Britney Spears gets her thong pulled

February 7th, 2007 // 106 Comments

I’m sure there’ll be a day when Britney Spears finally cleans herself up and wins back the heart of the public, but that day is not today. Oh, no, not today. Today we have Britney Spears at a club getting her thong pulled by a stranger. And yeah, if it sounds classy that’s because it is classy.


  1. ilovebabyhuey

    skid marks!!

  2. Doxes

    I had to do a triple-take before I even recognized that as Britney.

    I hope the wedgie didn’t cause her any (more) brain damage.

  3. Sdvora

    Has the damn woman even heard of shampoo? She used to bathe herself, right? I distinctly remember seeing pictures of her where her hair was washed and brushed and her make-up didn’t make her look mentally challenged.

  4. supanigga

    you can take the hoe out of the trailer park,
    but you can’t take the trailer park outta the hoe

  5. mika85

    ew EWW!! don’t touch that!!

  6. Charm

    why is this happening? And why does she seem oblivious? So many questions left un-answered.

  7. sol

    great – now somebody’s going to sell authentic britney cheeto-marbled dingleberries on ebay.

  8. RussianMafia

    Thats how she looks at a club.. a place which most people pretty-up for.. imagine her at home.. also looks like its taking her a while to register the atomic wedg, the culprit has quite an established hold on the zebra ass-flossers..

  9. SuckitTrebek

    After Britney making babies throw up and grown men cry from seeing so many thong shots and letting the poo-tang hang out, her reps finally forced her to hire somebody to fix her thong. Too bad they gave in and let her do the hiring. And too bad she’s so dumb that she hired somebody to pull the thong UP instead of sticking it back in because she truly believes everyone still wants a glance at that lovely thong and her cha-cha.

  10. mika85

    yeah, i guess i should at least be happy that she’s wearing undies. all is right with the world. :)

  11. Kate

    This picture is too much for words. And I mean WAY TOO MUCH.

  12. PunjabPete

    Dude… They aren’t pulling her G-string…. They are tucking her vestigial tail back in….

  13. “I’m a Slob 4 U.”

  14. whatthe

    She’s smoking a cigarette in every picture I’ve seen of her lately. Repulsive.
    If your looks are your career (such as in her case), take care of yourself or you’re going to crash and burn.

  15. sharpei dude

    Jeez, what a fucking train wreck this dumb hillbilly has become. Her fucking rugrats will begin therapy before the reach pre-school! Maybe K-Fed is the lesser of the two evils and should be given custody, eh?

  16. Nia

    Be fair. You don’t know that’s a stranger. It could be a friend pulling her thong, and that’s way, way classier.

  17. Surria

    I’m sorry but if someone was touching my ass like this ‘stranger’ is doing, I would turn around and slap the shit out of them! And what’s the ‘Princess of Pop’ do? She just stares ahead like some bitch with a lobotomy.

    Wait, she’s had a lobotomy, right?

  18. Surria

    I’m sorry but if someone was touching my ass like this ‘stranger’ is doing, I would turn around and slap the shit out of them! And what’s the ‘Princess of Pop’ do? She just stares ahead like some bitch with a lobotomy.

    Wait, she’s had a lobotomy, right?

  19. BarbadoSlim

    Ewwwwwwww, dude’s gonna need Kaboom to get the Britney ass fudge off his hand.

  20. WiseMan

    This fat trailer park trash slut should be fucked with a chainsaw to destroy that stinking pussy. Why the fuck couldnt this dumb slkut keep her legs shut??? Instead she spewed out some ugly sprogs with that Federline loser.

  21. Anexio

    Jayzus god, she looks like my horny 48 year old spinster aunt.

    Nasty, nasty, fuckin’ nasty.

  22. BigJim

    Speaking of chainsaws, if that were my hand, I’d do an immediate self amputation a la Evil Dead 2 to stop the spread of flesh eating disease.

  23. WiseMan

    I forgot to mention that she’s a fat cum bucket.

  24. Binky

    Ok Ok. I admit it.
    I was looking for my watch down there.

  25. schadenfreudelicious

    Sign those spawn of hers up for a liftime of therapy. In a few years time their buddies will be showing them the bare cooched, fat assed, cig smokin’, greasy haired, poor excuse of a piece of trash they will be forced to call mom…..

