Britney Spears gets paparazzi help


The paparazzi came to the aid of Britney Spears after her Ferrari broke down on the highway; getting out of their own cars to help push hers off the road.

Spears was cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway near her Malibu home in hubby Kevin Federline’s Ferrari, her older brother, Bryan, behind the wheel, when the stunning $200,000 sports car suddenly seized and ground to a halt in the middle of speeding traffic.

That’s when the army of photographers that trails the 24-year-old day in and day out rode to her rescue. Five of the lensmen, with cameras in hand, got behind the Ferrari and pushed it out of traffic as Spears’ brother steered.

It’s nice to see that the paparazzi aren’t completely useless, though it would have made for some better pictures if they had lit the car on fire instead of helping to push it out of traffic. C’mon you stupid photographers, get your act together!