Britney Spears gets her rehab on


The day after she ‘passed out’ or ‘fell asleep’ or whatever happened on New Year’s Eve, Britney Spears reportedly checked into Sanctuary, a super posh resort and spa in Arizona, citing “exhaustion,” which is usually code for rehab.

“With these celebrities, ‘exhaustion’ sometimes means something else and a little rest at a spa sometimes actually translates into something a little more serious,” says a source. Spears’ rep couldn’t be reached for comment, but L&S reports that the singer’s parents are urging their daughter to go into therapy. “It’s just been heartbreaking for her parents to watch Britney on this downward spiral,” an “insider” told the mag. “It’s so sad.”

It’s hard to believe Britney Spears has been over working herself considering the only work she’s done in the past year is lifting bags of Cheetos and/or bottles of alcohol. Although she did manage to forget to wear panties a few times. So yeah, I guess exhaustion sounds about right. It’s a miracle she’s still even standing. I hear that’s how they punish prisoners in Russia. Hard labor to the extreme. Or should I say eXtreme for extra extremeness? To the max!