Britney Spears’ family wants her back in rehab

November 21st, 2007 // 62 Comments

Britney Spears’ family is planning another intervention to get the troubled star to return to rehab. They were hoping losing custody of her kids would motivate Britney to get her life together, but, well, it’s Britney. She ate fried chicken instead. OK! Magazine reports:

“Although her mom and dad are divorced, they are banding together for the sake of their daughter and their grandsons,” the family friend tells OK!. “Her sister and brother have been meeting with their parents to figure out the best way to confront Britney. They know she needs a huge wake-up call if she is going to be successful in keeping her children and putting her life back on track.”

Remember when you started experimenting with drugs and an intervention meant your dad beating you in the basement with a lead pipe? Those were the good old days. I’m not suggesting someone tries that with Britney, but I’m also not suggesting it wouldn’t be a bad idea. In fact, here’s a pipe. I don’t know how that gun got taped to it. Or where these bullets came from. Must’ve been the rehab fairy. She’s so silly!


  1. Rehab is where she needs to go and stay.

  2. boosky

    I hope she is ok. I found her photos and videos posted on It’s a website for celebrities and wealthy people. 

  3. Ooba Gooba

    Hey Booksy,

    Why don’t you take that shit out of here? Prick.

  4. Bob Ross

    I think her parents and family/friends are more concerned with their gravy train ending. Granted, they could always slice open one of her thighs for gravy.

  5. ph7

    I could forgive her texting while driving.
    I could forgive her running the red light.

    But it kind of hard to forgive her driving down the street with a blanket over her head. That’s kinda dangerous.

  6. veggi

    Britney! You’re doing it wrong!!! First, you put your hands through the sleeves of the jacket…. nevermind..

  7. LayDeeBug

    The Nihilistics said it perfectly…..ahem…

    “Kill yerself, kill yerself, it’s about time you died!
    Kill yerself, kill yerself, it’s about time you died!”

  8. veggi

    Maybe they can hold an intervention to switch her from meth to heparin.

  9. Yeah britney please go back in rehab. dont harm your friends and family and the two innocent kids.

  10. Shallow Val

    Interventions don’t work if the person DOES NOT WANT HELP!!!!!

    Forget it Spears’ family, nothing works unless you work it (sounds corny, but it’s true)

  11. Ted from LA

    8- nobody’s buying it. You’re a waste of space. Go away troll

  12. lux

    Staging an intervention and getting through to a drug addict is hard, but getting through to Britney is impossible. She is a stupid and selfish little bitch. The only way to get through to her head is with an ice pick.

  13. endoftheshityear

    93 percent of humankind
    wants her to return to non-existence

  14. A dream I had last night…

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  15. Shallow Val

    lux – nice visual. I’d love to be the one holding the icepick because she is just making me hurl in all kinds of ways. That is a rabid dawg and you know what they do to those…


  16. veggi

    Usually my troll has some weird fetish with butts. Now it’s heparin (which I’m not afraid to admit, I had to look up) Fucking weirdo man..

    If ever I’m put through an intervention, there better be a LOT of fucking liquor..

  17. MindRiot

    I’m guessing she wont be cured of this behavior and her relavance until the money runs dry. MC HammerSpears anyone?

  18. Shallow Val

    14 – FRIST

    If I was a boy, I’d have a boner right now. Thanks, because I’m gonna see my man this weekend and I just love being all hot and bothered when I see him.

    Veggi, I didn’t know you were a girl.

    Both of you….I’ve had two dreams like that too, totally vivid and hot, and I’ve NEVER been with or down on another chick. I love lezbo fantasies, don’t you…?

  19. veggi

    Ted, you’re so awesome with teh ghey chivalry.

  20. fweem

    *hits booksy with a brick*

  21. veggi

    uh, yeah, girl here…… and 19- you’re an idiot. I like Ted….. and I don’t know if that was really you Shallo Val, but that wasn’t frist…… fucking trolls.

  22. Mike

    “Veggi, I didn’t know you were a girl” hahahahaha that one hurt because she hears that all the time in real life! hahahahaahahahaahaha!

  23. Shallow Val

    Yeah it’s me, cept, I thought Frist had a link in blue. Damn, too bad that wasn’t FRIST. I hate effing trolls man!

  24. Shallow Val

    Mike, don’t talk about Veggi like that (frowns)

  25. Shallow Val

    Uh, OH, I may have opened myself to a whole heap of trouble……

  26. Big

    Hey Frist troll do you think you could work up something involving the thrusting of a turkey leg in honor of the big day?

