Britney Spears due in September

bspears_pregnant.jpgJamie-Lynn Spears has confirmed that Britney Spears’ baby is due in September. Speaking in a posting on her official website, Jamie-Lynn said she was currently living in Los Angeles, near Britney and Kevin Federline.

“I get to spend a lot of time with Britney. We are getting ready for the new baby’s arrival in September!!! I can’t wait. I have been shopping so much for the baby and it is not even here yet.”

And if there are any pregnant women out there, please for the love of all humanity use Britney Spears as an example of how not to dress while pregnant. I’ll be the first to admit that pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but when you slut it up it sort of loses its charm. Kind of like that time I drew boobs on the Mona Lisa and then everybody at the museum started yelling at me. I just naturally assumed that nudity improved everything, but apparently I was wrong. Go figure.