Britney Spears eligible for an Emmy? Game Over, world

June 12th, 2008 // 65 Comments

While Katherine Heigl is saying “I hate my career!” to the Emmy’s, Britney Spears, of all people, is eligible for the coveted award for her cameos on How I Met Your Mother. What the super motherfucking fuck? Excuse me while I cut my cable and hide under the coffee table. OK! Magazine reports:

For her double-shot guest appearance as Abby on CBS hit How I Met Your Mother, Brit-Brit is one of 41 actresses on the official ballot released by the Academy of Television
Arts & Sciences to its voters. Keep in mind, this is the list that is whittled down to the final nominees for the September ceremony.

If Britney Spears garners an Emmy nod, that’s it. I’m switching to one of those TV’s on the Flintstones with the parrot inside. Parrot, meet TiVo. TiVo, meet parrot. Okay, now I feel better about what’s going to happen next: Component or HDMI, Polly? Coaxial?! Naugh-ty…


  1. veggi

    What the super motherfucking fuck?? hahaha fish..

  2. snarkymalarky

    Thats got to royally piss off legit actresses who have been hooving at it for years

  3. MassGrrl

    I would laugh my ass off.

    No matter what she does, her career won’t die. Strange.

  4. Trover

    The show can send in a ballot for anyone who appears. WHOOP-DE-DOO. So just because Brit actually appeared and the show sent in a nom, does not mean she will be in the final 5. So this is not even news. YAWN.

  5. Auntie Kryst

    Are you certain the story wasn’t this Louisiana swamp rat is buying a HEMI, not an Emmy??

  6. Jackson'shole

    Please please please do not let this pos get an award for anything, especially “acting”

  7. mike

    Britney is like that boil on my ass. No matter how many times I pop it, it grows back bigger and stronger.

  8. Lara


  9. goldend

    well, cameos are all about famous people not necessarily “legit actors”, sometimes it happens that a legit actor or actress that are also famous make a cameo, but sometimes it’s just about having a very famous person to appear in a show, that’s why there’s nothing special about Britney getting a nomination, and you know what? I think she will be in the final nominees since that will draw viewers to the Emmys.

  10. I hate to admit it but I watched those two episodes and she was good. I wouldn’t be suprised if she won thsoe guest star awards are pretty random.

  11. @11, I would expect nothing less from my troll. I knew you were a shut in..

  12. Grunion

    Just when you though the Emmy’s couldn’t become any more irrelevant…

  13. veggi

    #8 – Don’t ever get rid of that boil! I love to run my tongue over it again and again, then putting my mouth over it and biting until it explodes a gusher of hot pus into my mouth. I give the best boiljobs ever.

  14. Yeah, that was funny..

    Supermotherfucking fuck yeah..

  15. @14 you are a sick mother fucking troll..

  16. Grossology

    #14 … Damn that is pretty sick… but you wedged a snicker out of me…

    If Spears gets an Emmy for this… it WILL be the coming of the Apocalypse!

  17. boo

    Where is our Randal this fine day? I can’t wait to hear his thoughts on this.

  18. Sara

    “What the super motherfucking fuck”
    hahahahahaha that was so funny to read

  19. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    #14, veggi (troll or not) I’ll go drinking and driving with you any time.

  20. Good for you, Britney. Your beauty and wit comes out whenever you are on that show. You shine and stuff..blah blah blah


    There you go.

  21. yeeeeah. boiljob?? I mean, you can’t just make that shit up, can you?? weirdo..


    it’s kinda like the house winning an award for a cameo on FRISTS commute..

    Or not..

    I have no idea…

  22. Melissa

    I hope these Academy people realize that just because she’s Britney Spears doesn’t mean they have to vote for her….

  23. All right Veggi, That medication is kicking in..

  24. Hollywood is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Surely by now we all know that the only thing that matters, now that our country has been completely stolen from us by the known enemy (go ahead and guess), everything is for sale. You do see this by now don’t ya fellas?


  25. Veggi, Heh heh funny..

  26. Doogie sooooooooooo wants to brush her hair and play with his My Pretty Pony collection.

  27. eatherhole

    If she wins, I’m going to take the award, lube it up and gently part her fleshy cunt folds with it. Once she’s dripping, I’ll shove it in while I swirl my tongue in her hot wet ass hole and slurp her sweaty fuzzy crack. Then I’ll lick her c-section scar and jerk it slowly until I explode on her stretch marked tits. Then I’ll rub it in with my softening cock while she licks it and coos like a baby. Something like that. You know, tasteful.

  28. Hecubus

    25. Please tell me you’re not trying to prove that ‘teh ebil Jews’ have overtaken your country with the fact that a retarded southern white trash girl won an acting award ??

    What are your other amazing proofs ?? That your president is an uneducated Southern white Christian retard ?? That the southern white Christian whackos are successfully managing to take away the freedoms of others that conflict their little fairy stories ??? Oh man, what proof.