  27. Ok, I’m here now, and I see I got my porno troll working hard today..

    Of course veggi is a girl, where you guys been?????

  28. Shallow Val

    I’ve had my head up my culo for a while. Sorri Veg.

  29. Oh, and how can you stage an intervention and publish it in Ok Magazine. They are supposed to be a surprise, a very very bad surprise..

    Like the worst surprise party EVER!!!!!

  30. Shallow Val

    LOL Frist. See, that’s the funny Frist, not the gross troll.

  31. veggi

    FRIST!! worst party ever…. unless they bring liquor!!..

    Hey girls! new post. Boring, but new..

  32. p0nk

    “Like the worst surprise party EVER!!!!!”

    so…that type of “funny” (teen valleygirl) is the real Frist? Ok, got it.

  33. ok p0nk, what’s your problem??

    Want to step outside?

  34. I don’t think she needs rehab. I think she needs to be committed.

  35. Shallow Val

    In a teen voice “Kick his aaaassss Frist. Kick his assssss!”

  36. Although the picture does have Britney in the sexiest picture so far. I mean that is EXACTLY how she looks in my Britney fantasy, except the twist ties are missing… and the cabbage.

  37. Anexio

    All you all people that dont support brit are being unfair and Im not looking through ross colered glasses either. It is obveus to me that there is so much love in that family. Look! her parents are standing by her.
    And I hate it when the people say that she takes drugs. Show the proofs, please. That right, therei is no proff. She has gone to the rehab 2wice now and she is clean and soberer that all of you people that love to tear her down.


  38. Shallow Val

    TO #37 “Anexio”

    PLEASE READ #7, do that, and if not, please go back to school. The lunch bell is ringing.

  39. D. Richards (Sociopath.)

    God, not an intervention. Anything but people intervening. That would mean a potential change in the direction of Britney’s life, and mine. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Britney’s pain, and self-destruction. I worship Spears’s drug abuse. I need it to come. Please, Britney, listen to your heart and don’t allow yourself to change. You’re “#1″. And A-list celebrity-mess. Don’t fall for the gimmick of self preservation. You’re doing just fine.

  40. sharpeidude

    If she is on drugs, then how can someone as stupid as Britney not overdosed herself by now? Maybe she’s getting a little help from her pals with the dosage?

  41. Kathleen

    #37, while there may not be “proof” that she is on drugs, she’s obviously irresponsible and incompetent. Those kids will have a life from hell if they are returned to her, if they even survive.

  42. 23apples

    I don’t get this… it’s extremely apparent that she has something wrong with her other than an abusive lifestyle. Her family should be sending her to see a psychologist, not to rehab. Rehab isn’t going to help until the underlying problem is fixed… it’s actually really sad if you think about it. She’ll never get the help she needs until the people around her realize that there is more going on than just drinking and drugs.

  43. Deborah

    I think Britney should fight like hell to get her kids back and then move to the UK, we would never treat her like that over here, yeah sure we have paparazzi the same as everywhere but they are nowhere near as fierce over here, we respect celebrities privacy much more here in the UK, she would feel more sheltered, more respected and it would give her the chance to find herself a little, Britneys NEVER had a chance to live for herself, its a downright shame.

  44. LayDeeBug

    43, Deborah, you may have something there. Us Yanks are truly an ordinary lot. I’m not a traitor by any means, but you have a point about how stupidly we adulate the dumb goings-on of the idiot celebrities, which makes them do it even more.

    I especially like the way you all booed Amy Winehouse off stage, that was mint!

  45. She’s an idiot, she can do nothing right!

  46. boo

    #37 you have GOT to be yanking our chains. Nobody could be this dumb. Could this be Annie Rexia having some fun with the fish folk?

  47. Habib

    God I thought that was a bra on the dashboard!

  48. Rainbowcat

    I’m with 23Apples. Brit does NOT need rehab. She needs to be hospitalized in a psychiatric facility! She is clearly not in any position right now to make good decisions, and the sooner she can get the help she needs, the better. It’s just a damn shame to see how sad the girl is. And once she gets stronger, she should head for the hills – but not the Hollywood hills. Take a year off and spend it with your kids far, far away from the insanity, Brit!

  49. AshFrog


    …she failed a drug test. Oh also, knowing how to spell properly helps you not look like fucktard when you’re trying to make a point.

  50. The first thing you should do is getting freed from that jacket on your head. I’m quite sure alot of problems and photographer’s feet will be resqued by this ation, BET!!

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