Britney Spears had work done

April 12th, 2007 // 66 Comments

  1. That is just short of amazing.

  2. crewmancross


  3. crazyotto


  4. crewmancross

    fail :(

  5. crazyotto


  6. YouRang

    It would be awesome if she went on SNL to make fun of herself. They could fill the whole time slot with embarrassing material.

  7. redharing

    pizeep. who cares?

  8. redharing

    work sucks and my supervisor is drunk. seriously. apparently hes been sleeping here the past few nights after everyone has gone home. well worth my $12.50/hr.

  9. jrzmommy♠

    did she get hairplugs?

  10. schack

    so she’s gonna go slim&glam to be who? gwenyth paltrow? britney, britney, britney. your bald head made me my hero for like a day. why trade in iconic status and diva citizenship for dowdy, ‘classic’ pretension?

  11. whitegold

    I read that she had the work done at The Advanced Lipo Dissolve Center in Las Vegas. Sounds like a real first rate medical centre! And I dunno what’s worse, actual liposuction, or soybean anti-fat injections!!!

  12. schack

    where’s herbiefrog when i need him? someone’s gotta eulogize britney. the girl we loved is dead and done.

  13. Zooni

    I know the trick. Dress up like a grandmom so people forget you flashed your pussy a few weeks ago.

  14. WTF is she wearing??? She looks like Boy George!!!

  15. NoSHIT?

    #9- so is my mum and do you hear me complaining?

  16. She should look into a face transplant.

  17. redharing

    #16: but fridays are drunk days, not thursdays. its just not productive, see?

  18. Wow Just Wow

    Oh ya.. 18 cases of Red Bull a day ought to do it. But will it cure her cankles?

  19. -Stormy.

    #15 – I thought that looked familiar. You nailed it.

  20. Donkey

    If she really wants to lose weight… try cocaine. It the most amazing weight lose drug around. It does have a few side effects though.

  21. Liverpool FC


  22. ImaCracka

    The work she should have done is to pay someone to pull her head out of her ass……

    Please be honest… Are you going to buy her next CD? No… friggin has been… will be dry fucking Flava Flav next season on VH1…….

  23. Donkey

    I’d rather listen to Coldplay than “Oops I Did it Again…. Again”.

  24. Lowlands

    This is the last time i comment here on thesuperficial.BS=booring to me.I rather read something about quantum physics.

  25. Lowlands

    Just kidding.

  26. MrSemprini

    Somebody PLEASE burn those boots! Doesn’t she own ANY other footwear?

  27. chaunceygardner

    “Her regiment”? What, is Britney in the army now?

    And, they can do all they want to her – you still can’t polish a turd.

  28. tits_on_snack

    “You heard of Tomato Reduction? We’re talking Britney Reduction”

    What? Sorry. No. I actually haven’t heard of Tomato Reduction. Sounds like I’m really missing out on something exciting though.

  29. TrippyGoogler

    Now if only they had a surgical procedure for body odor.

  30. verania

    If Britney was a size 6 when she was at her beefiest then I must be a size negative 6. She was really gaining a lot of weight, probably from binge eating due to depression. Nonetheless, I feel bad that she has to resort to such crazy and invasive tactics to try for a comeback.

  31. lambman

    HEAVY into LIGHT lipo? Um what?

    Does that make any kind of sense?

  32. teetee

    Why are her boobs leaking?

    What’s with the red bull ALL THE TIME?

  33. Red Bull gives you breasts?

  34. Mighty D.

    #34 – Finally somebody noticed! I thought I was imagining things…dirty, smelly, sweatty boob things. But, no! nooooo I say!

  35. urockmysocks

    my neighbor, which is a 78-year-old lady with osteoporosis dresses way better than that. where in the hell hole did she buy her clothes? My best guess would be a dumpster, or somewhere around there.

  36. Superevil

    too bad she can’t get the past 3 years of her life removed by surgery

  37. monkeyrotica

    She looks the way a fart smells.

    That is, POOTASTIC!

    When does K Fed get his first severence check? Because his kick game is about to get REALLY ridiiculous.

    I don’t even want to think about his watch game.

  38. FRIST!!!

    #9 I know how you feel, got me one of them drunks here too and this time it’s not me!!!

    I’m sorry, what???

  39. FRIST!!!

    I think it’s cute how she thinks she’s going to “come back”

  40. imran karim

    well, if she looks good..

  41. #21

    I’m sure she’s already sucking a lot of penis.

  42. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Did I read right? She’s getting a nose job? WTF Her nose looks just fine. Well it could be fucked up on the inside. But that only happens with cocai….oh.

  43. Why does she have tit sweat stains on her shirt? I’m tellin’ ya, she’s the epitomy of class. And what word is in ‘class’? ASS. You got it.

  44. edmund.ignasious.aloysius.III

    Dont you idiots remember her meat flaps for a vagina. Shes pointless to talk about anymore, unless of course I was knee deep in the meat flaps.

  45. Shanipie

    What the hell, is it that hard for her to stop stuffing her face with fried chicken? Its called a “DIET” Dumbass Spears. You don’t need to pay for all that surgery and shit all the time if you just cut your calories back and get a trainer to whip your ass in the gym 4-5 times a week. She’s so retarded. Thats why she always bloats right back up, she never loses weight the right way.

  46. Manistoned

    Shitney and Maniston have to be 2 of the ugliest women to be considered hot in the history or womandom.

  47. Ellie

    #29–”you still can’t polish a turd”

    Classic. Just fucking classic.

  48. cm

    Liposuction for celebs…$100,000 and up
    $3…..price for that crappy outfit at a resale shop
    The media finding someone better to photograph and totally forget this bald-headed train wreck..priceless.

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