Britney Spears: ‘Fat, weird’ and perfect wife for Moby

Moby is head over heels for Britney the blonde Predator and is actually turned on by her physical and mental collapse. Here’s what he told The Sun about his obsession:

“She’s like this TENNESSEE WILLIAMS tragic figure. The fatter she gets, the weirder she gets, the more I love her. I found her moderately appealing in the late 90s, but now I would marry her in a heartbeat.”

I don’t want to say that’s creepy because it’s not. This is by far the nicest thing anyone has said about Britney Spears since 2005. If I were her, I’d cut out this post and paste it in my scrapbook. Which for her is an old shoe box filled with Haagen Daaz containers, french fries and a lock of Adnan’s beard. Oh, almost forgot, Jayden’s MedicAlert bracelet too. Ha! He’s allergic to penicillin. Kids are funny.

Thanks to Roxie who claims to have erotic qualities that I can’t repeat here. This is a family site.