Britney Spears’ friends call for boycott of her new album


Old friends and former employees of Britney Spears have created a MySpace page urging fans to not buy Britney’s new album Blackout – until she gets better. The site Be Proactive to Help was organized by several of Britney’s friends along with a former bodyguard, backup dancer and make-up artist. E! Online reports:

“We’ve all hung out with Britney a lot,” says our source. “We’ve seen her at her best and at her worst. And we aren’t doing this to be mean. We’re doing this out of concern, for herself and for her boys. They need a mother figure and right now, they don’t have that.”

The organizers are putting the blame on Britney’s handlers for capitalizing on her media attention:

The group accuses record executives and other business associates who make money off of Spears as acting as enablers, turning a blind eye to her erratic behavior because she continues to make them money.
“They can see she’s in pain, and they don’t care.”

I’m one step ahead of these guys. I have absolutely no intention of buying Britney Spears’ new album. I’m amazing, aren’t I? I’m like a shining beacon of the human spirit. They should make a Hallmark movie about my life. You know who’d be perfect to play me? Optimus Prime – but with a moustache.