  29. Anexio

    OMH this grat. she is so talinted that I bet she wins all the awards on all the shows. brit is finilly get the attentions that she deserts.

    All that work that she puts in all the time is payoffing.

  30. Moscow

    Ok, do they realize that her first appearance, which was mildly amusing yet better then the second, I mean do they actually realize she was on screen for maybe 3 minutes, ish. Are they insane? I know they’re probably thinking, “hey, this will get us instant ratings,” but when your show has sucked balls for how many years now cause you don’t put on a good awards event, having that train like that spew venom all over your stage probably isn’t the best idea. Not to mention the fact her total 8 minutes or so of screen time isn’t really worth an honorable mention let alone a frigg’n nomination!

  31. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    #29, How about the government selling us out to the 3rd world mexico. Liberals are trying to take over the country and when rockin’ obama, the new mesiah wins, see how much gas will cost then. Not too mention see how high your taxes go to pay for universal everything. That shit don’t come free you know.

    I’m tired, I need a drink and a drive.

  32. mimi


    Britney will WIN that EMMY and show all ya’ll, LOSERS!

  33. p0nk

    mimi, we’ve already seen everything brit has to show us. no thanks.

  34. Matthew

    ok brit try to be nommnated for an emmy??? ok my best bet that the primetime emmy will go to dina “partying mom” lohan

  35. Auntie Kryst

    @30 Nice one!! Bow to your sensei Mimi. You’re not half the fan that Anexio is.

  36. #32 – hmmmm…

    Premium unleaded circa 2001 – $1.79/ gallon
    Premium unleaded circa 2008 – $4.39/ gallon

    Sweet Crude Oil circa 2001 – $25/ barrel
    Sweet Crude Oil circa 2008 – $139/ barrel

    You’ll forgive me if I’ll take my chances with the other guys this time…

  37. jrz

    Haay ya’ll…..Ahm elig…eligah……elijububble for….wait……what am I suposta git?

  38. Lara

    I hate to agree with 37!!!!

  39. Chris

    “Liberals are trying to take over the country and when rockin’ obama, the new mesiah wins, see how much gas will cost then. Not too mention see how high your taxes go to pay for universal everything.” blah blah blah

    The only way things will get worse than the current mess created by Bush & the Republicans is if Bush manufactures a foreign policy crisis, say, by dropping a few bombs on Iran. At this point, does anybody really believe he won’t stoop that low, with Cheney itching to operate the puppet strings one last time? Remember, they’ve done it before – the color-coded national terrorism threat levels repeatedly getting elevated in the run up to the 2004 election, then never changed again (nationally).

  40. Binky

    37 that’s right. those republicans are behind everything distasteful

  41. Grunion

    #29 I’m pretty sure not everyone from the south is a retard. And there are alot of dumb fucks up north to. I mean you ever been to Buffalo?

  42. DragonBoy

    #37 are you talking about the Demo’s? Same shit, just a different spin. No change there at all.

  43. dementa

    Republicans are idiots. Course, so are Demon-crats.

    If one party doesn’t screw up the country/world, then the other will happily take over the reins of screwupdom. Expect Ho-bama to have us shrieking for a new prez in a couple years’ time.

  44. TakeOn

    #42, No, but I’ve been to Minneapolis. They’ve got their share. My friends in Minneapolis have neighbors that rewired the junction box in the basement while the basement was flooded. They survived but now their hair is really really curly.

  45. Anexio

    Why you talk about oil and stuff this is a brit story and she deserfs her time in the sun and to tak all the sawards and stuff. I for one will be watch when she walk around on all the red carpets and take awards away from the others. I bet paris and landsey are sitting at home crying ha hah ahha. brit the bsest and now its provesd and shadows cant doubte it.


    When the Oscars gave an award to Halle Berry did the world suddenly become aware of a great acting talent? I say give an Emmy to Britney and prove your utter worthlessness, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The product you look to reward and promote is just a smelly pile of crap – so she’s perfect for it..

  47. At this point in history, Britney Spears would make a better president that what we have now. The idea that Obama can mess things up worse than Bush is as Orwellian as… well every other fucking thing #43 has done (not you DragonBoy). Fuck, Paris Hilton would make a better president. Real Republicans are doing a lot of heavy drinking right now.

    Yea… I said it…

  48. Randal

    Well talk about a bomb of flowers exploding around the industry today!

    Good work Britney! As I’ve said many times before, you are a great actress and the episodes on How I met your Mother made many folks laugh in their living room.

    Don’t cut yourself short for you are the blueberry muffin among all the rest that has the most blueberries in it!

    Love ya Brit! Call me, ok? xoxo


  49. abdo

    What the super motherfucking fuck?!!
    congrats fish for the emmy award for best explicit

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