Britney Spears’ family wants her back in rehab


Britney Spears’ family is planning another intervention to get the troubled star to return to rehab. They were hoping losing custody of her kids would motivate Britney to get her life together, but, well, it’s Britney. She ate fried chicken instead. OK! Magazine reports:

“Although her mom and dad are divorced, they are banding together for the sake of their daughter and their grandsons,” the family friend tells OK!. “Her sister and brother have been meeting with their parents to figure out the best way to confront Britney. They know she needs a huge wake-up call if she is going to be successful in keeping her children and putting her life back on track.”

Remember when you started experimenting with drugs and an intervention meant your dad beating you in the basement with a lead pipe? Those were the good old days. I’m not suggesting someone tries that with Britney, but I’m also not suggesting it wouldn’t be a bad idea. In fact, here’s a pipe. I don’t know how that gun got taped to it. Or where these bullets came from. Must’ve been the rehab fairy. She’s so silly!