UPDATE: Britney Spears goes to court

October 26th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Britney Spears arrived in court today along with Kevin Federline. The two are in the midst of a custody battle that has seen Britney lose and regain custody of her kids about 1,000 times by my estimate. Presently Britney is only allowed monitored visits with Sean and Jayden. A court-appointed parenting coach must be present. At the time of this post, Britney and Kevin are still in the courtroom. No major developments have occurred with the exception of Britney changing her hairstyle and sunglasses after every break, according to TMZ:

She walked into the bathroom and presto change-o! — she changed her dark black sunglasses for brown ones. She also took her hair down.

You know what impresses a judge? Sunglasses. Turns out Britney Spears is a master legal strategist. Yeah, maybe she skipped a few drug tests and completely ignores her parenting coach, but check out these shades, your honor. Yup, they totally block out the sun. You can just hand over those kids now. No rush on the “Mother of the Year” plaque. Just drop it in the mail. Laters, y’all!

UPDATE: The judge will issue a written ruling on Monday or Tuesday. Kevin Federline was seen leaving the courtroom very happy while Britney was a sobbing mess despite having her visitation rights extended for the weekend. According to Extra, when asked by a reporter how things were going, Britney replied “Eat it, lick it, snort it, fuck it!” Someone explain to me why Britney Spears hasn’t been invited to Buckingham Palace. It just seems like she’d fit in there. You know, because she’s so classy and refined.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. TS

    #46, you are 100% correct. You ARE a coward.

    You could not have found a more inappropiate place to post your propaganda. People like YOU ruin places like THIS WEBSITE. Dickhead.

  2. what is it with those hidious boots?

  3. pablo13

    she know goods suck fingers


  4. k

    she looks hot!

  5. Xenu

    54- Hot like a steaming pile of shit? You bet!

    Eat it, lick it, snort it, fuck it!

    That is going on her tombstone. Whether she wants it to or not.

  6. lalaland

    i have to admit she doesnt look as trashy here as she was, her hair doesnt look like it was recently shaved off, it actually looks really good
    she actually wore THAT to a court???

  7. Matthew

    britney:: I hope Brandine and Cleatus is at home making moonshine Trainwreck at best

  8. IM pretty sure she got her lips done i mean for a week they have been enormous looking soo you might want to look into that…

  9. Nitsua

    God Bless the Judge!

    keep it up Shitney

  10. Sondra

    United states is a frightening place
    Airport homeland security=Gestopo
    ..last time I travelled they repeatedly questioned why i had so Many clothes WTF? i am a girl i don’t know what i want to wear next tuesday..but nooooo i was like scared to answer How sick is that!
    they made me feel like a Terrorist
    why the fuck did’t I just answer normal cause they’d taser me kill me..i appoligized
    thats just creepy
    usa .. don’t need my Travel$’s no more
    !! not worth the shit at their airports

  11. Allie


    i like superficialnus ‘lalalalalalalal’
    i don’t hear You

  12. corella

    have a SecondLife in my SecondLife online world

    This how I will happily outlive You

  13. Salmonswife

    America is a very disturbing place

  14. Salmonswife

    I ‘m disurbed
    as I realize I take some comfort in seeing she still has the boots

  15. TS

    #60, 63:

    what the HELL are you talking about? This is easily the most accepting country on the planet. The fact of the matter is that certain events has made it necessary for our authorities to be more cautious with foreigners coming into our country. I travel abroad all the time and I get the same treatment, and I would expect nothing less.

    I don’t know what country you’re from, but chances are one day you will desparately need the help of the USA. When we’re there to give it to you, I sure hope you appreciate it.

  16. star69

    Didn’t she NOT have a California drivers license?


  17. JANE


  18. veggi

    Poor thing. This is all very unfair to her.

  19. Blondamnation

    To you propaganda-posting anti-American psychos: I wish for you a thousand years at airport security, wearing those boots Britney loves so much.

    GET OVER IT and make the most of the life you’ve been given.

  20. Blondamnation

    #4-that was funny

    #44-BITE ME

    #46 bite me, then go away, just go away

    #60 airport security was last night’s topic here at CNN, along with the Dow Jones Industrial and global warming. But TONIGHT, it;s Kim Kardashian’s ass and Britney’s vagina, sorry…

  21. Yep

    Cheers to the Judge
    She was Breastfeeding while on vodka..
    Mind You ..
    Vodka con leche
    .. Add some peppermint Schnapps
    vodka milk punch

  22. Blondamnation

    #68 I know youre not serious ! Are you trying to invite the Britney lovers? :) Either you’re a fake veggie or you’re just starting shit…

  23. Farrah

    New parents..
    that glamorous celebrity you name your daughter after today
    may look quite different she’s all grown up

    All the Britneys, I’m so sorry for you


  25. Soy

    I’m disurbed
    ..posts don’t go with the pics
    who’s more fucked up shitney or these posts


  27. Lysol

    She’s so fucked

  28. Tess

    I think she looks really nice in those pictures. Her hair looks clean and “bigger”, it’s not just hanging there. And she doesn’t look fat at all. And I don’t think it’s that awful she wore that to court. I don’t think there’s a dress code? Besides, that covers her up nicely.

