Britney Spears getting married for a third time

federline-spears-renew.jpgBritney Spears is planning on renewing her vows in Vegas after Kevin Federline allegedly proposed for the second time and promised to stop letting her down. Supposedly, he got on one knee and said, “Let’s fucking do it again!” A friend of the couple tells Heat magazine:

“Kevin has pledged his eternal love to Britney and swears he is going to stop acting like a jerk to her. Britney is jumping for joy. This is all she’s every wanted to hear.”

If I was Britney Spears I’d want to relive the biggest mistake of my life too. Maybe next week she can relive the joy of finding out she’s pregnant again. You know, take a pregnancy test, find out she’s knocked up, and then lock herself in the bathroom for eight hours sobbing and cursing men for having penises.