Britney Spears beats up helpless cars

February 22nd, 2007 // 274 Comments

Britney Spears went to Kevin Federline’s home last night but when she wasn’t allowed to see her kids she started raging on a white SUV with an umbrella. She was reportedly waiting outside Kevin’s place for 45 minutes before her mom eventually picked her up and took her back to the rehab facility.

Look at her go! I thought she was just having fun when she shaved her head but she really is losing her mind. She looks like an escaped mental patient. A week from now we’re gonna read about the Promises treatment facility shutting down because she killed all the employees and started eating their faces.

UPDATE: Check out more pictures and a video here.

UPDATE 2: The incident occurred after she left K-Fed’s place, and apparently the SUV belonged to the paparazzi who followed her to a gas station.



  1. reptilicus

    I hope there will be a Paris Hilton story soon!

  2. fergernauster

    Yes, the pap-smears could back off a little (heh… not a chance in hell), but why does she keep going out and giving them the opportunity?

    I maintain that she needs to be somewhere far away from prying eyes, with all her drug accessories close at her side, along with kegs of liquor, a fat, empty diary and some microwaveable foodstuffs. Screw formal rehab. This route has always worked for me.

    Only THEN could she begin to work things out.

  3. fritobandito


  4. Libraesque

    JIZZ, what the fuck is your problem exactly, you cunt. “butchy and manly” ??????????
    grow up

  5. When I look at these pics, why do I think of Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now?

  6. kate

    Give me a break. All you people being here makes those “pap-smears” go out and take pictures. You are a total hypocrite if you’re coming here or to any gossip site and then turning around and trashing these guys.

    I hope she stays nuts. I’ll check her back outta rehab myself.

  7. born2nd

    Jeesh !! Glad that’s not my car !!

  8. fergernauster

    Britney and Rumer Willis would make a dandy couple!

  9. fergernauster

    … a delicious duo.

  10. reptilicus

    You’re making me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. GRRRRRRR. Britney SMASH!

  11. jrzmommy

    Silver truck make Britney ANGRY!!!

    Bucket-mouthed, self-righteous, celebrity-worshipping, tree-hugging Sasquatches who call themselves Libraesque is my problem.

  12. jst

    I didn’t know that they are making a sequel to G.I. Jane.

  13. fergernauster

    Think back. Think waaaaaay back to pubescent Britney days and that “Hit Me, Baby” tripe.

    My GOD. Quite a departure, huh? Who would have ever believed it possible…

  14. Yikes. At this point, I can’t even laugh at the girl. She’s totally lost it. As talentless and dumb a broad as she is, you always got the sense that her lil’ redneck heart was kind of in the right place. She always struck me as that little girl who sang and danced in front of the mirror with her hairbrush, who got totally exploited by the music industry… and just went along with it cause it seemed like her dream was comin’ TRUE, Y’ALL!

    She’s made some horrible choices over the last few years, and has only herself to blame for that. Still, I was always kinda rooting her. Seems like someone who just wasn’t bright enough to get as famous as she did at such a young age. When she actually got to make her own mature decisions she had no idea how to, so the media ripped into them, she lost her fans, her sex appeal and apparently, her mind.

    She’s like a cautionary tale for childhood fame!

  15. sizzy

    Hasn’t this freakshow gone far enough? Why isnt she properly strapped down and medicated,only her way to dress should be enough to put her away for life!
    Before I thought Kevin was a piece of shit but now he looks lika a saint, and a perfekt father and man in every way, compared to that sad human beeing.
    The looks in her eyes makes me think that shes possessed by a demon.

  16. suzy

    yea, it’s not funny anymore.

    she’s depressed, and to me it’s sad.

    i hope she gets better just for her health and her kids

  17. Ms. Dilligaff

    Blue Sunshine is a hellavuh drug…

  18. kate

    suburbanlegend- sadly, there are still people who consider themselves fans. Apparently, she could kill a family of 4 and they’d still buy her CD.

  19. Libraesque

    celebrity worshipping? how do you figure?
    tree-hugging? what? seriously, WHAT?
    bucket mouthed? ???????????
    Sasquatch? that’s original

    you’re so………..boring

  20. jrzmommy

    and you’re hairy and are in love with Angelina Jolie and her heart of gold. Now back to your pen you dirty smelly thing.

  21. ponk

    another Walking Tall remake already?

