Britney Spears wears small clothes


You know how rich people buy really nice expensive clothes and then look really good in their really nice expensive clothes? Well none of that applies to Britney Spears, because she always looks like she just fished something out of the Wal-Mart bargain bin. I like how she chooses to dress like this, but then obsessively pulls her shirt down to cover up her belly. And you know what else I like? Baby pandas. And ice cream. Put those two together and you’ve got yourselves a party.

britney_spears_yellow_hot_shorts_01-thumb.jpg britney_spears_yellow_hot_shorts_02-thumb.jpg britney_spears_yellow_hot_shorts_03-thumb.jpg britney_spears_yellow_hot_shorts_04-thumb.jpg britney_spears_yellow_hot_shorts_05-thumb.jpg britney_spears_yellow_hot_shorts_06-thumb.jpg britney_spears_yellow_hot_shorts_07-thumb.jpg britney_spears_yellow_hot_shorts_08-thumb.jpg