Britney Spears given second chance to look ridiculous


Britney Spears was offered a second chance to perform on Extra who apparently felt bad about the pop star’s VMA performance. Ok! Magazine reports:

The folks over at Extra want Britney Spears to give performing her new single “Gimme More” another try. The show says they will open their studio stage up to her so that can she can try to prove to everyone she is ready for her comeback.

So what is the motto over at Extra? “Two train wrecks are better than one?” Do you think Britney will actually take the offer? You know, really lay off the booze, send Criss Angel packing and give it her all. Eh, who am I kidding? She’s at Burger King right now, crying her way through a second Whopper, wondering if she can get “Crossroads 2″ green-lit. Ooh, a bit harsh? Yeah, I’m sorry, it’s just this new Braille keyboard. Last night my eyes got pissed and fled the country so I’m a tad bit salty. I’ll play nice. Like Britney’s kids are doing right now – in traffic.