Britney Spears forgets her makeup


Britney Spears was spotted leaving Millennium Dance Studio without her makeup on and, uh, well, Jesus. I mean, really, oh my God. What is this? Natural beauty only works if you’re naturally beautiful. And this is not that. I’d suggest makeup but we’ve already seen how poorly that works. Might I suggest a face transplant? My friend got one the other day and she looks great. And yeah, maybe she’s dead now, but that’s the price you have to pay for beauty. Well that and $5,000. To me. For the operation. I’m a surgeon!

britney-spears-millennium-makeup-02-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-makeup-03-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-makeup-04-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-makeup-05-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-makeup-06-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-makeup-07-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-makeup-08-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-makeup-09-thumb.jpg