Britney Spears eligible for an Emmy? Game Over, world

While Katherine Heigl is saying “I hate my career!” to the Emmy’s, Britney Spears, of all people, is eligible for the coveted award for her cameos on How I Met Your Mother. What the super motherfucking fuck? Excuse me while I cut my cable and hide under the coffee table. OK! Magazine reports:

For her double-shot guest appearance as Abby on CBS hit How I Met Your Mother, Brit-Brit is one of 41 actresses on the official ballot released by the Academy of Television
Arts & Sciences to its voters. Keep in mind, this is the list that is whittled down to the final nominees for the September ceremony.

If Britney Spears garners an Emmy nod, that’s it. I’m switching to one of those TV’s on the Flintstones with the parrot inside. Parrot, meet TiVo. TiVo, meet parrot. Okay, now I feel better about what’s going to happen next: Component or HDMI, Polly? Coaxial?! Naugh-ty…