Britney Spears beats up helpless cars

February 22nd, 2007 // 274 Comments

Britney Spears went to Kevin Federline’s home last night but when she wasn’t allowed to see her kids she started raging on a white SUV with an umbrella. She was reportedly waiting outside Kevin’s place for 45 minutes before her mom eventually picked her up and took her back to the rehab facility.

Look at her go! I thought she was just having fun when she shaved her head but she really is losing her mind. She looks like an escaped mental patient. A week from now we’re gonna read about the Promises treatment facility shutting down because she killed all the employees and started eating their faces.

UPDATE: Check out more pictures and a video here.

UPDATE 2: The incident occurred after she left K-Fed’s place, and apparently the SUV belonged to the paparazzi who followed her to a gas station.



  1. Stink

    YES! She’s lost it!

  2. clarkehead

    Kevin! Come outside quickly! Brian Urlacher’s attacking your car!

  3. nichole

    Oh. My. God.

    Won’t help you get the kids, woman.

  4. scarletpoppies

    oooh she’s got the devil in her eyes…if she hasd a ring in her nose, she’d look like a damn brahma bull….

  5. em167


  6. em167

    #2… freakin’ hilarious!!!

  7. tits_on_snack


  8. fergernauster

    Dude… you’d do the same if those f*ckin’ sub-human pap-smears were in your face every minute.

  9. She has gone from being pathetic to being certifiably insane. Lock her up!

  10. phungi

    That’s really a photo of Andre Agassi on his back-hand stroke, and the umbrella was Photoshopped to replace a tennis racket?

  11. p911gt10c

    i think we’ve found the star of American History X 2

  12. fergernauster

    #10… Aha ha ha ha ha!!!

    Correct you are!

  13. Just Some Girl

    ok i’m defintely gonna have nightmares tonight

  14. Stink

    Ahhhh. Had the first post. Now if someone injects BS with a Chinese cocktail this will be the perfect day.

  15. didey23

    why isn’t she in jail??

  16. TheRage

    this wasn’t amusing before. now it’s just sad.

  17. I’ll bet Disney is REAL proud of her!

  18. moonshine

    #2.. On the f’ing floor LOL!!!

  19. CowgirlUp

    Who took the pics? If that had been MY car I wouldn’t have been racing for my camera!

  20. sexybitch

    Britters, those shorts do you no favors. And since it was about 50-something degrees here last night, only a true nutcase would run around wearing them.

  21. Ghert

    Haha, she IS an escaped mental patient (sort of)…

  22. jesseeca

    I wonder if she realized she lost her precious wig in the heat of the moment

    It’s okay Brit, they have plenty in stock at Party City.

  23. amaritimer

    O. M. G.

    She is going to lose her kids to K-Fed. She has really lost it. I think it is really sad that she has hit bottom so hard. I keep thinking she can’t possibly hit bottom any harder… and she takes another swan dive. Or does she just keep bouncing off of the bottom? The worst of it is the fact that she is making K-Fed look like the good, stable parent. I never thought I would hear myself say those fucking words.

  24. fergernauster

    She’s attacking the camera leeches who sniff her every fart. She whipped some asswipe’s back with that umbrella, as if he were an escaped slave.

    Insanity? Hell, no. I want to see more of this.

  25. mztry

    God help her.

  26. here

    Excellent cross-body form with the umbrella. That is, it appears she’s getting her hips right into it. Probably destroyed the umbrella completely.

  27. The Jenny

    T-H-X eleven-thirty-eight will be taken into custody at a minimal monetary expenditure. Total operation cost: six thousand credits under budget. Congratulations. Be efficient, be happy.

  28. Jiimbo

    I was wondering if she has any panties on?

  29. reptilicus


    That bitch is crazy.

    It’s all over for her. She’ll never have a comeback and Kevin Federline will get the kids.

  30. Cosmo

    I never thought I’d say it, but I think the kids would be safer with K-Fed. He may be a no-talent, useless waste of skin, but at least he’s not a dangerous lunatic.

  31. fergernauster

    I have an inkling she is one very strong, strapping lass!

  32. fergernauster

    … I love her for doing this.

  33. mel

    aww leave her alone

  34. jrzmommy

    Annnnnnnnnnd………..*ding* Career OVER!

  35. 23apples

    “A week from now we’re gonna read about the Promises treatment facility shutting down because she killed all the employees and started eating their faces.”


  36. gosyco

    good grief

    of all the available weapons of mass destruction – rocks, tire iron, cement garden gnome – she has to pick an umbrella?

  37. Whammer Jammer

    #15: Because she has lots of $$$$$$ and she’s a celebrity. She’s above the law.

  38. whitegold

    Sigh…and another annoying Spears article is followed by a Lohan article is followed by, you guessed it, a Spears article. Stop talking about these people already!!!! Find other celebrities for us to make fun of and let’s just leave these pathetic losers alone and hope that they just go away!!!!

  39. fergernauster

    Kudos, Kojak.

  40. sexybitch

    #36 She has a deep seated hatred of Mary Poppins, too.

  41. jrzmommy

    She looks like she could use a drink or a bong hit to chill out.

  42. Lambency

    Yeah just drop out of rehab already. It’s not going to help you get your kids back after this. You’re a nut-job, go kill yourself.

    Whiregold: It’s like reading comics. You know what’s going to happen in the next issue, but you just gotta read it anyway. Same thing is happening here. Plus, it’s just hilarious. But I agree, we need other celebrities going crazy too!

  43. fergernauster

    I must say that her teeth are still very white and pretty (witness 1st photo).

  44. LilRach

    I really don’t feel like laughing at this because it’s just not funny anymore. I actually feel really sorry for her. She looks so freaked out.
    I think the paparazzi seriously need to back off and let her sort her problems out in private because these problems are obviously really serious.

    I never back this girl up but shit, try to imagine yourself in her shoes.

  45. Lambency

    *Whitegold, sorry.

    My typing’s about as bad as Britney’s temper.

  46. RichPort

    In the top pic, she looks like an angry drunk man taking a piss. She should have just put her head through the window.

  47. CutterJon

    Bald..tatoos..three rehabs..more than one child NOT currently in her care..goes mental beating cars in the street outside the house.

    Yup, she’s officially one of my ex girlfriends.

  48. fritobandito

    Look at that first pic. Makes me want to call Hannibal Lecter “Daddy”

  49. jrzmommy

    Damn, Lesbianesque is LOVIN’ these pictures…..skinhead chick gettin’ all butchy and manly……..

  50. seanbear

    V’ger must exterminate carbon based lifeforms . . . or at least their cars.

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