Britney Spears gets paparazzi help

January 24th, 2006 // 35 Comments

The paparazzi came to the aid of Britney Spears after her Ferrari broke down on the highway; getting out of their own cars to help push hers off the road.

Spears was cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway near her Malibu home in hubby Kevin Federline’s Ferrari, her older brother, Bryan, behind the wheel, when the stunning $200,000 sports car suddenly seized and ground to a halt in the middle of speeding traffic.

That’s when the army of photographers that trails the 24-year-old day in and day out rode to her rescue. Five of the lensmen, with cameras in hand, got behind the Ferrari and pushed it out of traffic as Spears’ brother steered.

It’s nice to see that the paparazzi aren’t completely useless, though it would have made for some better pictures if they had lit the car on fire instead of helping to push it out of traffic. C’mon you stupid photographers, get your act together!



  1. They should have at least popped the trunk and tossed his Popozao single into oncoming traffic. Cuz we all know he is selling them from the trunk of his car and the sound of them cracking under car tires would be better than listening to them.

  2. Whatup

    HAHAHA K-fed is going to have to take the bus now.

  3. Posted by CoJo on January 24, 2006 03:09 PM

    The engine suddenly “seized up”? Doesn’t K-Fed know that a Ferrari is nothing without oil, just like he is nothing without – hmmm…or even with – Britney Spears.

    LOL!! I was going to say the same thing. $200,000 car and somebody must have forgotten to put in a $4 quart or two of oil. And where’s her bodyguards, anyway?

  4. Sheva

    The high end Italian car seized and stalled. It can’t stand Kfed or Britney’s fat ass either.

  5. Binky

    I’ve discovered the paparazzi are quite reasonable compared to AAA, and the guy from National Geographic usually has a decent pair of jumper cables.

  6. EZSlut

    Them paparazzi are like the onstar service. Always there when you need them.

  7. Useful paparazzis? Thats a new one…

    We love them of course, but were not the ones being chased… Must be a pain in the butt not being able to leave your home without having a horde on you’re neck…

  8. ESQ

    Post # 3 – that was the best comment. I am LMAF!

    As for the pooparazzi, at least they learned their lessons from the Princess Di incident..

  9. HughJorganthethird

    Yeah like one of these guys didn’t plant a tracking device on the car somewhere. I’d have that bad boy swept if it were mine. But not many paparazzis are following me, only cops.

  10. Hey Britt, that car will look hot if you jack it up, put it on some cinder=blockes with grass growing out of the hood. Very cool out in front of your house.

  11. Jayne

    awwwwww that’s so nice of them.

  12. Poster # 4 – Thats funny.

    K-Fed on the boneshaker singing his crap music to the public, waiting for his stop. Hahahaha.

  13. tito

    Didn’t they have their ferrari sent in to a shop for repairs a few months back? Man, if I spent $400,000 on a car, I’d be pissed…

  14. Moksha

    2 smug biyatches in that tin can.

  15. Poor Ferrari, K-Fed must have tortured it by playing PopoZao and couldn’t handle it

  16. derekd

    They should be fuckin’ shot, no trial, no jury, straight to execution for mistreating a work of art like that. I mean a Ferrari doesn’t just “seize up” unless it hasn’t been given proper maintenance. Dumb ass shitkickers. And Britney’s fatass should be pushing that fucking thing from Malibu to San Pedro for a warmup workout. Lardass.

  17. SugaryCherry

    Does NOBODY notice that one of the paparazzi actually ran in front of the car to take the picture that’s being used for this article? They were probably too rushed trying to get Britney and her brother to wherever they were going so they could make hot, incestuous monkey-love.

  18. mommy_long_legs

    Poster #2…I know! It’s like, get off your fat ass and help them push the car! It may actually help her burn off a calorie or 2, although considering that she looks the way she does nowadays, that could be a totally foreign concept.

  19. Publicity Publicity Publicity…
    Britney’s gearing up for a comeback…
    But first she’s got to drop 50 lbs of fat off her ass, and 200 lbs of man-bage off her back…

  20. slinkhard

    I wouldn’t let *my* brother drive a $200 grand car in the first place.

  21. How does a $200,000 car just break down? When your husband rips out the engine, sells it for pot, and forgets to tell you.

  22. Genevieve

    Why can’t the paparazzi help her to dump her douchebag of her husband?

  23. bafongu

    It didn’t just seize up. I was watching her from the SatCom Satellite 3 when she left the house. After tracking her for a few miles I zapped the engine with a high level dose of PoPoZao. The vehicle nearly went airborne before failing mechanically. Much like any other animate or inanimate object subjected to lethal levels of PoPoZao.

  24. sjb16

    Looks like the engine seized cuz K-Fed’s been taking the oil out and using it for his rat’s nest of a head. Dirty hillbillies!

  25. sapphireyez

    again…. WHERE IS HER BABY???? Is she EVER with that lil guy??

  26. Captain_Pugwash

    I don’t think the girl in the pics is actually Britney.

  27. CelebGossipAficionado

    # 23…hilarious.

  28. HollyJ

    I think Angelina’s adopted Brit’s baby. She’s on a baby rampage. NO ONE IS SAFE!

  29. susie-q

    where’s the baby????????? oh he’s over with Kevin today shooting the popozao video –

    that was a hawt video – hawt i say – I can’t believe he let someone video tape that garbage and that trance he went into.

    he was just so pleased with it tho … if i were his mom i’d be so dang proud of him

  30. Zed

    If the paparazzi had any interest whatsoever in the salvation of humankind, they’d have pushed the Ferrari in the OPPOSITE direction, and it would have gone downhill right into the ocean, thereby eliminating at least 1/2 of the Brit-Fed daily fiasco.

    But noooooo. No. They had to push it to safety.

    Lucky us.

  31. Badass

    It would have been even hotter if they’d lit the car on fire then pushed it off a cliff into cher’s house.

  32. butterflynans

    daing, look at her face, it should cause you disgust, because if you were there , as a fan or whatever, she’d expect you to push it for her. ohhh gawd!
    i wonder if i eat cheetos i’ll get that treatment too?

  33. see, the paparazzi are just trying to help!

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