Britney Spears flies home to learn where babies come from

Britney Spears is back home in Louisiana to be with her pregnant sister Jamie Lynn who’s apparently close to launching another Spears into the world TODAY. Yay. People reports:

After taking an early morning commercial flight from LAX, the singer, 26, touched down in New Orleans on Wednesday afternoon with her father, Jamie, 55, her brother, Bryan, 31, and her assistant, Brett.
The Spears clan then headed home to the Spears family Serenity mansion in Kentwood.

I can almost envision the whole birthing process now: A doctor bursts through the door of Serenity mansion, instruments in hand.
“Wonderful,” he says, “You’ve got the birth canal exposed. Fantastic. Let me take a look here-“


“Hell’s bells, madam. I do declare I thought you were about to give birth. My apologies. Would you be so kind to point me in the direction of the woman in labor?”