Britney Spears flashes her panties…again

June 13th, 2007 // 159 Comments

As if flashing her boob and ass weren’t enough, Britney Spears showed what a lady she was by flashing her panties as she was leaving a nail appointment in Los Angeles yesterday. She’s almost too classy. I bet when she sips tea she sticks her pinky finger out and says stuff like, “Mahvelous, dear!”


  1. HankTheDwarf

    This confirms the fact that she could use some butthole bleaching.


  2. star69

    Oops I did it again
    I flashed my coochie
    Got lost in the game
    oh baby baby
    oops!…you thought I had class
    that im sent from above
    im not that innocent

    (I guess we have figured out by now that your not THAT innocent, trust me. You can stop proving now. Enough is enough. Our eyes are bleeding and there’s nothing left to throw up anymore. Smelly old skank.)

  3. Drunkman

    Dude millions of girls show their panties every day…they just don’t have a horde of papparazzi following them around. Who fucking cares.

  4. star69

    People actually bleach their buttholes?? Didn’t know that.

    Man, you learn something new everyday here @ Superficial.

  5. jared

    I want to take her underwear down with my teeth! hot, pussy! yes, derek the ruler, minus, the scarf, she is hot here!

  6. HankTheDwarf


    yeah it’s pretty common now in the porn industry for obvious reasons.

    tanned leather bodies, chiclet teeth and fresh pink-hued buttholes = cash money

  7. Ruby

    Your use of commas, disturbs, me, jared,

  8. yuck

    She’s fat, she’s ugly, her vag is ugly and it smells. She has the body of a man. Close your fat legs whore, noone wants to see your fat coochy.

  9. jared


  10. lala

    just fuck ooh my pussy

  11. you're soaking in it

    There must be better material out there than this. Can we take a vote? I used to think this site was funny, but it’s time to change focus to people who are entertaining, not disturbing.

  12. sucks for you

    a- seriously, who gets out of a car (sports car or SUV) like that?
    b- and i thought my feet are veiny

  13. ADRIAN


  14. I bet her sphincter would feel great on my wiener. After I was done abusing it I’d wipe my unit with that dew rag she’s wearing.

  15. MommieDearezt*Brittney*

    the crotch of yourz iz the
    ugliezt, naztyezt shaven
    crotch ever…what a HO..

    U skank:
    Y don’t U juzt do porn
    already since U want the
    world to zee your crotch
    and titz every freakin day.

  16. bungoone

    look at the first photo. she has to scrunch up in a ball just to try and get out of the car. here’s a thought? wait for it… buy a car that’s not the size of a fetus & that maybe you can fit into. this goes for everyone, not just this turd.

  17. Bambella

    you would flash your panties too, if you had a camera constantly shoved up your whooha.

  18. sea

    Really? Is this really where you want to clock out for the night? Another tired shot of tired Britney? Thanks.

  19. 1MILFhunter

    Thank Sweet Jesus we didn’t have to see that stubbily covered gash again. Don Johnson used to shave closer than that on Miami Vice.

  20. RandallGraves

    Two things:
    1.It is hard to climb out of a car that is low to the ground withOUT showing your undies. Not impossible, but hard.
    2. I have read several people comment on the scar over her knee and say very unkind things… it is the scar from her orthoscopic surgery she had a couple years ago. Sheesh. I am not even a fan and I know this.

  21. Eichelberg

    Okay my comments are serious. Here goes!

    It is obvious that Britney is either in reality a whore, retarded, or demon possesed. In any case, she really needs to find Jesus, and regain control of herself or find herself.

    In my defense, I am not putting her or anybody down, and neither am I trying to suggest that people who believe in Jesus are better. My intentions in my statement is not wrongfully condemn her, but to provide some resolve for how Brittney can portray herself better.

    Because, another way that we can stop her, is by shutting down her financial gain. Stop buying all materials that is featured in.

  22. NACHO


  23. eponymous

    Well, we can be grateful for one thing….at least it’s not actual noony.

    Thank g*d for small favors.

  24. Tyree

    Mmm baby let me go down there with my tongue, and make you moan as you squeeze my head against your pussy…

    gimme some dat pop star pussy britney

  25. hollyj

    Tyree just made me queasy with nausea. Someone pass the Dramamine.

  26. sophia

    you’d think she’d learn how to get out of a car with all the cameras flashing by now…

  27. Eichelberg

    You are right NACHO, there is no room for hate if you are a saint. The haters do need to find Jesus.

    Let me say, that I do not hate Britney, but I feel so sad for her. What is wrong with her?

  28. hollyj

    For all the people saying it’s the paparazzi in her crotch and she’s a poor victim….

