Britney Spears gets behind the wheel, crash-larity ensues

Britney Spears seems to have started a new tradition: Whenever her latest cameo in How I Met Your Mother airs, Britney goes out and rear-ends random people with her Mercedes. Good for her! Of course, some might say Britney is actually honoring an even older tradition: Anytime she gets behind the wheel – SHE FUCKING AIMS TO KILL! TMZ reports:

Brit hit a red Ford Explorer, driven by a lady. No injuries, as far as we know — Britney didn’t even get out of the car. Her bodyguard got out and talked to the other woman.
The red Explorer Brit hit is now following her back to Britney’s home.
Britney was stopped at a light and, for some reason, accelerated when the light was still red, hitting the Explorer stopped in front of her, causing minor damage.

Let’s stop beating around the bush, and just give Britney a bumper car to drive on the freeway. That way people can see the little pole zipping at them and take evasive action. Like diving out the sun roof or using their kid as an airbag. You know, safety stuff.