Britney Spears causes all sorts of trouble


Britney Spears took her kids to Las Vegas yesterday and Kevin Federline is pissed about it because she’s not allowed to bring their kids out of state without his permission. Not only that, while in Vegas, Britney’s bodyguard beat up a photographer outside the Wynn when he accidentally bumped into one of her children. The photographer was shooting Spears when her bodyguard shoved him in the chest and the photographer accidentally hit Sean Preston in the process. The bodyguard then tackled the man to the ground and started punching him. Wynn security asked everybody to leave and the Las Vegas police were brought in to take statements. The police issued the following statement:

“A second Incident Crime Report was also filed by Ms. Spears on behalf of her minor child. In that report it was alleged that prior to the above incident a second photographer, identified as Kyle Henderson, battered both Mr. Camera and Ms. Spears’ child , who was at that time being held by the security officer.”

So basically the bodyguard shoved the photographer into Sean Preston and then beat him up for bumping into him. And then Britney Spears filed battery charges against the guy. I don’t like defending the paparazzi, but come on. Why not break a bat over his head and then sue him for property damage? Or shoot him in the face with a gun and then accuse him of stealing your bullet.