Britney Spears’ former manager served

August 31st, 2007 // 33 Comments

Larry Rudolph, the former manager of Britney Spears, was subpoenaed Thursday and must now testify in the custody battle between Britney and Kevin Federline. Larry had told Ryan Seacrest earlier this week that he was trying to avoid being served for fear of harming Britney’s case. People reports:

Rudolph “was served about 30 minutes ago,” said Erin Tietsort, the assistant manager at the Sunset Tan in West Los Angeles, on Thursday afternoon. “He’s employed here. He’s part-owner.”

Tietsort described the process server as a 5’8″ brunette in black slacks and a buttoned-up shirt.

“We asked her who she was but she just said she had a meeting with [Rudolph]. After he walked in he said, ‘Can I help you?’ and she just handed the papers and left. He had no idea. He then said [to himself], ‘Oh, okay. Yeah. They’ve been looking for me. This is for Britney Spears-Kevin Federline.’ I was like, ‘Really?’ And he just stared out the window. You could tell he wasn’t too happy about it,” said Tietsort.

There is only one plausible explanation for these turn of events: Larry Rudolph is absolutely, 100% retarded. Who publicly says they have damaging information about a high-profile celebrity custody battle, then hides out in a establishment they are part owner of? Larry Rudolph. That’s who. In case you’re not fully convinced of the guy’s stupidity, here’s something to chew on: Larry Rudolph thought it was a good idea for Britney Spears to hang out with Paris Hilton. If his goal was to blind the world, mission accomplished.


  1. Well, that’s a first…

  2. Marshall Banana

    Enough with Britney Spears cover the real celebritys like RoboCop or Highlander.

  3. ur mum

    when will it end….
    i actually want britney to come back, and i will now go shoot myself for having that thought…
    TEAM BRITNEY…i mean woooo go chocolate fudge cake!

  4. Ian

    Man, you bumped Gwen Stefani in a bikini for this?

  5. It’s all over now, once he tells the judge how she left the little one on the ironing board next to the hot iron while she went out for a pack of smokes and a Big Mac

  6. Mazo

    It just keeps going down hill for Miss Britney Spears. the opening performance for the mtv awards is going to be a disaster. piss angel is going to do a magic trick and BS will disappear to the dead zone. MINDFREAK! MINDDDDFREAKKKK!

  7. jrzmommy

    How earth shattering.
    This is as exciting as reading MMMSimmons calling me repulsive.

  8. Spanky

    Well that settles that then. I wonder if he’s still staring out the window…

  9. “YAaawwwnnn” slow celeb news day. Why won’t one of these losers commit suicide, like OW tried. he is such a loser he even failed at that.

  10. shaqiza

    I love britney, she’s so crazy. shaving her head, wearing no pants – again – which you can see at

    she’s better than most celebs because she’s so rediculous.

  11. JRZ, what have you ever done to Him/her? I do miss your barbs though. You have been mellow for awhile.

  12. shaqiza

    whoops, i meant

    it’s australian.

  13. La La Land

    Ugh, just looked at that Jessica Slutba pic on the right. Puta!

    Anyway, I’m so intrigued; what is this guy so afraid of revealing? There has GOT to be so awful skeletons in the closet, including a partially rotting severed head, some old crusty pair of panties, a dead sibing..? A baby with his fot nailed to the floor so he culd run around in circles, and entertain her?

  14. jrzmommy

    11–I have no idea….just another one of my random admirers. I’ve been mellow because sometimes I just feel like it’s shooting fish in a barrel around here.

    We need DanYELL to recharge our batteries.

  15. havoc

    We’ll just put this one in the “Duh” file…..


  16. she was like- bitch , i just served your ass.. and walked away — HA

    what a deusche– he basically tried robbing a bank but called the cops first and then wondered how he got busted…

    another tard!


    ~ 420 ~

  17. Chima

    Jebus Chiz! Leave the poor girl alone.

  18. Yeah, no shit, where is DanYELL. You guys, with JIMBO, and FRIST used to be a riot. IT gave me something to laugh at while I was putting in time to get paid.

  19. jrzmommy

    19–Maybe SJTLQ hired her as a Mammy.

  20. 219 & 20 Where is EVERYBODY??? What happened to krazyridestheshortbuskelli??? What happened to Fishstick? People are dropping like flies.
    I’m scared, hold me

  21. Frist, you are alive!!!! Actaully I don’t miss KRAZISKANKKELLI, and the Z’s…..

    I need people with intelligence and humor to work from.. At work, i can’t get into the mindset without you guys.

    The picture in the next shitney post is classic. They both look like they just pulled the “CACK” from their mouth. Nice and round…..

  22. i like errrrr…….

    click my name go on click it… it’s friday afternoon and your trying to kill the last few hours at work so go on click it.


  23. Michael Terry

    I assume you’re an idiot, whomever wrote this article? Who wants it to be publicly known he’s trying to avoid being served in the first place? Someone who doesn’t want to be served? Or someone who DOES?

    I can’t imagine someone being too dumb to read between the lines here, but apparently I found him?

  24. Kate

    In Larry’s defense, he wasn’t her manager at the time Britney was hanging out with Paris and searing everyone’s vision with her crotch-shots. We have Larry to thank for putting an END to it. He signed on as her manager again after all that and cut off the Paris connection and directed her to the underwear department at Macys.

  25. Ugly People Safaris

    Im not one for throwing out comments to useless pieces of doucheness…
    However in this picture she sorta looks different from the normal skankyass, ugly, cheeto/diet coked infested piece of trash that she is. .. Did i just say that? what is the world coming tooooooo?

  26. Ugly People Safaris


    I miss crazyhotkellieeatsherownshit tooo!!! I hope she pops up… this time reinventing the E for a 3!!!

  27. Clementines

    Okay in this pix Britney is grooving with Gimme More playing loudly on the stereo when SUDDENLY she has a brainiac Oopsie! attack and remembers she left J Jayden on the counter at Taco bell while she took out their two day order of buritos, tostados and tacos to the car, and she left Sean P. in the parking lot holding the leash to the broken leg puppy so he could pee and poop in the dark up against the fence! Damn! The pappz are on her tail.. What to do? >.<
    Call LARRY! Yeah. I am so smart.

  28. wedgeone

    No one cares about Larry Rudolph … or Larry, the cable guy … or Larry Flynt … or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer … or whatever the mess of a manager wants to call himself.
    This entire Britney/K-Earl saga is so weary and worn out now. Throw them all into the fire and let’s move on to something new.

  29. aspiringlawdude

    Not to side on Larry, but I’m wondering if the process was actually duly served properly. If I recall correctly, not only do you have to deliver the documents to the person you’re serving, but also explain the nature of the documents and how to respond to it.

  30. Harry Ballzonia

    #30….ERRONEOUS. ERRONEOUS ON ALL COUNTS. You do not recall correctly you dim wit. A process server is not in the position of explaining ANYTHING to the scumbag you are serving. You have a reasonable amount of certainty that the person you are serving is named in the document, you deliver it to them and walk the fuck away.

    Your not going to stick around and discuss the merits of whether or not Fred Goldman and his family are entitled to their court appointed settlement with OJ fresh off a gold course are you? No, I didn’t think so.

    Maybe you should rethink your career choice, there are many wonderful opportunities in the fast food industry.

  31. Lego

    That photo is a certified Bulimia face, I mean look at the cheeks :| I bet her knuckles are cut and dyed orange from cheeto barf.

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