Britney Spears gets one Frappucino closer to crazy

July 3rd, 2009 // 58 Comments

Seen here Thursday feeding her Frappucino addiciton, Britney Spears is not wearing a wig and has actually dyed her hair black again. Perhaps the stress of touring is bringing out the Britney of yore. Who knows? Maybe she just wants to remind people that, no matter how in shape her ass is, she’ll still murder a nun for a cheeseburger. Or worse: Show us her vagina. I’ll be good!

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  1. jaime


  2. anon

    she’s pretty gross

  3. I'm so Vapid

    Second! oh F!
    I think someone’s making their CRAZY Comeback! Can’t wait till the wheels fall off again!!!!!!

  4. Valerie

    Fish, you might want to get over it and move on with the Ol’ Britney jokes you use over and over again, Y’AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  5. Randal

    Britney, you are so beautiful and I love the black hair! It so works for you!

    Looking forward to when you return to my city so we can both dance and get into the groove.


  6. RD

    You can say whatever you want, but by just looking at those toned arms, girl is fit and looks damn fine regardless of how much we love to trash about her.

  7. missywissy

    agree with 4.

    I think Fish is the only one who thought she was wearing a wig.

    Just because Britney Spears dyes her hair and gets a coffee drink doesn’t mean she’s crazy. She’s just a celeb without class so anything she does seems odd. I think it’s plain to see she’s just a down-home girl that isn’t going to put on heirs for anybody. Her whole persona on stage is an act. She’s no Madonna.

  8. Stephanie

    LMAO@this headline. Wasn’t she ‘wigging’ out when she had her thing with Adnan? And all those frappuccinos and cigarettes…her organs will be useless! Son of a bitch stop fucking with your hair!

  9. mikeock

    shave it off again, Brit!

  10. aw, i was expecting a joke about her pearl necklace.

  11. screamobaby

    i was hoping someone would make a comment on the necklace.

  12. devilsrain

    Shes got that Lindsay Lohan forehead

  13. Andrea

    uhmmm…. so what exactly is crazy about dying your hair??? Every girl you know does it all the time. And wigs aren’t crazy either. It’s just hair.

  14. KB

    This doesn’t look good. Brown boots, dyed stringy unkempt hair, Starbucks in hand… she’s just a step away again from taking a baseball bat to paparazzi’s vehicle again

  15. kaylaC

    i dont give a big fat shit about britney fucking spears. shes a stupid crazy bitch with money… and her MONEY is the only reason why she gets fucking recognized anyway! good god!…. drop it already!

  16. why

    Wow there’s such a difference between her regularly and her on tour or in videos, you can’t just can’t take the class out of britney! Those frapuccinos will always find a way back!

  17. Leave Britney alone! She has just found true love and doesn’t need to look like everyone wants her to look anymore.

  18. chachaslide

    you spelled frappuccino wrong

  19. Brit is great. she’s no kristin stewart tho

  20. Crazy train

    #13, yes it isn’t significant when most people wear wigs/dye their hair, but people have said Britney’s craziness coincided with her pink wig and British accent, or black hair/black wig/whatever.

  21. Oh Randal

    lol I looove Randal, I love that Randal loves Britney.

    But I don’t understand, she isn’t doing anything so… why are they taking pictures?

    I mean, not that this isn’t what they ALWAYS do but something about these pictures really makes me wonder uhhh… why? She really isn’t doing ANYTHING, I mean, nothing. She’s doing nothing.

  22. Mark

    Yes, #20, we should all know by now that Brit’s hair color is directly linked to her mental stability.

  23. Jose

    dont even TELL me shes wearing a bra AGAIN. Thats like three days in a row with no pokies. Maybe shes not wearing a bra here but theres definetly no nip action. Comeon Brit, I know ya got a new boyfriend and you’d like to appear as conservative cuz it seems less nutty, but dont let us down. We miss our dose of Britney Tit.

  24. vito


    Randal has been let out and is on the loose for the weekend. Hopefully someone is watching him to make sure he doesn’t fall off his meds…


    15. kaylaC: If you don’t give a shit (big fat or otherwise) about Britney Fucking Spears, why did you waste your time reading this column and typing a comment? Just curious…

  25. she’s fat, she’s thin, she’s fat, she’s thin

  26. andi

    you know what britney needs? BANGS! lord this child has the worst hairline and forehead and a good thick bang to cover that shit up would really do her wonders!

  27. captain america

    be sure, SHE DOESN’T NEED A “FRAPPO” FOR THAT, folks!!

  28. Fati

    This chick has the ugliest forehead ever. She really needs some thick bangs and to lose the black hair.

  29. aggie

    fuck you. britney looks amazing.

  30. Telly

    OMG she brought the boots back out. Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. RedFantaGirl

    Cute, but what is up with the anal beads hanging from her neck. Or is it a leash that Jamie Spears pulls on when ever Britney makes a run for the nearest burger joint. Good call, J, good call.

  32. GROAARH!

    Thatt looks like a realy tasty caramel frappucino!

  33. Darth

    How does she know that’s one of my favorites?

  34. SlowMonkey

    @5 for once you aren’t being facetious. I love Britney. Crazy always there just beneath the surface. You never know. Kind of keeps you on your toes around her, eh? If it weren’t for Daddy Spears (HAWT!) she’d have lots of boy toys cause men love the crazy.

  35. heather

    Why can’t people just leave her alone already! Geez!!

  36. heather

    OMG! Why can’t people just leave her alone already. Geez!

  37. I bet the words on that shirt she’s wearing actually make sense to her.

  38. I don’t think the media or her goon fans will leave her alone. She has a tough life. How she deals with the stress is beyond me?

  39. Courtyardpigeon

    Uh oh…..she’s wearing those boots again!

  40. Katie

    I feel like some bangs would make her look a million times better. JUST GET THE SOME DAMN BANGS ALREADY!

  41. Nix

    Although she isnt wearing a wig, she is wearing a weave. Who does her hair ? The tracks are sooo obvious! She looks gross and her body is far from what it should be…i guess all that money still cant buy perfection.

  42. i see

    oh that’s what’s bugging me – yes its a horrible weave! It’s not a dye job its a weave – yeah that look hideous. You’d think she would get a better hair stylist, much better with her normal natural hair – if there’s any left

  43. cooper

    News alert! Brittany just pooted…

  44. lola

    I think the dark hair is really suited to her. She looks great! The outfit is more suitable for campus, but at least she is trying. As for the Starbucks, I don’t complain about people who love to eat a particular type of ice cream or treat. She just happens to like ice coffee. That doesn’t make her crazy. Britney actually looks rather sane here.

  45. Speidi Douchenozzle

    great headline…lol

    The opposite of fail!

  46. violet

    are those anal beads?

  47. Renee

    Hey having a addiction to coffee is better than having an addiction to Meth. I don’t care about her comeback because at the end- she has lost alot of respect. I use to think that she was beautiful, but now, she looks ran down.

    You cannot erase a bad reputation, no matter who you are are what you do.

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  49. Galtacticus

    After she’s gone crazy she’s been quite a good girl.Folks?

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