Britney Spears pretends she works out

January 22nd, 2010 // 44 Comments

JASON: You’re back already? It’s only been five minutes. And how are you so sweaty?
BRITNEY: *huffs* Dropped a fry down a heating vent. *huffs* Had to go after it.
JASON: What? Last week you left Sean at Starbucks for three hours.
JASON: Your son.
BRITNEY: I’m pregnant?!

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  1. Parker

    I can’t believe I once wanted to have anal sex with her.

  2. fucky

    that’s nice

  3. Rach

    Ah come on! She is not fat! She is looking like crap. But she is not fat.

  4. Ariana D

    Haha i liken the commentary on this one ” im pregnant”


  5. Sport

    scary. She honestly hasnt looked the same since shaving her dome – what the fuck is up with her weave/hairdo?

  6. adrienne

    OMG i actually laughed my ass off at that whole exchange

  7. will

    Those fucking ears…you could hide under one of them during the rain and stay 100% dry.

  8. gotmilk?

    3, who said she was fat?

  9. Sandy

    I look forward to reading all the critical comments by overweight people who never work out.

  10. Richard McBeef

    What’s going on Parker? You used to want to buttfuck everything including the octomom now you just keep posting stuff about how you don’t want to or you aren’t sure you would.

    I think you are just in a buttfucking rut. You’ll get out of it and get back to buttfucking everything with a butthole in no time. Hang in there, bud.

  11. ing

    haha @ shirt. want.

  12. oscar

    Who is this old fart?

  13. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  14. Jimbean03

    HAHAHA!!! “I’m pregnant?” Dude, you are the man!

  15. Jessie

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  16. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I like her figure! Way to go Britney!

  17. darcy

    Britney Spears fat jokes are not funny or original or interesting. You’re a piece of shit.

  18. guys who live in their mother's basements

    she’s not even doing anything? she’s working out and covered up. go pick on somebody else asshole.

  19. Yay Britney

    Thank you for posting Britney again.

    But wait, where’s the boobs. I want to see me some Britney titters.

    Tits, tits, tits. Give me my crazy batshit Britney tits. Now!

  20. vdls

    #19 britney’s “tits” are some of the ugliest small little saggy things on the planet. Nice hairline, dummy. God what an ugly stupid bitch.

  21. Veronica

    indeed, funny

    bet you a million dollars that she has no idea who Richard Nixon was.

  22. she is prob in good shape

    20 – you sound angry – why don’t you shoot yourself in the face and get it over with

  23. small tits?

    out of rihanna, drea de matteo, hayden panittiere, and zoe saldana, britney has the biggest tits – and drea de matteo’s are saggier and have less volume – and that woman is hard and ugly looking. why are people so tough on britney? Is it because of what she used to look like in 2001/2002? she obviously doesn’t give a shit – I prefer to knock women down who are trying to impress people.

  24. Tarzan

    wonder what all you rednecks look like after a gym session…and shes rich she doesn’t have to look good all the time!

  25. joho777

    Britney is as dumb as a box of rocks, but I see her point.

    It is her millions and she should be able to do what she wants: Eat snacks all day and go shopping!

    Making her work out and go on tour lip-synching her old songs and shuffle around the stage is just slave labor.


  26. susit5e75ews

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  28. S.

    I think she looks quite good

  29. Rasputins Liver


    She really is an ugly looking chick these days. Hard to believe she once looked cute. But that was way back in her youth while her body and face were still young and cute.

    Now she’s nearly thirty and she is not aging well at all. And her face literally has gone from cute to ugly. She’s hard to look at these days.


  30. Stephanie

    Her shirt must be want ad. What does she want? DICK! When does she want it?? NOW!! (or right after she drinks that 3049896306th starbucks coffee).

  31. she looks better than before

  32. dancy

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  33. me again


  34. paolo

    lol…why does it have to say that she’s pretending….everyone’s needs that…he wants to be healthy and fit….anyway you guys can check this out..

  35. redsonja1313

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm seems Daddy has stopped putting crushing up Zoloft & Haldol it into her Fruity Pebbles

  36. It’s a poor photo. Britney looks hot indeed. Here is her new photos –

  37. Wow she sure is desperate for headlines if she now has to drop the names of ppl less famous than herself for a good time.
    ALl the things in that area to see and she took her children to see a candy store. A child’s dream come true and yet they were in tears.

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  39. Now she’s nearly thirty and she is not aging well at all. And her face literally has gone from cute to ugly. She’s hard to look at these days.

  40. I think she looks quite good

  41. lol…why does it have to say that she’s pretending….everyone’s needs that…he wants to be healthy and fit….anyway you guys can check this

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