Britney Spears gets one night a week with kids


Britney Spears actually did appear in court yesterday to personally request overnight visits with her children. She had skipped the morning hearing, but decided it was time to make an appearance when the judge initially refused to grant overnight visits. E! Online reports:

Spears spent an hour answering the judge’s questions, before ducking down a back staircase and leaving the premises in her white Mercedes convertible.
Gordon apparently had a change of heart after the meet-and-greet with Spears. Earlier Thursday, he dismissed both legal teams without adjusting the visitation terms. He said he wanted to allow attorneys more time to discuss any proposed modifications.

Britney was granted one overnight visit a week, but under the watch of a court-appointed supervisor. Britney was hoping to have her mother serve as a monitor, but the judge wouldn’t allow it. He also didn’t see the children’s current visiting schedule as destructive, but found another source to be problematic – Britney:

“If a person’s dealing with challenges, and those challenges, including substance issues and emotional issues…some of the behaviors that accompany those challenges can have a devastating impact,” said Gordon, who has yet to get confirmation of Spears’ passed drug tests. “It has disintegrated from there because of choices made by your client.”

Britney Spears showed up in a court of law and the bailiff didn’t shoot her? What do I pay taxes for? If this judge really wanted to protect those kids, he would’ve put Britney on the witness stand and said, “My bailiff here would like to cross-examine you – with bullets!” Bam! Custody battle solved. Ironically, I proposed this same scenario at Harvard Law and they made me spend a week in a little room with this weird guy. He kept showing me ink blots that looked like Britney Spears vagina and Satan. I can never tell the two apart. That’s healthy, right?