Britney Spears gets one Frappucino closer to crazy

July 3rd, 2009 // 58 Comments

Seen here Thursday feeding her Frappucino addiciton, Britney Spears is not wearing a wig and has actually dyed her hair black again. Perhaps the stress of touring is bringing out the Britney of yore. Who knows? Maybe she just wants to remind people that, no matter how in shape her ass is, she’ll still murder a nun for a cheeseburger. Or worse: Show us her vagina. I’ll be good!

Photos: Fame

  1. Folonda

    If drinking coffee makes you crazy then we are all fuckin nuts

  2. I like her hair.It compliments her new look.I also loves frappucino as well.

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  4. kyle1988

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  5. Dick Throbbn

    She looks like a neighborhood MILF type. I like her with dark hair. Shame she smokes. Glad she seems to be wearing a bra though I love seeing her big mommy nipples pokin’ through the material. Just wish they were in MY mouth instead.
    Shootz,them pants is LOW. F**k, gotta shave your muff to just wear a pair of pants and not have your bush showing about the rim ! ! ! ! !

    Fuck Osama bin laden !

  6. Jack Ingoffski

    This morning my shit had loads of corn in it………strange thing is I haven’t had corn in months. Heading over to see my physician this afternoon. Wish me luck.

  7. Britney please take a little care of yourself..

  8. It’s a good thing she has a lot of professional pics taken, no one would think she was as hot if they only saw these pics.

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