Britney Spears gets more time with her kids

Britney Spears has been granted a “graduated expansion” of her time with sons Jayden and Sean, according to Kevin Federline’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan via TMZ’s live feed. It appears to be official that Britney is no longer batshit insane and has demonstrated as much to the court. Kevin still retains full custody of the kids and, at this time, Britney’s visits are still monitored. Though it was hinted that not every visit will be monitored. After Mark Kaplan spoke, Britney’s parents issued a statement declaring their happiness with Britney’s improvement and the court’s decision.

I think I speak for everybody who’s keeping their mouth shut that Britney’s main problem was Sam Lutfi. The dude disappears and suddenly she knows how to wear underwear and speak her own language. That’s a pretty big coincidence. Also she’s no longer sandbagging Adnan, so whatever drugs Sam was given her that makes her fall in love with Middle Eastern-looking men has effectively worn off. Great. Now what do I do with all these turbans?