  29. Tess

    Btw, the people who choose the pictures for this site are definitely not helping Britney’s image. All the ugliest pictures of her are shown in thesuperficial.com. There have been a lot of prettier pictures taken of her lately without the greasy hair and nasty clothing.

    Check this out, it was taken just 5 days ago:


    I’m not saying I adore this chick or think she is hot or anything but it’s just not true to claim she looks like shit everyday and everywhere she goes. Look, no boots, no greasy hair, no black sunglasses!

  30. BaldAsBritney

    Oh yeah she looks great. What a stunner.

  31. i think she looks just fine for the circumstances.
    tut @ the media asking her how she fucking is.
    “yeah, i’m fantastic. my gold digger of an ex has a dirty smerk on his face and he’s stolen my children away from me aswell as turning me into a complete wreck.”
    everyone should get the fuck off her case.
    nobody knows how she really is but the people close to her. i’d curse at the media if i were in her position too. they do nothing but criticise the poor girl.
    we are the people who have done this to her.
    she was an extremely talented young lady. we made her into a star and we’ve torn everything from her.
    you’re all a bunch of twats.

  32. joe

    damn, i would love to do britney while she’s wearing only those boots

  33. Jesse

    Chubby chaser.

  34. Roflcer of the Lawl

    She misunderstood the question, her reply to the reporter was what she planned to do that night.

  35. Chewing them fingers down to nubs!

  36. Roflcer of the Lawl

    I know Jessica I feel your pain, would you like to come over do some powders? You know lick it snort it fuck it.

  37. YOU lames are just mad because her Glasses is more than your paychecks! LOL

  38. YOU lames are just mad because her Glasses is more than your paychecks! LOL

    and 86

    We, already know that you do that, no need to let us know again! Damn!

  39. Allie

    Basically you guys dont update shit on the weekend so I have to come back each day to look at this britney bullshit.

  40. deelight

    sheeeeeeeeeee disturbs me

  41. people are tired of you haters!

    You say that we don’t have shit to do over the weekend, Shit, you have nothing to do over the weekend..to even think to come back, and check up on shit!
    The only reason why you tired of Britney, is because”THE BITCH IS ON A COME BACK, and you hating hoes wanted to see her fail, but what you forgot is that The MAN gives chances over, and over again! Sometimes people fail, I know in your life, at one, or another you have fail at something, or had a LOW, it is only human, and that she is! For her to distrub anybody, she have to be doing something right, Whether you love her, or hate her! I say “LIVE HER LIFE, NO ONE IS GOING TO LIVE IT FOR HER!

  42. Blondamnation

    #81-Jessica, learn how to spell, sweetie, so we can understand your posts.

    In 1st grade,you’ll learn all about it-now go t bed, it’s a school night and the (short) bus will be here in the morning for you.

    #91-good comeback !:
    “”89 You say that we don’t have shit to do over the weekend, Shit, you have nothing to do over the weekend..”"
    Are you a writer? Do you write for SNL? That is some hilarious shit.

    What the fuck is wrong with this site this weekend? Have all the grown ups gone out of town?

  43. Stephanie

    I love the pumpkins in the car, so festive. It reminds me of those freakishly slow grandma drivers with their stuffed cat in their back window. #46, I hope you used cut and paste for that crap, otherwise, such a waste of your obvious valuable time.

  44. cops aren't all bad #46

    i watched this thing on MSNBC about how many cops actually have video cameras in their cars. I saw video footage of three illegals killing an older cop and a man who was pulled over for speeding and then beat a female cop to death infront of his 8 year old daughter.
    i saw women accuse cops of molesting them when no such thing happened… they later retracted their statements when they found out they had been taped.
    cops protect us, put their lives on the line to do it. good cops are heros, and it pisses me off when people shit on these selfless individuals. there are bad cops, just like there are bad people that kill, rape, molest children, bomb buildings etc…
    cops aren’t cowards.

  45. 118. Mama Pinkus – October 28, 2007 1:18 AM

    Just a shout-out to Texas Tranny – I’ve always thought I was brave just being a liberal in this piece of shit state. That you survive with a sense of humor – AWESOME

    Thanks Mama,
    Mostly I travel as TT under the cover of darkness, where I can conceal my true identity behind a fabulous dress, wig and make-up. Everyday though, I do wear a sign of TT – pretty panties, under my slacks.

  46. gotmilk?

    who the fuck are all these retards posting over the weekend?

    people, we KNOW she got her lips done, why do you keep posting that you think she got them done? no fucking shit!

    87, go with 81, learn some english,get a GED and get a fucking job. then britney’s $100 sunglasses won’t be more than your paycheck.

  47. gotmilk?

    p.s. we knew those nails weren’t going to stay on! back to the bitten up sausage fingers.

  48. smerk

    Sugar Walls, go back to the Perez Hilton site. He attracts all of the illiterates who cannot construct a sentence or spell. Thanks.

  49. Ugly People Safaris

    she looks like fergie!

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