Britney Spears flashes her thong

February 9th, 2007 // 124 Comments



  1. chrystina


  2. MSeason

    It’s not a lollipop- she’s putting on lip gloss…sorry to ruin your fantasy ;)

  3. Furburger2587

    She was putting on hooker red lip gloss, look at her left hand in the first pic

  4. theange

    lip gloss not lollipop. either way it looks like she is trying to eat it.

  5. rrrrachem

    Child’s play! Let’s see some vulva.

  6. nicholelibra

    I think I would have preferred ending the week on Justin Timberlame. An overhyped video from an overhyped album by an overhyped artists beats the exposed thong of the fallen pop princess. Let’s just hope for Justin’s sake that THAT doesn’t comes around back again!

  7. Whammer Jammer

    Nice hat Brit!

  8. Staci

    Yea, that’s for sure lip gloss…not like that makes her any less dumb.

  9. Pointandlaugh

    HAHAHAHA! Love it superfish! too funny.

  10. Binky

    I’m beginning to like Britney.
    She doesn’t put on any ‘airs’ anyway.
    Now that she has her panties on, she doesn’t seem to care what people think. As long as her kids are fine – I think that’s called growth.

  11. dannielynn'sdaddy

    Jesus, this is two thong flashes in how many days? Why do we have to look at fabric that’s been smothered between your ass cheeks, Britney? Why are you doing this to us? Not to mention your scarred up gash and your questionable taste in hats. I’m willing to give you whatever you want…….just please, please start covering yourself up. I mean it, Britney…. What’s it going to take? Do you need to get pregnant again? Do we need to set up a blind date between you and K-Fed (say what you will, but she covered her cooter when they were together). You have our attention, we hear your desperate cries, what is it going to take to make you stop this?

  12. fritobandito

    Nice hat, nice job applying/eating lip gloss. HONK, HONK, “Britney, the short bus is here for you!!” Now I know where she met k-fed. Word! I rides the short bus G!

  13. dannielynn'sdaddy

    Brit, what about an eating disorder? Have you seen how much attention Nicole has received from hers? What about a sex tape? I hear that nice Dustin Diamond boy is available. How about a new hotel to play with like Nikki? Or you could open up a day care. Imagine the baby-dropping possibilities, Britney. A whole fresh batch of unbent babies for you to mangle. Have you considered suicide? That bitch, Anna Nicole, is getting attention that could be YOURS. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m really, really tired of looking at your nether region’s Britney and also, I wish you would die.

  14. Binky

    Re #12:
    But then again…

  15. sol

    Britney looks and acts like she’s retarded, and she’s photographed with fat spilling out of her clothes. it all reminds me of Anna, during her later years, and i am in mourning once again.

  16. FashionPundit

    FashionPundit is coming…

  17. pookiedoo

    Is that a “j” in a heart on her glove? Subliminal message to Justin, perhaps?

  18. SpiderMomma

    Well, at least she looks like she may have showered recently. There’s some progress. Now if only we could convince her to wear clothes that cover up not only the naughty bits, but the undergarments that cover them. Well, folks let’s be happy she is at least wearing some kind of underwear. Could be worse…much worse. *shudder*

  19. SayWhat?

    wow they make adult-size (err, i mean whale-size) barbie clothes?

  20. spottedtan

    That looks like the same thong from the February 7th post. Which basically means she hasn’t changed her thong in 2 or 3 days! I wonder when she finally take it off if it takes some skin with it because her nasty crotch has perma-glued it on to her ass crack!

    That sound is me gagging my ass off!

  21. I’m so tired of this: haven’t we already seen this this week? And hasn’t she done all of this crap already? Let’s move on from her, shall we?

  22. whackjob

    The MANnequin in the window with the pearl necklace and flapper hairdo is hotter than this turd of a tard.

  23. LyraBelacqua

    Wow, that headline is on par with “Sun Rises, Sets”. What else is new?

    If you’ve ever wondered what you’d get if you crossed Drew Barrymore with Juliette Lewis in that movie where she played the retarded little sister, then dressed It in Ski Slut Barbie’s wardrobe … here you have it, folks.

  24. dovescry1999

    Is this Bitch retarded ? Has she regressed to the age of 11 ? where she can’t pull her pants up over her flat ass ?
    And, what the fuck is she wearing ? Giranimals ?
    Looks like she’s headed for the little yellow bus…
    No talent trailer park tramp.
    Too bad she din’t bite it. I hope she and Paris end up in a compromising position, when Britney’s kids decide to experiment with Meth, and blow the fucking house up…

  25. Do Freebird

    Can I assume that she’s waiting in line at the Methadone clinic? How can someone fall so far so fast?

