Britney Spears filming segment for Madonna’s tour

July 8th, 2008 // 29 Comments

Britney Spears is going on tour with Madonna. But in a safe, videotaped format where concertgoers will be sequestered from her cooch and therefore less likely to demand a refund. People reports:

“Britney is going to film something for Madonna’s show in the next week or so,” Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg, tells PEOPLE.
As for details about what they will be doing – and where it will be filmed – Rosenberg says, “I don’t know. It’s a secret.”

Madonna! Britney! The concert! This summer! Videotapes


Be there.

Photos: Splash News

  1. kat


  2. whatever

    When will this woman finally fade into the unimportant obscurity she is headed for?

  3. havoc

    Madonna will probably start tonguing the screen or some shit like that…..


  4. p0nk

    will they share a cup?

  5. nipolian

    I hope they go to tonguing one another again……..that will certainly hammer the final nail in the coffin of both of their careers.

  6. syn

    I don’t think it is possible for me to care about anything or anyone less than I care about these two and their “tour”.

  7. willbritneymakeit?

    well at least there are plenty of people out there to help her out. come on guys, you KNOW you want her back to what she used to be.

  8. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Now is a good time for three way action with A Rod.
    A double dose of antbiotics and condoms wrapped with duct tape should do the trick.
    *Film at eleven*

  9. Bethany

    They’ll be doing a combined video called “Hey Guys, I Bet Now You Regret Beating Off to Us!”

  10. rm

    lol’d @ 9

  11. veggi

    Is this for the new Taco Bell grand opening??

  12. numbers


  13. Vas Deferens

    Nobody cares.

  14. Anexio

    That is so righfts, brit will show mondoaer how to do it. everyonbody knows that brit is the bestest at the signing and dances. she sing the betst pop and thats an excepted fact. if you cna disput that then I will laugh at you and point.

    Brit iv verry beutifuls here and is wearing her laundry.

  15. Spongebob Gangsta

    Perhaps Britneys video
    will be
    reminescent of
    the last video
    for Saddam…

  16. Anonymouse

    They’re filming a segment where britney is featured in madonna’s song “human nature” that’s what they’re doing together.

  17. Clem

    A fat, bull-necked hillbilly makes a video to be shown on screen at a series of ‘live’ concerts so some old crone who used to be a good pop singer can writhe around on a stage/crucifix./gay man in a desperate attempt to shock.

    How void of inspiration have you got to be to get Britney Spears involved in anything other than the opening of a new abortion clinic?

  18. Grunion

    Just when I thought Madonna couldn’t become less relevant, bam, she takes it up a notch.

    She really has here finger on the pulse of things doesn’t she. I wonder if her back up dancers will be in parachute pants.

  19. nubm

    She really looks better!!! I seemed to see she had a personal account on the wealthy dating club **********M E E T R I C H. C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up with each other. Her blog was updated very often. I joined there too,it seems the girls are not hard to hook up with. LOL

  20. Wendy

    “Brit iv verry beutifuls here and is wearing her laundry.”

    Best Britney comment ever.

  21. d

    The more Britney works out the fatter she gets, I don’t get it.
    Britney will look huge next to Madonna.

  22. Randal

    Once again Britney, you’ve come through, as you have time and again over the years of your successful career. Madonna is lucky to have you by her side, especially when all the tabloids have been writing about her as of late.

    Miss you and hope to see more of you in the future. xoxo


  23. National Geographic reader

    A Blackberry pearl, Really Britney? Wheres the freakin Iphone your a Millionaire

  24. Kim Lardassian

    YUCK I hate this ugly thing and her fake ghetto trashy nails and her fake hair, she’s so ugly why does she even exist in the media? Other than to be mocked and laughed at does she have a purpose?

  25. Boston_Freek

    #14 You are a gud spelr! I saw you the othr day on ***************B E S T E S T S I G N E R.C O M************I hear they are loking for proofredrs on that site.

  26. FCS

    “Other than to be mocked and laughed at does she have a purpose? ”

    I thought that was her purpose

  27. She’s getting extra ticket sales to sold out status because she knows the Britney fans will flock to this.

    Oh well, I’ll be seeing Janet on tour anyway.

  28. Kata

    It’s so funny how almost all of you commenters go on and on about how ugly, or fat, or [insert insult of your personal choice here] you think Britney is. My gosh, the poor girl has a breakdown like thousands of people every year, and makes some bad choices, and BAM, the haters converge. You’d think she was a terrorist or something. She definitely got on the wrong track, particularly where her sons were concerned, but she wasn’t abusive, like the Fritzl father – but goodness gracious, that doesn’t matter, does it? Because the sharks, and there are a lot of them, have been just waiting for the poor girl to slip up. Can we get the same kind of energy about politics and things, peoples? And leave Britney alone to live her life? She’s human, remember? Like the rest of us? And is loved by God just as much as the rest of the world, so cut her some slack, okay?

    And, by the way, to the person who called Britney fat: you have an interesting dictionary. Since when did ‘not-size-zero’ automatically mean ‘obese’? Seems you’ve been sucked into the Pop Culture Monster. My sincere sympathies.

    Sorry, Britney. You win, you lose – you lose, you lose. Can’t really do anything right for these people, can you? Best of luck.

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