Britney Spears gets the kids for Christmas


Britney Spears will spend Christmas morning with her kids, a judge ruled yesterday. Britney and Kevin Federline were ordered to come up with a visitation plan for the holidays at their last hearing. Kevin had the children for Thanksgiving and it looks like Britney is getting them on Jesus’ birthday. NY Daily News reports:

“Kevin thinks it’s absolutely appropriate that they both get to see the kids over the holidays,” said Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan.

What kind of gifts do you think Britney Spears bought her kids? All I can picture is used women’s razors in Burger King wrappers which will go well with the half-eaten chicken wing tree ornaments. These kids are going to grow up and beat the living snot out of a mall Santa. Of course, you would too if you were six and asked Santa for a bike, but instead you got a Duracell battery inside of a Twinkie.