Britney Spears Gets Drunk

Britney Spears apparently enjoyed herself at a party the night before the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas last Tuesday as she had to be helped out of restaurant Nobu in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. A spokesperson insists it wasn’t that bad and that “Britney did enjoy the sake and had a great fun-filled time. The reports of her being helped out of the restaurant are greatly exaggerated, but she may have been tipsy because she has recently lost a lot of weight and is tiny and in great shape.” No offense Mrs. Spokesperson, but judging from her appearance at the Billboard Music Awards, Britney has neither lost a lot of weight nor is she tiny and in great shape. In fact, she looks fatter than ever. So either Britney got wicked drunk despite her new found weight, or she got wicked drunk despite being pregnant. Either way she’s a winner in my book.