Britney Spears fans kicked out of show for ‘provocative dancing’

August 27th, 2009 // 144 Comments

Going for the trifecta this morning. In an ironic move, fans at Britney Spears’ Madison Square Garden show Tuesday were ejected by security for, no joke, “dancing too provactively.” Page Six reports:

One of those yanked by guards, Sandra Ion, a Dramatics hair salon manager, said: “I guess there had been a complaint from someone in our section that our dancing was too risque. Meanwhile, Britney is onstage gyrating half-naked and singing ‘Get Naked.’ It was totally ridiculous. They should have just moved whoever complained instead of all of us.” Ion says that guards forced her and her pals, including Amanda Lapore’s stylist Harliquin, to miss three songs, and Garden management refused to reimburse them.

I want to know just how “risque” these women were dancing that it overshadowed Britney Spears defying the laws of physics by dry-humping a dude in a mid-air. At that point, I would’ve been more concerned with the structural integrity of the building than some chicks grinding on each other in the audience. Mostly.

Photos: Splash News

  1. anna


  2. Mandy

    I’m not a Britney fan, but damn does she look hot in that first picture. Her costume designer is excellent, that flatters her body perfectly.

  3. Valerie

    Blindfolds and aerial humping, thumbs up! :D

  4. Zanna

    Picture 7? I’ve been THAT girl before.

  5. me09

    they probably just want all the attention on poor little britney thats why those girls got kicked out ……………….RIDICULOUS

  6. me09

    they probably just want all the attention on poor little britney thats why those girls got kicked out ……………….RIDICULOUS

  7. Andrea Anonymous


  8. Deacon Jones

    Pic # 5 is her “I’m being anally penetrated” face

  9. Anexio

    Someone should do an ass check on Sandra Ion. My guess is that her doublewide poopshoot was the offensive part.


  10. Tom K

    I’m amazed people still buy tickets to see this pill popping whore run around with her fat gut and lip-sync songs. I guess that’s why they are called die-hard fans.

  11. lexxie

    the zipper on the red pants is gonnna bust

  12. ginger

    That looks like my body. I am 105lb 5’1 and I haven’t worked out in years since having kids

  13. Viv

    So Britney can simulate intercourse on stage but her fans can’t dance provocatively? …so much for the land of the free.

  14. czar

    Kicked out of the show? They should get kicked in the face for going to a Britney Spears concert. Shocking that her fans are uber smart hair stylists or under the age of 21.

  15. Howard the duck

    The facility security people have to be union Obama supporters – kind of like the “we must have more deficit to make the economy better” mindset. Effin idiots…

  16. thumper

    @5 – Are you free tonight?

  17. Jen

    Britney fucking rocks.

  18. Jen

    Britney fucking rocks.

  19. dru2uski

    The security guard should have drug them outside and put a bullet in their brains for being at that show in the first place……

  20. God I would love to give her my 3 inches of manhood.

  21. Courtyardpigeon

    #13….can I have sex with you ?

  22. inRODwetrust

    God love that little tramp…she still looks bangable thru all the crap she’s gone thru!!

  23. Biff

    Why does she have a microphone?

  24. Righto

    Photo 3 looks like the classic, beautiful Britney I remember.

    God help her, she’s so crazytown now.

  25. hitonthehead

    #23 yes you can…just close your eyes and think about her

  26. Arden

    Oh please. If you went to a strip club, would you think it was acceptable to strip down and start grinding about the room? Of course not. Get a grip, assholes.

  27. man… britney looks really hot. especially in that last pic.

  28. Jen

    I LOVE YOU BRITNEY! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Go away, SLUTney

    I see there are a lot of delusional SLUTney suckups on this bulletin board (“I love you Brihney!”, etc). Well, get ready for the truth: SHE SUCKS. she’s mentally retarded (legally & in real life). She can’t sing, she can’t dance, she doesn’t play a musical instrument, write songs or anything. She’s a manager’s creation. She has to resort to spreading her legs & flashing her cooch (“Mah Pussy is a-hangin’ out”) to get people to notice her. It appeals to weak minded losers like most that post here.

    SLUTney fans; get a new idol to drool over. Someone who’s actually relevant and is talented. Time to move on; SLUTney is now a leg spread slutty stripper…

  30. Nameless

    Wow….so someone finally said enough is enough and kicked out Miley Cyrus for lapdancing atop her dad?

  31. pasteve

    If they also start kicking people out for incorrectly mouthing the words to her shrill nasal voice tracks – then you know she’s just promoting her new fragrance, “Irony”.

  32. lori

    Flabby and obscene. Old Republican men still love her.

  33. Tom

    …that’s my cousin. Awesome.

  34. LOL

    the bitch is bald look at pic 7 ! it s clear she s wearing bad extensions ! besides this stupid whore should wear some decent clothes, come on ! what s wrong with americans ??? how could you make rich a stupid brainless talentless bimbo … lol, are you that stupid guys ? get blinded by a crotch lol

    shitney you re a whore ! nothing more, nothing less !

  35. hot mess

    Kind of flabby in pic 1 and 2, saggy little boobies in pic 5, super horrifying extensions in pic 6 and her fly down in pic 7?!?! This looks like an utter train wreck!

    Oh and ROTFLMAO about pics in pic 3 where she forgot where she was for a second and in pic 4 where she wonders if the stool is going to support her weight.

    HAHA great pics Fish.

  36. Nero

    Were these fans flashing their flappy flaps in public?!

  37. Darth

    It must have been because of others in the audience did complain.Otherwise i don’t see any legal reason.

  38. Rhialto

    Was that guy in pic 6+7 sentenced to do public service?

  39. Gando

    It was the financial crisis what forced him to do this.

  40. Galtacticus

    He’s the Bear Grylls of the concrete jungle.

  41. beep beep

    Thunder thighs.

  42. Ofcourseitsme

    I’m glad they were kicked out, its annoying when you pay for your ticket to watch a show and there are people in front of you dancing. Something like that happened to me 2 summers ago when I went to see a John Mayer concert.
    There were these 3 stupid cougars who decided to dance with their boy toys, they were blocking the view of many people. Several times during the show not only me but other people as well got up and ask security to ask them to sit down.
    They were not kicked out but honestly it would have been better if that happened since they were being so annoying.

  43. b1tch

    isnt dancing part of the reason people want to go to concerts? and who wants to pay to see john mayer or britney? i see drunk assholes with no rhythm dancing and i just laugh. if you cant dance at a concert you paid money for then whats the point of going? the only real sad part is that they got kicked out of a britney show…basically anything would be better than that.

  44. theresa

    She’s obviously following Madonna’s footsteps by using sex to distract her fans away from her bad singing. Buy yourself some class!

  45. Nikki

    If I went to a Britney Spears concert, I would go to see Britney and not some girls who were either not busting a move right or more likely, blocking other people’s view. And I’m sure they got a warning first from someone and chose to ignore it.

  46. bobby

    Holy crap I would do Britney any day, any time, any where, and any way! She is the perfect sex toy!!

  47. rnag04

    It wasn’t that they were dancing, it’s because they were such bad dancers that Simon and Paula asked them to leave.

  48. rnag04

    Forget about Britney, did you see the shots of Geri Halliwell in a bikini? She looks great for her age and after having kids.

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