    1. The paparazzi will ALWAYS be hounding her outside her car and she knows this. It’s not like she doesn’t see hoards of people with snapping flashes before she tries to get out of the car.

    2. She drives the shortest possible on-the-ground sports cars even though she KNOWS it means she has to scale out of them like she’s spelunking out of a cave.

    3. 54 is my hero (<-side note). There are ways to crawl out of even the shortest car without showing your snatch. Just KEEP YOUR FUCKING KNEES TOGETHER. It’s really quite easy.

    If you’re such a fucking retardo that you can’t hold your knees together to crawl out of a low-rider, then buy a hummer so you’re above the cameras.

    In that first photo, she has her right leg pressed down flat onto the seat and towards the ground, and she’s propped her left leg up on the door like “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!” You CANNOT blame that OB-GYN position on the paparazzi. I mean seriously. Her knees are seriously about 30″ apart. Look at that position. There’s no excuse to get out of a car like you have a saddle crammed up your twat.

    She acts like a truck driver. I can hardly believe it’s even female it’s such a fucking clod.

  29. FatSusieWHORE

    Ok her extreme inner thighs are so nasty. She has crust near her cooch. I bet her twat smells like skunk glands, sewer sludge, roadkill in a blender, Colt 45 malt liquor, dumpster slime, and garlic all mixed up.
    #85- STFU Dumb Cunt
    #79- If you don’t like it leave twat.
    #55- Best post ever. I bet Shitney makes tea out of her old dried tampons.


  31. RichPort

    97. NOW I’ve really got a chubby! You know, it’s like a penis, only smaller.

  32. cosmetologist

    I think that her nose has gotten fatter too. She looks like she has one of those White Trash Cauliflower noses now.

  33. Mandy

    Seriously… if they weren’t down on the ground taking pictures up her dress, maybe you wouldn’t be seeing this. Any girl wearing a short skirt is guilty of the same thing; the only difference is that they don’t have sick ass photographers crouched down TRYING to get panty shots.

  34. Amber

    Better yet, she says “Marvelous, dahhhling”

    With the excessive amount of h’s and everything. Even though they aren’t in the word at all. Knowing her, she probably says “H H H” mid-word.

  35. techclerk


    Two days? That’s every weekend

  36. PrettyBaby


    You are my personal mission. Do you know that no one reads your shit… Some advice. Quit changing random s’s to z’s. It is not cute funny or interesting- lets here what you think… some funny shit, but not the other shit. Please just stop.

  37. PrettyBaby

    I meant letz hear what you thinzk.

  38. hollyj

    Of the last EIGHT posts, SEVEN of them were about Paris or Britney–two of the most embarrassing, spoiled, classless twats the US has ever had the shame of exposing… WTF?

    Can’t we find someone respectable to diss on ????

  39. please holly j, you’re just dying for one of these! (clickhere) nut breath!

  40. S

    ok you try wearing that skirt and getting out of a car with a photographer 2 feet from you … get over it people

  41. missoblivious

    Amen #104, amen! Now let’s just hope that the Z girl is not like us…skipping over everyone else’s comments like we do hers.

  42. theblender101

    britney is actually looking thinner and sexierrrrrrrrrr

  43. theblender101

    britney is actually looking thinner and sexierrrrrrrrrr

  44. martini1275

    this bitch has the edacity to talk about Lindsay Lohan!!!! Lets talk about who got knocked up by the biggest loser…Kevin Federline!!! WHAT!!!! 2 kids and a divorce later…WTF!!! Seriously people! Britney might have $$$ and all but the bitch has no class and obvioulsy no knowledge of how to avoid unwanted pregnancies! Enough said…she sucks!!!!

  45. maya

    I think she looks fine…She’s got on a short skirt…So what. She’s got a ga-zillion photographers in her face at all times..zooming in on her crotch..ASSHOLES! If every girl that wore a short skirt had a camera flashing at them everytime they sat down in a car…there’d be a lot more cooch shots than there already is…:) Have a nice day. Viva Britney

  46. nitsua

    zero class Brit! can’t take the trailer out of the trash

  47. iren33

    I feel bored.Brit,we have seen it many times before!Maybe you should do something new? Errr…I feel scare what you could do!DONT DO ANYTHING,PLEASE!!!

  48. Ronda

    Erm…as much as i dont think much of her or her ‘talents’, how else do u get out of a car wearing a skirt that short?Its difficult not to flash ure undies in the process.

  49. techclerk

    Shooting a pic of Brit’s crotch is how you get your first Paparazzi Merit Badge.

  50. BG

    It IS possible for a woman to exit a car with her knees kept together… in fact, its not even that hard. One can assume from the appearance of those thighs that she has at some juncture been proficient at working a pole. If she wanted to exit a vehicle without flashing her crotch, she probably could… she just chooses not to.

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