  26. Actually, one of Britney’s female lovers is pulling her thong. Instead of going into a room, they’re just going to have sex right there. I mean, Britney surely doesn’t mind because she likes lesbian orgies… or so I heard.

  27. suzy

    can someone please tell her to TAKE A SHOWER!!!

    she looks disgusting

  28. NicotineEyePatch

    That seems to be a lollipop she’s holding, and that, the glazed look, and the sweaty nightclub scene all say “I’m on ecstasy and I don’t care whose hand is crawling into my ass-crack”.

    I mean, based on what I’ve heard in movies, and at local police anti-drug demonstrations.

  29. JandalOfDoom

    That is soooo thong… I MEAN.. wrong.

  30. Binky

    Re 24
    My apologies for anyone who was attempting dinner during reading. Your brainwaves are obviously too ‘visual related.’

  31. BarbadoSlim

    You know what makes it all classier?

    That big red pimple she’s got on the side of her back…..yeah…

  32. empress,bytches

    you should know, i love brit, but maybe, just maybe, this person was attempting to pull her panties over her head. sort of like a throw back to classic cartoons.

  33. ranesing

    Actually, she looks totally wasted on E and it looks like her assistant is unrolling her thong and getting it straightened out. B is so tore down she can’t even fix her own shit.

  34. woodhorse

    britney, please get an excorcism and come back! Cardinal Ximenez is available. Cheap.

  35. pjfan281

    if you bother to look you will see its a female’s hand. maybe her friend was fixin it somehow? i dunno

  36. mika85

    #20…what is up with you and your rather violent hatred of women?? i mean, i’m disgusted by britney and the rest of these classy ladies as much as the next bored-as-hell stay-at-home-mom, but jeezus christ dude…do you need to talk about it??

  37. Britney Spears died a few years ago. This new pod person in her place is not worthy of this constant attention.

  38. Do Freebird

    Wasn’t it like just four years ago that Brit and Madge were sucking mouth at the Grammys? And wasn’t she one of the most desirable pieces of ass in the world?

    WTF happened? To me it looks like she’s in some deep psycosis. SHe has millions of Dollars and yet she looks like a bag lady. Her hair doesn’t just look filthy, look close and it looks like it’s falling out.

    The biggest tip-off? I can’t remember when anyone wrote that they would hit that.

  39. Lily

    they’ve invented a new sport! when you get bored at the farm, instead of cow tipping, just pull the Britney’s thong and see if she notices.

  40. Just Some Girl

    i’d hit it

  41. Just Some Girl

    no but really, everytime i see a picture of this woman she’s smokin a cig, her hair isn’t washed, her clothes are either dirty or too small, and if she’s ever wearing makeup, it looks like it was applied last week.

    i guess being married to k-fed left her with no self respect. it would be really sad if it wasn’t so funny.

  42. Just Some Girl

    she looks like a walking Truth commercial

  43. cayana

    Yeah you’d hit it.. and then scream in horror as your junk fell off..

  44. GooniesNeverSayDie

    You guys have it all wrong. The hands are actually just admiring the material.

    “This is beatiful. What is this, velvet?”

  45. Sheva

    Another reason to follow the only under 30 rule.
    But with these ones like Brit, under 25 isn’t even safe.

    Damn spouting puppies yunger and yunger. It’s a cellulite wasteland.

  46. killeristic

    HEY stranger out there! Can someone pls help me with my thongs??

    “I MEAN PULL IT UP!!!”

    its dropping!! cant u see it idiot??

  47. Flip Rogers

    I wonder if anyone asked if they could smell those fingers afterwards???? I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Mick

    That’s not a cigarette, it’s a lollipop. Every picture I’ve seen of her lately is of her looking fat, unwashed, styled by a blind man, and sucking a lollipop… because I guess someone told her sugars are a Good way to lose weight, what an idiot.

  49. Suzi

    yeah, that is a lollipop.

    The nails on the hand grabbing the thong make me think its a woman… but THOSE HANDS…

    its either a dude who gets a manicure.. or a bull dyke.

  50. sid

    It was a slow night.

    The two kids who brought us this pic thought, “I’ll pull, and you take the shot,” and, so they did.

    Then they went home.

    No biggie; just a quick pull on a fat, stupid boozehound’s ass.

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