Britney Spears falls asleep on New Years


Britney Spears collapsed and had to be carried out during a New Year’s Eve party at Pure in Las Vegas, but her rep is playing it off like she got tired, not drunk. Her rep says:

“By about one o’clock, she was just done, so we took her out. She was not drunk. She was just tired and falling asleep. There is nothing out of the ordinary here.”

About every other news agency and source reported yesterday that she passed out drunk and had to be carried out so it’s just a matter of who you believe. But why would you think she passed out drunk? This is Britney Spears we’re talking about. She’s got two kids and is a role model for teenage girls everywhere. Passing out drunk? No, no, that’d just be irresponsible. If she wasn’t forced into hosting that party I’m sure she would’ve spent her New Years helping burn victims or curing cancer. Or both. That’s just the kind of girl she is.