Britney Spears beats up helpless cars

February 22nd, 2007 // 274 Comments

Britney Spears went to Kevin Federline’s home last night but when she wasn’t allowed to see her kids she started raging on a white SUV with an umbrella. She was reportedly waiting outside Kevin’s place for 45 minutes before her mom eventually picked her up and took her back to the rehab facility.

Look at her go! I thought she was just having fun when she shaved her head but she really is losing her mind. She looks like an escaped mental patient. A week from now we’re gonna read about the Promises treatment facility shutting down because she killed all the employees and started eating their faces.

UPDATE: Check out more pictures and a video here.

UPDATE 2: The incident occurred after she left K-Fed’s place, and apparently the SUV belonged to the paparazzi who followed her to a gas station.



  1. jrzmommy

    Moment of Truth…….Is it Jrz or is it JrzTroll………’s…*drum roll*…’s………


  2. lolabeat

    Oh my god!

    If she was at least making a political statement about how cars are contributing to world’s pollution, but no… she’s just plain crazy.

  3. Urban Infidel

    83 Pearls with sweats? She has lost it!

    Pearls? HOney, that’s a Prozac choker!

  4. schack

    hah! pretty soon she’ll be talking like fester. once her psychiatrists see this photo, she’ll be on every drug imaginable.

  5. soapbox

    There’s a rumor going around that got raped in Miami. Is this true?? That would explain why she went nuts…

  6. She looks like Kane from WWE or an evil Casper the Unfriendly Ghost.

  7. jrzmommy

    Jrzmommy is the Sioux word for Day Ruiner of Sasquatches. did you know that?

  8. schack

    why are the paparazzi bottom-feeding scum? i still don’t get it… i’m glad they take these pictures.

    look at that face- that face is priceless!

  9. polypam

    #62- Nah, not GI Jane. I put my money on Tank Girl.

  10. schack

    p.s. biatcho- was that comment for me? i don’t mind responding to “fats.” you just gotta let me know, so that i don’t think you’re just talking to one of your friends or lamps or “someone” else THAT’s hanging around.

  11. littleredcorvette

    #105 I think you’re onto something….

    Her father was quoted as saying that her issues are “not about what other people think”

    My interpretation is that she’s not going nuts about her custody battle-its something else making her act out.


  12. Libraesque

    bitch, you know what kind of people belong to a BLOG community, and don’t blog, or post any pictures of themselves, but pints of beer where an actual photo should be???
    fat ugly pathetic alchoholic losers, who have no life, so they have nothing to say, and they’re too disgustingly ugly and embarrassed to post a picture…..i.e, you

    “I like to drink and make fun of people”

    jesus you’re pathetic

  13. schack

    a mixture of benzodiazapines, seratonin-reuptake inhibitors, mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics

  14. biatcho

    Mind your business, psychoshack. If you knew how to read you would see I was referring to libraesque, you’re hardly worth my time. Go finish your term paper and let me know what its like when you finally get a dick inside you.

  15. jrzmommy

    I heard Britney heard that a certain Birkenstock-wearing “fan” wanted to be the president of her fan club, like that strange little Mexican lady who was Selena’s Fan Club’s president…and this flipped her out. Just sayin’.

  16. oh, you sly boots.

    This broad really doesn’t want her kids back.
    I heard she’s looking for a nanny.
    Someone “hip”, young broad who is willing to see this mental whore naked.

    fuuuuuuuuuck, thaaaaat.
    I quit.

  17. schack

    your last post doesn’t say anything about libraesque, but okay…

    what’s attached to the dick (viz., you) matters a lot more than you think

  18. Nimuë LaMer

    KFEd to kids: Lokk kids! A falling star! Quick! Make a wish!

    Kids: I wish, I wish, I wish my mommy wuz a fish.

  19. biatcho

    You know what they call jealous fat dyke’s who can’t stand the fact that the pretty people of the world don’t like them? Libraesque.

    Oh & if you knew what you were doing you would have seen my picture that I used to have up there aholio. Because I am pretty sure the footprints you leave behind are all traceable so i can tell how many times you’ve looked at my shit. Damn you is one psychotic lardass.

  20. Defcon

    I feel sorry for her, I really do.
    She’s obviously having a mental breakdown.
    It’s sad.
    I hope she gets help.

  21. jrzmommy

    I like to drink and make fun of people AND large “mythical” beasts covered in hair.

