Britney Spears flies home to learn where babies come from

June 19th, 2008 // 27 Comments

Britney Spears is back home in Louisiana to be with her pregnant sister Jamie Lynn who’s apparently close to launching another Spears into the world TODAY. Yay. People reports:

After taking an early morning commercial flight from LAX, the singer, 26, touched down in New Orleans on Wednesday afternoon with her father, Jamie, 55, her brother, Bryan, 31, and her assistant, Brett.
The Spears clan then headed home to the Spears family Serenity mansion in Kentwood.

I can almost envision the whole birthing process now: A doctor bursts through the door of Serenity mansion, instruments in hand.
“Wonderful,” he says, “You’ve got the birth canal exposed. Fantastic. Let me take a look here-”


“Hell’s bells, madam. I do declare I thought you were about to give birth. My apologies. Would you be so kind to point me in the direction of the woman in labor?”



  1. nancy

    Maybe she’s looking to get a freebie on the ultrasound. I mean, she’s pregnant, right?

  2. Que

    Que easy!

  3. miggs

    Great. She’ll get into the hospital bed next to Jamie and the orderly will have to wash out two extra-wide extra-thick snail trails.

  4. Syd

    She already had the baby…it was a girl?

  5. How come bitches must take there frustrations for being the color brown out on blond, white chix? We didn’t ax to be born blond with milk color skin. Those fukin jealos, hatin bitches. Cute white women with blond hair be very leary when dealing with those black haters.

  6. Gerald_Tarrant

    Maybe Brit should learn where a bra comes from first. I like nipples and all but when the nips are pointing at the toes, not so much.

  7. New America

    Yo yo yo #6, ya’ll white mutha fukkas dayz be numbered. We blacks and browns be takin over in this here country. The powers that be decreed it so. This will no longer be an industrious white country, In fact, the NWO hates white people. They want the world to be easily manipulated without an ethnic identity.
    So die whitey (me too)

  8. latty

    Yes, the baby is here!
    Maddie Briann Aldridge.

  9. veggi

    I’m going to make her an outfit out of Clorox disinfecting wipes..

  10. Danielle


    And apparently, so does your mother. You might wanna go check on her. I hear she’s giving out free bj’s in the alley behind the local walmart. Hurry up before she spreads that herp to other people such as yourself.

  11. Mine

    Really #5 , before you make another racist post, step into an English or a Communications class, and try to better your grammar and spelling. Maybe then people will start to understand your ramblings.

  12. Auntie Kryst

    Maddie Briann. Great another fuckin’ bayou swamp rat born with a fuckin’ odd spelling made up bayou swamp rat name. Remember when kids had names like Mike and Karen??

  13. Danielle


    Bob and Bob.

  14. lisa

    She is so beautiful. Her blog and photos were found at —”C ele last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is seeking on that site.

  15. jennifer_hammond

    You really think Jamie Lynn is going to have a vaginal birth? No way, another too posh to push c -section. She doesnt want Casey to leave her for a tighter hole remember? lol. I hate this c -section explosion, its ridiculous.

  16. That’s Funny, #9

  17. mimi

    Haters SUK and Britney ROCKS!

  18. m

    5. nigssuck – June 19

    Britney isn’t even a natural blond dumbass, her hair color and skin color come out of a bottle. She is naturally mousy brown haired with pasty skin that she colors orange. No natural beauty whatsoever.

  19. Anonymous

    Today is one of the worst days of Twitney’s life.

  20. I wonder if she’s gonna give the spawn the obligatory drop on the floor, to welcome the little hick into the world.

  21. I wonder if she’s gonna give the spawn the obligatory drop on the floor, to welcome the little hick into the world.

  22. monkeyfightclub

    Britney should only be allowed in the cargo hold of airplanes.

  23. Death to Spammers


    I heard she prefers ***PhishingSite.Com***. They really need to do something about the spammers that keep posting here.

  24. snarkymalarky

    Brit’s parents sure make pretty girls but ugly guys (well, Brian, for that matter). Britney’s tots are kind of cute though…so far. Anyways, I’m sure Britney is going “But IIIII wanted the girl, ya’ll! No fair!!!” She’s prob so jealous she’ll try to pop out another one in the next year, in hopes of having a girl. Let’s hope not.

  25. Y’all! I’m spewing coffee all over my lappy toppy! Thanks Superficial writer! You’re the best morning friend ever!!! hahahahahahahahaha

  26. let me tell you: OUT OF A ANUS!!!
    - they will become: SHIT-KIDS!!

  27. JimmyChooChoo

    Why does Brit Brit always look like she’s got a really thin mustache? Either her lip procedure never healed up or the girl needs some waxing.

    And she used to be so hot. Bet she won’t be going to any of her class reunions. She’s just another trailer in the park….

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