together. She looks like glorified white trash. Wait a minute…..she IS glorified white trash!

  34. sikofdis

    Hey DuckBoy,

    You DARE defend this low-rent piece of trash? (AND sales stats, AND popular tastes, AND the Grammys???)

    No Cred For You!!!!

  35. Tracy

    Britney looks nipple-riffic and tummy-tastic!

  36. HollyJ

    Why is she wearing black pantyhose as a turtleneck?

  37. dugjay

    i guess after you conjugate with something as trashy as K-Fed..anything can happen.

  38. fluku

    brit’s not a cow worth milking . too bad federline is too smart to not know.

  39. LickyLicky

    How about whining on another board about how everyone’s picking on Bratney, Duckboy… OR SHOULD I SAY KEVIN FEDhERaLINE (about how great he was and then gave her lots of weed, cheetos, redbull and vodkas, and hotwings to distract her from the truth)… and figure out that nothing you say or do is going to make people stop. You’re trying to bring down the party, man, and it’s not working. This site is called the SUPERFICIAL for a reason. Maybe you need to masturbate to her old pics a few more times and get your hands too sticky to type. Then we’d all be happy, you included.

    What are you, 12 years old?

  40. pixel killya

    Nah, Brit’s nip are closer to her beltline.

    Where’s baby, out circling the block in the family whip?

  41. Go Sip

    I agree with Licky on this one, it is called superficial for a reason. She looks like shit


  42. That is definitely the areola of a pregnant woman.

    That still doesn’t excuse the crappy parenting skills and idiodic decision to drive with a baby in her lap.

  43. Aimtrue

    I vote nipple. The link to more pics includes a pic with someone reaching over and fixxing the dress strap. Papazao, papachow, papacow. This really looks like hill billy prom- She is trying her best to look elegant, he can’t stand to wear a suit so he puts jeans under daddy’s going to town coat. Of course he wears tennis shoes so he can really dance and he hates grown up shoes anyway.

  44. tracyp

    I think it is a nip shot esp after seeing “it” covered when the strap is up.

  45. fluku

    what s all that hair coming out of kev’s sleeve?


  46. thekief4

    Britney has gone from being super hot to that girl you used to know from high school. You remeber, she was the one from that thing.

  47. curel

    just gross

  48. HollyJ

    Britney needs the nipples to go with those areolas.

  49. LaydeeBug

    Once again, PAPA you never fail to deliver. (just when I think I’m about to leave work, you sucked me back in)

    Licky, WORD gurl! I guess when Britney grabbed the dress off the rack at Marshall’s she forgot or refused to get her real size. Bitch, your boobies get bigger when you have a baby. Stuff those sausages in their case, fa chrissake.

    Oh and as for DuckBoy, you betta duck!

  50. LaydeeBug

    Gosh, Britney’s hair grows really fast, don it?

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