Britney Spears ex-manager avoids subpoena

August 27th, 2007 // 35 Comments

Things are not looking good for Britney Spears. Larry Rudolph, Britney’s ex-manager, spoke to Ryan Seacrest this morning and said he does not want to testify in the custody hearing for fear of what he might reveal. People reports:

“He said he’s doing his best to hide from Kevin’s process server,” Ryan Seacrest, who was in contact with Rudolph over the weekend, said Monday on his KIIS-FM radio show. “He’s actually on the run. They are trying to track him down and serve him with a subpoena and they want him to appear and testify in the custody battle.” Rudolph, who was relieved of his managerial duties by Spears earlier this year, “doesn’t want to be served because he said it won’t be good for Britney,” said Seacrest. “After all they have been through he is still loyal to her, and he doesn’t want to have to go under oath and talk about certain things that might hurt her.” Regarding his whereabouts, Rudolph would only reveal is that he is with his children. Furthermore, said Seacrest, the former manager wants it publicly known that he is avoiding being served the subpoena.

Pile this on top of the child abuse investigation and it definitely looks like Kevin Federline will win custody of the children. Not that there was any doubt. Any rational person with an IQ above, I dunno, five, had this figured out. I ran into a two-year-old the other day who looked at me and said, “Britney bad mommy.” Then the kid ate a pebble.


  1. surlywench


  2. Ar4

    3rd xD

  3. Ok, if the asshole knows she is a bad mother, then why doesn’t the nutless wonder stand up like a man and do what is right for those children.

    What a fucking dickweed!!

  4. woodhorse


  5. idiot

    what is subpoena???

  6. d

    hey – if you dont have any new tits or ass to post, dont bother us with this bullshit.

  7. big

    Britney is an unfit mother,cant money fix that?

  8. Alison

    Unbelievable. So yea, fuck those KIDS, Larry. You got your own to worry about, right? I’m sure.

    What bullshit. You run from the law, then publicly admit that you’re doing it. What a




  9. @7 at least you admit it. It is an order to appear in court. If he is presented with the subpoena and does not show up, they can put him in jail.

  10. woodhorse

    If you receive a subpoena, is “what’s a subpoena” considered a good excuse for not showing up?

  11. jrzmommy


  12. veggo

    12- of course Woodhorse….but only if you pronounce it phonetically.

  13. Sorry Veggo!!!!

  14. Mike

    #14 Veggo, what’s going on?

  15. xx

    This guy is a total fucking moron. Let’s get on the phone with a gay radio talk show host (therefore the biggest mouth in the known universe) and confess to committing a crime and let him blab it all over the radio. Oh, and bang-up job on “protecting Brittney” by not talking about damaging things… except of course, to go on the radio and talk about nothing except how if you were “forced” to talk about it, it would just be sooo damaging to her. “Ya, I don’t want to say anything damaging, but if I had to tell the truth it would be TOTALLY DAMAGING.” . Subtle guy.

    This guy is a scumbag, just like Britney, I can see why she hired hjim in the first place.

  16. Kari Rules!!!!!

  17. @12 Unfortunately not :(

  18. STeve

    this is crap…leave Brit alone and let her deal with the issues and provide her support rather than degradation

  19. lambman

    You can publicly state that you’re hiding from being subpeonaed?

    that’s INSANE you don’t get in any trouble for that?

  20. Lambman: I don’t think you can get into trouble for just saying it. It would be like saying I’m gonna go rob a bank. Unless you actually DO it…
    But then again, he’s taking active steps in the avoidance…hold on, let me ask my boss…

  21. Binky

    My sources are saying Larry Rudolph misinterpreted the KIIS-FM interview request.
    He became a bit apprehensive when Seacrest kept saying, “will you speak into my microphone? Please !?! Cum’on. It’s waiting…
    Not right now? …How about after the show ? Will you have a bit of discourse later ? ”
    Rudolph of course – bailed.

  22. well, i’ll be dipped and deep fried!

  23. This guy knows Federline so if he’s avoiding being served, it must be because he knows K-Fed is the worse parent. And how scary is that?
    For Brangelina haters

  24. what an idiot

    this guy is the king of all idiots if he thinks you can run and hide from a subpoena (and announce on a radio show that you are doing that deliberately), and that it somehow protects you from having to show up in court. if he knows about the subpoena and is deliberately avoiding being served, the judge can still throw his ass in jail for refusing to comply with it.

  25. Sad Dog

    He should testify. As far as I know, Britney has never hit her dog, so I don’t see what everybody’s complaining about, unlike in the Vick/DMX cases. Young kids are total fucking pains in the ass. I don’t understand why any of them escape abuse and neglect – haven’t you heard them cry? Jesus. Just thinking about it makes me want to slap the shit out of one. Thank god I’ve got my trusty pit bull next to me instead – now THERE is a companion worth treating well!

  26. kellygrrrl

    he is being sought as a potential witness in a civil suit in family court.
    This is not a criminal case and he is not a suspect.
    He can hide all he wants and announce it to the world and there is nothing illegal or immoral about that. I personally would avoid a subpoena server seeking my testimony about ANYONE’s divorce/custody battle unless I was absolutely positive of abuse or neglect!!!!!!!

  27. cookie monsta

    With Brit trying so desperately to prove she is the ultimate fuck up, and an unworthy parent, there’s really not a lot more required to prove to a reasonable court full of people that she is unsuitable for children, pets, housekeeping, nutrition, etc. Maybe this Larry was giving Brit the business, and he caught some stupid from her?

  28. Britney Spears pics

  29. Frick!

    Nice CHINS

  30. Annie Rexia

    Geuss where he’s hiding. Brit’s cooter. Nobody will find him there. You know, with all of the puss and everything.

  31. gerard Vandenberg

    Please girl, leave all those southern states or come to Europe for a time!!

  32. Nanci

    If you aren’t going to look out for her children who the hell is going to??? You weak man!!!!

    Your excuses are just that weak. How do you get up and look yourself in the mirror each morning? How do you sleep at night when you are one of the few people who really knows what goes on with her children?

    That’s it keep running; justify how long you have run already and if it has contributed to her keeping the kids. What a weight to have to carry around better you than me. I’ll sleep at night.

    I was one of the first one’s that mentioned personality disorder. It wasn’t hard to pick out. Exhibitionist, needs the love from animals, everything is always everyones else’s fault and on and on.

    Be the stand up guy and quit hiding; your an adult act like one.


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