  26. RachelSunshine

    Why does she even bother putting on lipgloss, it’s like. . . well I can’t think of a non-offensive way to put it if you know what I mean. She’s a lost cause.

  27. heyheyhey

    ok…i’m pissed off. if i had half as much money as her, I’d be the best dressed motherfucker in the United States. this bitch decides to wear Animal from the muppets on her head and around her neck, and an ugly ass jacket to [almost] match, and then thinks brown boots set it off just right…she reminds me of what my 7 year old little sister would look like when my mom let her do her thing and pick her own outfit. except my sister made sure her thong wasn’t showing.

  28. youneek

    You are a little late this with story!!! Get with it, please! These pictures are all over the net and on tv…and have been there for at least 2 days. Lame!

  29. RichPort

    Britney’s retarded trailer trash, with an eating disorder, who’s on Methadone, and rides the short bus. I wouldn’t tap that with Wally’s pole.

  30. oltomfrost

    This is not Anna Nicole’s thong? Why are we not talking about Anna Nicole? I’m seriously confused…

  31. Adriana Christensen

    fuck. i have that underwear.

    its from victorias secret. i think it was $18.

  32. allgravybaby

    # 19 im pretty sure the J stands for her son jayden

  33. WiseMan


  34. Chemicakitty


  35. Cherry

    Wow. This is like … so interesting.

  36. FecalPellets

    22–Yep, that’s the exact same thong. So either Mister Fish is lagging behind again, or Brit has had the same undies on for 3 days. Neither is a shock anymore. =/

  37. woodhorse

    God Bless you Fish for not playing or displaying Justin Timberlame.

  38. xfile102

    Gross. What, is she “Buffalo Jane” from “Screaming of the Children”? Is her ass so fat that it has contorted her thong? Or did she sew that nasty thing together from the flesh of all the small children she has eaten to become the hoagly blimp she is currently? On second thought, givern her track record as a parent, maybe she ate her own children, and that is how she is able to spend such a RIDICULOUSLY EXCESSIVE amount of time out on the town partying instead of at home being a, what do they call those things these days? OH YEAH!, a “Parental Unit”?

  39. Kazzy

    That thong is from Victoria’s Secret (I work there). They’re part of the “Sexy Little Things” line and are three for $25. :-D

  40. BuckTheInfernal

    She is redneck white trash, and just following in the footsteps of white trashdom…

    Key talents include:

    * Making babies, being barefoot and pregnant

    * Taking lots of drugs (even when pregnant)

    * Wearing revealing clothes while being fat and nasty, and having no idea that people are looking at them because they are fat and nasty

  41. Becca

    That hat makes better news than yet more flashing of Brits underwear.

  42. What a nausiating sloppy pig she is. Nice thong, what is this….1998?

  43. batluck

    i hope to all things holy that this picture and the picture of her flashing thong from the other day are actually of the same day….make sense?? ‘cos if i’m not mistaken thats the same exact underwear in both occasions….and we all know brit’s not the domestic type – so i doubt she did her laundry in this span of time….did i say eww yet?? EWWWWWWWWWWW you dirty girl….i think i just threw up a lil.

  44. javafinch

    WTH does she not even both to untwist her thong on the side when she pulls them up? Both recent pics were all twisted on the side. That’s just not right.

  45. angelesque

    Good grief… the girl is applying lip gloss and stepping up into a vehicle. Low-rise pants will pull down when you have to stretch like that.

    God, find something worth making fun of for once. A thong? Really? All the millions of people in low-rise jeans that accidentally flash the top of their thong when squatting down or climbing into a vehicle? And this is the best you’ve got?

  46. lalalemon

    why does she look so old? Isn’t she like 23?

  47. allyoops!

    Is anyone else very sad for Britney? She clearly was robbed of a real child hood by becoming an entertainer (all be it a mouseketeer entertainer)at a young age and having to try and simulate innocence through clothes and make-up.

    It is very clear to me from the way she has been dressing and acting that she is like a 15 year old girl with an unlimited clothing and partying budget. I feel bad, not just for her but also for her babies who will no doubt be taking care of Britney for the rest of their lives…

    I do have a solution though: In true Hollywood style Britney’s agent hires (Dame) Judy Dench to come in and act as Britney’s matronly, but sassy older aunt who must teach her to embrace her responsibilities and grow the hell up.

    What do y’all think…I could see it being a real growth opportunity for the entire Spears family…

  48. allyoops!

    did i kill the comments…my bad…het and sweater do look like granimals matched them up…

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