Britney Spears flashes her thong

February 9th, 2007 // 124 Comments



  1. za-rodinu

    Nice pink furry coat, dipshit.

  2. Eureaka

    1. I’m pretty sure the “J” is for Juicy Couture

    2. Those are the same jeans she was wearing in the other picture

    3. Doesn’t she own a belt??

  3. BarbadoSlim

    Amazing, she manages to lower the bar yet AGAIN, I stand in awe of her crapulocity

  4. Hosting Dude

    Does she dress herself, or does she actually pay someone to dress her up like that?! More money than sense! I’m sure the thong slip was an accident… if your clothes don’t fit, you aren’t gonna be able to hide the undies all the time.

  5. Besides, I think that’s the only tasteful (Other than that tasty lipgloss) thing that she’s wearing!

  6. nicole

    yoo. this girl is pathetic. nowi dont believe its a mistake, now i know shes just looking for attention. i was muchhh happier with the nude pics of pete wentz. whoa, those pics made me excited lolll jk. but they were hottttt :D

  7. Yuck, she’s been flashing the same thong for a week now. I don’t wanna think about it.

  8. diddleysquat


  9. Lowlands

    The bodyguard must be so tired of this dumb whore.If i was her bodyguard i would grab her thong,lift her up and throw her in the van!

  10. Clete

    She’s nuttier than a porta-potty at a peanut festival…
    nuttier than squarral poop…
    She’s so ugly her mother sat her in the corner and fed her with a slingshot…
    Nahsuh, don’t thank I ever seen anythang as ugly before…

  11. woodhorse

    #31 but you would tap Wally’s pole, correct?? The REAL RichPort is gay gay gay. I hope you aren’t some Poser. I only like the REAL (wink, wink) RichPort.

  12. woodhorse

    If you want to look at someone beautiful and HOT – see

  13. Pegasus

    Oh my fucking god WHO CARES? Is that really something to post about, Britney ugly Spear’s thong is showing? Come on who wants to see her ugly fat ass anyway.

  14. lohanhasthebestcokeinCA

    anna nicole is actually alive and chilling with me on a beach nigga i got ya bitch spittin up in the pacific smokin spliffs in the shade name that rapper oh yep JAY Z HOOOVVVVVVV

    (throws up roc)

  15. Marlynn

    Ha ha.

    Say, I have a question that has nothing to do with anything but was hoping that someone might actually be able to help me answer it. In Star Wars – Episode 1 during the pod racing scene, that little sea horse looking mean thing says, “You’re banner fodder!” to Anakin right before the pod race. I just happen to see it and was wondering if anyone knows what that means.

    I’m sorry to cut in on the conversation…but I’m dying to know.

    BTW, this is my first time on. I have laughed and laughed at some of the stuff you people say. I love it!

  16. Marlynn

    Oh and Britney is such a freaking disappointment. She used to be so hot. I’m a female (in case the name didn’t give it away) a straight one at that and she blew me away when she did that MTV awards show where she stripped into the nude, sequen (spelling?) outfit. Damn she was hot! I remember thinking OK I want my ass to be like that. She had the world by the tale, could have had any man she wanted and now look at her no hair washing, ugly pussy showing, fat, washed up self. And you know her ass stinks…has to. She’s just a huge disappointment to me. But she could come back, she has it in her. She’s just completely lost it. I’m pulling for her though. Come on Britney, wake the fuck up!

  17. Marlynn

    And Jessica Simpson, she’s another one. She is such a natural beauty and she’s fucking it all up with the lip injections, weight gain and stupid shit that she does. Jessica please! Just be yourself. It’s hotness with a capital H. Dumb ass!!!!

  18. Marlynn

    Well Marlynn, you sure do have alot to say.

  19. woodhorse

    #65, that’s “Bantha fodder” – as in food for Banthas (the elephant looking things the Sand People use for transportation)

  20. GwenRyan

    RE: #19- More wit and wisdom form the perpetal fuck tard, pookiedoo. Hello, dipshit, have you never heard of Juicy? Oh, that’s right, I guess they don’t have Juicy at the fucking thrift shops and dumpstors where you get your clothes. Dumbshit

  21. heyheyhey

    no, really, her outfit doesnt match at all. and i feel like she’s missing a poodle for some reason

  22. Lobo

    I wonder how many pink beavers had to be slaughtered to make her coat.

  23. RichPort

    RPLTC, like a dingleberry loves Uranus.

  24. greensleeves

    Okay, people….take pity on the rookie…..

    Would someone PLEASE tell me what RPLTC stands for?????????

    I’m certain that it is a valuable insult and I’d like to hurl it with the best of you!

  25. ChairmanoftheBored

    That’s “Rich Port Likes the Cock” It’s richport’s troll trying, and failing, to be funny. The snarkiest people on this site are RichPort and Jzrmommy, oh and pOnk, it he ever shows up

  26. ChairmanoftheBored

    woohoo. once again, I killed the comments. I.AM.THE.MAN.

  27. Marlynn

    #68 – Sorry about that. It was late, I was bored and I think I might have been the only person on. BTW – How did you post that under my name? I swear I didn’t write that. WEIRD!