  22. schack

    can i see the picture, biatcho?

    i’m just curious

  23. licklick

    This is going to look great in court. Guess who wins custody of the kids?

    Fucking dumb ass bitch.

  24. LilRach

    The bitching back and forth that is going on in here between some useless mother who obviosuly has no time for her kids and well the other (Libraesque) who i am not familiar with is pathetic to say the least. Thinking their so tough using their keyboards.
    Why don’t you two just meet up and sort it out for real instead of being pathetic, boring, no life retards that are just really annoying everyone else.
    Ta ta – fucking idiots :(

  25. schack

    i’m pretty and i love dykes. it just means more men and more admirerers for me!

    what’s not to like about dykes?

  26. Libraesque

    119….used to have up there huh???? Did the site demand you take it down cuz it was too hidious?
    Yea, and tracker 2.0 says you hit my myspace page 23 times in one day, so…..

  27. Defcon

    How in the hell do you people get into a fight when you’re commenting on a photo of a celebrity that’s lost her mind?
    Just curious.

  28. schack

    can i see your picture, libra?

  29. thesarahficial


    yep. she’s officially OFFICIALLY nuts.

  30. jrzmommy

    Yes, LilPUNK I have no time for my children while they’re in school know it all. Go bite a dick, you little punk. If we wanted any shit out of you we’d squeeze your fucking head.

  31. Do Freebird

    At first I thought it was that bald freaky dude who starred in the original *The Hills Have Eyes*

  32. Libraesque

    125, you’re kidding right hahahahahahaahhah, you see biatcho CAN’T post a picture of herself because she’s obese with a face that ProActiv has been after for years. By being annonymous online she and Jizz and all the rest of them can claim they’re skinny and hot. See how easy it is?

  33. jrzmommy

    I can’t imagine a more grusome image ever captured on film than Libraesque. Well, okay, Libraesque, LilPUnk and Brian Peppers having a three-way might be gruesomer. Is grusomer a word?

  34. schack

    i thought biatcho was a man

  35. jrzmommy

    I’m skinny, I just don’t see any reason to talk about it. It’s like saying I have an aorta. Ever notice how I don’t say shit about how gorgeous and skinny and what a perfect ass I have. Because it’s not something you walk around thinking about all day. DUH!

  36. Urban Infidel

    123. This is going to look great in court. Guess who wins custody of the kids?

    Not necessarily… this is CA, remember?
    Jacko still has his kids..

  37. Libraesque

    127, because commenting about Britney is at this point beyond redundant
    schack, be my guest, everyone else has, I have a myspace page. Go ahead, then come back and tell me I’m a tree-hugging birkenstock wearing bulldyke, cuz that completely evident from my pictures I assure you
    Jizz, I thought you said your kids were home schooled……get a life Wally

  38. Libraesque


  39. jrzmommy

    Uh, I NEVER said my kids were homeschooled. Um, we want to raise well-adjusted children, not anemic freak shut ins.

  40. Bandeezee


  41. schack

    i mean, you look very pretty, but if you want to meet someone who doesn’t think in terms of commerce, maybe you shouldn’t sell yourself that way?

  42. Sweet_Mary23

    Hey, is this One flew over the cuckoo’s nest ? No…wait…this is Britney Spears…

    This is getting sad, poor kids.

  43. schack

    i know that sounds idealistic- but think about how beautiful your lovers look, even when that’s not “objectively” the case. why put up any picture at all?

  44. Libraesque

    141…..”sell” myself what way?

  45. machinegundolly

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. i really hope she keeps this up. i love it. all of it. crazy broad.

  46. schack

    i’m going to have to agree with biatcho, whoever s/he is

  47. Defcon

    Libraesque — Well then go ahead and fight. It’s much more entertaining than Britney, that’s for damn sure.

  48. twinklejelly

    Christ! To think this was once one of the most desired women on the planet. Nobody on whatever planet Britters is inhabiting should be allowed within 100 feet of anyones kids, or in fact out on the streets.

    I can’t believe I’m actually siding with K-Fed in a custody battle. A few months ago I wouldnt have given him custody of the bath towels. But now …

  49. Libraesque


  50. schack

    you’ve got make-up and lipstick on, and you’re trying to look sexy.

    there’s nothing wrong with that. you are really prett!

    i just think it might conflict with your goals to put up a pretty picture of yourself

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