  22. Jenn

    47.. I LOVE IT! hahaha

  23. jrzmommy

    you’re so…..bor-*HOCK*….so buh-*HOCK*…s’bo-ho-*HOCK HOCK*

    My impersonation of Lesbianesque gagging on a hairball.

  24. Libraesque

    hairy? what the fuck is WRONG with you, what are you, twelve

  25. jrzmommy

    But yet you come back for more. What’s wrong with me? No no no….what’s wrong with YOU? What IS wrong with you? Aside from the webbed toes and that ridiculous wall-eye.

  26. Carsten5577

    She looks, sounds, and acts demented. Her life is a trainwreck. What an ugly whore.

  27. BigMember

    I bet you that K-Fed is somwhere still rolling on the floor with laughter. Payback is a bitch. She should have realised that when she made him wait in front of her house for 45 min and then not letting him in. Ahhhh…sweet Karma

  28. Where's Waldo?

    60, LMFAO! So true, so true. I can totally imagne her hulking up and saying that as shes smashing the car!

  29. ponk

    LMAO Sexxy, the Mary Poppins quote. very good!

  30. biatcho

    With the Superifical being all things Britney and boring I am going to quite enjoy seeing Lesbifats get her fat ass handed to her for the next hour or so.


  31. jrzmommy

    Ode to a Bicycle Seat… Lesbianesque

  32. Libraesque

    I get it, you’re not really Jizz, you’re that FREAK wally they keep talking about

    you are so pathetic and disturbed to come on a gossip site and post as other people

    so really, the question is what’s WRONG with you, loser

  33. edamame

    Pearls with sweats? She has lost it!
    I guess she is attempting to be cute, I mean, she did apply mascara! How long until we are watching her in clown make-up and her white trash relatives are fighting over where to bury her CRA-ZEE ass?

  34. kellygirl57

    Bwaaaaaahahahahaha! Jesus, someone arrest this bitch already. Her attorney should tie her up personally because she is totally SCREWING their case for custody. Pathetic. Go Team K-Fed!

  35. edamame

    Now all we need is a photo of Lindsay and Britney duking it out!

  36. Libraesque

    my ass handed to me, you’re kidding right bitch, cuz some pathetic freak called me hairy
    yea, no.
    don’t start with me Casey, I’m in no mood

  37. schack

    that face is CLASSIC.

    bro’s gone agro. i mean, brit. oops

  38. biatcho

    Is it Jrz or is it not… we’ll never know for sure. But either way it’ll get a rise out of It!!

    Sits back, puts feet up & lights up a fattie. Doh, I said fattie.

  39. amaritimer

    #73 *hock* I almost pissed myself laughing at that one… not to get involved but it was just too funny not to respond to.

  40. CDob

    Ahem. That SUV is CLEARLY silver.

  41. schack

    it’s really pretty dumb that typekey even allows for trolls.

    what is the point of signing up and in if anyone can be anyone?

  42. edamame

    Y’all….maybe she really does believe that time travel is possible, and she can go back in time and fix her career.
    Tom and Katie are loving the fact that the pressure is off of them for a little while.

  43. Clete

    I think she needs an exorcism… she is scary. She should have kept her claws in Justin Timberlake. Justin must be jumping for joy! Even a low-life scum like K-Fed should be jumping for joy! She has crossed over into serious mental illness territory, I actual feel sorry for her. All that money and she is still a miserable lonely mess. Howard K. Stern is probably looking for a new mate? I would suggest keeping the children away from him.

  44. biatcho

    Oh fats, I feel so… so violated knowing that you’re so obsessed with me that you looked up my xanga shit. Oh my gosh, I am ruined. That kind of ruin your underpants are in every time you eat mexican food or read about Angelina Jolie.

  45. jrzmommy

    But what happens if it’s really me and I like to see how worked up you get?

  46. Clete

    Paging Howard K. Stern…

  47. schack

    btw, 89, i agree

  48. did uncle fester lose weight?

  49. ibestevie

    Looks like Uncle Fester on a crack binge.

  50. polypam

    #24: Look, I think those paparazzi are the bottom feeding scum of the universe.


    Britney is one of those attention whores who tips off the paps whenever she shows up at some LA club sans panties. Hell, when she shaved her head, there were cameras rolling when she could have just done it in the privacy of her own bathroom! You can’t pander to them one day and the next be pissed off that they’re on your tail. It just doesn’t work that way (it’s called “not having your cake and eating it too”). And this is why I don’t feel all that badly for her (though I think she clearly needs help and I hope she gets it).

    That is all.

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