Britney Spears had work done

April 12th, 2007 // 66 Comments

  1. bungoone

    i thought i read she was a size 6 before she got fat & pregnant. i’m pretty sure it’s not physically possible for her to be a size 2. unless she wasted away to olson-twin size & everone knows they’re not sexy.

  2. Eye-Dish Lass

    Britney will pay less alimony to Fed-Ex than she does to RedBull and Phillip Morris.

  3. clairargent

    “REGIMEN” is the word you were looking for.

  4. Krotch

    There is NO WAY she is a size 2. I’m thinking a 6 now and maybe a 10 or 12 at her chunkiest. And why is she wearing my grandma’s quilt? That bitch has style and class.

    If Britney actually manages a comeback after all of this, I’m moving to another country.

  5. Shit, is that stupid anti-christ again trying to rise up.. We have had way to much of her stupid life. Please God send us someone new that isn’t a crack, divorced times 2 going on 10, drunk breasting so-called mom, that never see’s her kids anymore, coz she’s suckin Paris’s ass…

  6. I couldn’t really give a shit about this if I tried, but I would have to agree that the NY post article is horribly written. I was thinking “did he get this some 12-year-old’s blog or something?”
    No. It’s from the NY Post.
    At least I know my future career in journalism will be easy…

  7. WileyJay

    What happened to the AA meetings?

  8. Slinxter

    # 46.. Britney so does not have a badly packed kebab….WTF are you on about?? BTW only idiots like you call everyone idiots and can’t code their default “my space”..

  9. Meklorka

    If she shirnks down to a size 2 she’ll probably look a whole lot worse. Starvation is not pretty. She’ll probably look a bit like Jenna Jameson, which is really a frigtening thought.

  10. licklick

    If you think she looks/acts like shit now, wait for her comeback.

    Hey Britney, bring it on!

  11. You must know why she is so upset these days, she plowed into lesbianism with Paris and L. Lohan. Disease heaven!

  12. Bodylotion

    What the fsck is it with Bitchney and her God forsaken hats!

  13. belle

    Now, if she could only get a stylist.

  14. To all the reporters out there, you know alot of magazines would sell if you grabbed that bitches wig by mistake(wink),,,the world would truly love you…

  15. opinionated

    Be careful not to be ignorantly persuaded by whatever media tells you. If you look at the picture, you’ll see that she just came out of a dance studio which would explain the sweat from her chest (she is human). Also, i’m not too familiar with plastic surgery but i’d think that one won’t be in any physical condition to dance.

  16. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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