    #69 – Yes, that’s it! Thank you. My poor little brain can finally rest.

  28. Marlynn

    BTW – I don’t wear thongs because I think they are unsanitary…butthole, crotch, butthole, crotch. You see where I’m going with that? Anyway, talk about unsanitary…Britney’s must be – OH OK I’ll stop there and spare you the horrific visual. I’m sure you get what I’m saying.


  29. No attempt at humor, this is an educational message :

    RichPort LOVES The Cock, like a dog loves a bone, like Bush hates the Constitution, like Tom Cruise, … jrzmommy is RichPort’s very talkative beard, and ponk is just some overall-wearing, Jimi Page wannabe , white trash bibletard, who’s dumb enough to post photos of his kids on the Internet.

    Chairman is probably a pseudonymn for someone in RichPort’s Pussy Posse, and if I may take the liberty of correcting his post, it’s “condescending, infantile and humorless”, not “snarkiest”.

    RPLTC, con mucho entusiasmo!

  30. A daily haiku :

    Dog barking at rain
    the complaint of a tin roof.
    RichPort the cock loves.

  31. Marlynn

    You are so funny RichPort. I bet you have a really high I.Q. Seriously…Don’t you?

  32. OOOO!!! OOOOO!!! Can I try?

    Imitation is
    Flattery, obsession is
    Riding RichPort’s cock.

    Wow, that is fun! Get you own handle you boring bitch.

  33. Marlynn

    I like you RichPort. Stupid people are such a bore.

  34. woodhorse

    #79, #80, #82 are the FAKE RICHPORT. the real RichPort is funny and rules the thread. Wally the troll is gay and obsessed with RichPort so he signs in as RichPort. For the record, I have never been on Wally’s pole.

  35. mediaprophetess

    why isn’t anyone concerned by the zipper in this thong and its general rattiness? Perhaps the pusse acide has done its dirty work?

  36. mike hawk

    wtver, quit swingin’ from RichPorts balls. i’ve seen better pictures of ass on my cell phone after walking thru the mall on a tuesday morning. professional ass.

  37. Richie Rich

    Did Geraldo Rivera free the patients at Greystone pyschiatric hospital again? How can you tell who is the real “RichPort”? By smell?

  38. It needs to be said

    This is sad…here we have a poor little rich girl unravelling right before our very eyes. I have a daughter who is Brit’s age and I remember when Brit first made it big all my daughter’s friends were jealous of her fame, her money, her talent and her looks. Now those same girls are successful as nurses, teachers, bankers~ hell there’s even an architect in the batch. Most of them have become wives and mothers and I am willing to bet every single one of them wouldn’t want to be Britney Spears now if their lives depended on it.
    Time is a great equalizer isn’t it?

  39. It needs to be said

    at least she has underpants (sic) on!

  40. greensleeves

    Thanks for the “edukashun”, RichPort.

    Now, does someone want to tell me what RPLTC really stands for?

    Sad thought – I used to go to church and sing in the choir on Sundays. Now, I beg for the answers to obscene anacronyms.

  41. Richie Rich

    #90 Um, not only that, you are now commenting on gossip web blogs. You officially hit the bottom of the barrel! Welcome! lol

  42. woodhorse

    I can hear things that usually only dogs can hear.

  43. TheGrapeOne

    I think Brit looks fantastic in these pic’s. Her eyes are clear and focussed, unlike so many other celeb’s who either have that dull, glazed over look or they wear dark glasses indoors to hide it. And the fact that she’s doing her make-up while walking, thus making her appear a bit “short bus-esque” shows that she just don’t give a fuck about what people think. She’s awesome. And I love the curves that the extra pounds give her. Forget all the Disney Channel and O.C. wannabees. Britney is my goddess!

  44. WiseMan


  45. RichPort

    87. Excellent idea, the “real” RichPort reeks of day-old-semen, or so I’ve heard.

  46. krazyunik

    does anyone else ever notice she wears those SAME jeans everywhere? go check out her recent pics… skanky

  47. Ali

    At least she looks like she’s been bathed and groomed. Sort of. But you KNOW she still smells like an ashtray…DAMN, how did she get so gross? My prediction is that she will go the way of poor Anna Nicole before long.

  48. woodhorse

    #94 YOU are a sprog. You believe yourself to be above your minimum wage job and hate all those who actually had something to contribute to the world, even if it was for only 15 minutes. You are as sexy as a warm glass of water with a hair in it and wonder why women (and men) avoid you like the plague. At her worst, Britney was able to attract Issac, you would have trouble attracting flies. Misogynists that further need to mentally masterbate by attacking children with filthy words are beneath contempt and all pray for you to lose internet access in that leper’s colony you call an apartment.

  49. WiseMan

    Number 98………YOU are the fucking nasty shit. You actually have nothing to contribute this stinking society. I am not on a minimum wage. Infact what I was on you would not earn that in your life time since you believine in lying on your back and producing sprogs like the nasty whore cum buket you are.

  50. WiseMan


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