Britney Spears drops her pants in public

November 20th, 2006 // 76 Comments

After just one night with Paris Hilton Britney Spears has already started dropping her pants in public. While hanging out with Paris at club Tryst over the weekend, Britney decided to ditch her pants and dance around the club in her fishnet stockings.

I’ve been through high school. I know what peer pressure is like. Considering this is Paris Hilton we’re dealing with it’s a wonder all Britney did was drop her pants. Any weaker person would’ve ended up naked in a Motel 6 with some guy named Sergio, his camcorder, and a variety of anxious farm animals.


  1. Morticia

    What a follower. Pathetic.

  2. GirlyGirl


  3. EHeidiU

    it looks like paris is balding

  4. magickal

    A breastfeeding mom sucking on a marlboro? THAT’S HOT.

  5. EHeidiU

    that’s not what a normal top of head looks like fo reals

  6. GirlyGirl

    Wait, is any of this supposed to be surprising?
    That’s not balding, that’s the beginning of her stupid looking extensions.
    I hate hair extensions. They look like shit.

  7. Jacquelantern


  8. runtogethersentences

    wait, he’s touring and she’s partying. who’s taking care of the spawns?

  9. sabalon

    we all know what the natural course of action MUST be. A scandalous sex tape – featuring Paris and Britney.

  10. Jacquelantern


  11. Nimuë LaMer

    Oh NO!! Not on the leather couch!!!!

    Damn. That’s gonna eat a hole right down to the floor.

  12. sexybitch

    So now she’s borrowing Paris’s extensions – does that mean K-Fed will get half of her headlice in the settlement?

  13. kittyloo

    Doesn’t she have a new baby to be taking care of?

  14. minniememe

    bad hair extensions! and is that a liver spot on paris’s shoulder?

  15. i_like_sake

    What is Brittney doing? To think I actually gave her a break when she got married and had kids. No I see she’s the same as all the other dumb, low life bitches out there…So sad

  16. slantingthroughdarkness

    Yeah? And?

  17. BarbadoSlim

    #15 Well it’s like this, you can take a monkey dress it up, perfume it, teach it sign language and what have you, but sooner, or later she’ll start slinging feces again.

  18. PrettyBaby

    #13 Yes, somewhere there is a baby…

    She is such an idiot. Of course she is becoming just what everyone said. Next she will hook up with either Brandon Davis or Stavros Niarchos.

  19. i dont really like either of em,but i wouldnt scoff at a spears hilton drunken sex tape.

  20. RichPort

    Dumb and Dumber… some lucky guy got head in the bathroom stall and quickly ran to the sink to wash the orange cheeto powder off of his dick… in the first few pics, is that a star on her engorged nipple or just leakage?

  21. spatz

    wow if parisite thinks jessica simpson is fat, what must she think of britney?

  22. NOOOOOOO!!!! This is my personal nightmare. Oh, frick, frick, frick……WTF? Brit finally seemed to be getting her shit together then she decides to hang out with the biggest brain dead whore on the planet. This can’t be happening. What the hell is this all about???

  23. I’m sure you meant she dropped her trousers rather than her pants ;-)

  24. BarbadoSlim

    You might not notice this with mere eyesight, but if we took an infra-red shot of the rooms as these two stroll thru them, we would be able to see what scintitist over at the JPL have called: a “cone of ignarance” followed by a “trail of stupidity” as they pass.

    true story

  25. BarbadoSlim

    holy shit!! I’ve been affected, *scientists*

  26. She was pathetic enough to think K-Fed was cool, of COURSE she thinks Paris is cool. The girl is White trash and is drawn to other white trash.

  27. JungleRed

    It’s nice to see Brit out and about with her classy new friends. I’m sure Paris will help her get her life back on track in no time. What a fucking idiot! She hasn’t even wiped the KFed stink off her and she’s cozying up to this STD breeding ground.

    #21-I think she’s thinking “I bet I can get this fat bitch to let me sing on her new album.”

  28. carrie bradshaw

    While we all know that no judge in their sane, right mind would even consider giving K-Fed custody of the kids, you would think that someone even as retarded as Britney would know her best interest would be to portray a Mother Theresa image right now. But no, she goes and does THIS. Seriously, can we just give thoes poor babies over to Brad and Angie?

  29. DMB in da ATL

    nice lopsided boobs, Brit!

  30. That photo looks photoshopped. Sorry, not buying it.

    Oh, and yes nothing hotter than a young mother smoking. I am not sure if anyone has told her (considering she did not know about not driving with your baby in you lap and how to secure a child in a high chair) but cigarettes are bad for you and the toxins are carried into breast milk. Maybe social services should let her know.

  31. hilaroushillary

    #28: shut up team jolie !

  32. DancingQueen

    This has publicity stunt written all over it.

  33. jrzmommy


  34. bigsteamyone

    didn’t britney have long hair last week ? i wonder what her amazing hair growth secret is ? leftover paris hilton protein shake ?

  35. 86

    It just keeps getting worse. Like a 20 car pileup…you think it will stop but noooo.

  36. kickservebt

    Coming this holiday season to a theater near you.

    More Stupid!
    Less Intelligence!
    More Moronic!
    Less Logical!

    Dumb and Dumber 2!!!

  37. how did she end up hanging out with Paris Hilton of all people?

  38. mrs.t

    Britney has to have the worst breath of all time. Cigarettes, amaretto, cheetos, and Paris’ pussy. *smacks lips*

  39. Nikk The Templar

    #11 wins the Internet for the day.

  40. hilaroushillary

    god, I’d sneak up behind them and pluck off those wicked yellow extensions, who the fuck holds the patent to this dreadful fake shit?? It’s fuglier than fake acrylic nails for GOd’s sake!(of cours, titney is sporting’em ,too!)

    well, too bad if you’re a girl and have naturally shit nails and shit hair so that u have to cover up your shitty appearance with artificials. On behalf on Shitney’s fat and blown redneck face: please wear a fake face mask!

  41. PrettyBaby

    Oh my Lord yes, those horrible fucking extensions! I have always had long hair and I know it is highly desired ;) but you need to have somewhat of a healthy diet other that fucking meth, cigarettes and gross Crystal every night. That’s why these bitches can’t grow it out.

    BTW, they need to hook up with the Hairstylist Fag Ken Paves. Jessica’s extensions usually look a lot better than this shit.

  42. PrettyBaby

    #40 yes, hilarioushillary and if you did that, you’d get lovin from every damn person on this site and possibly throughout the world!!

  43. PrettyBaby

    #38 Ewww!

    P.S. How’s “Dude” doin”? LOL!!

  44. sitara

    One wonders if the only reason she wore a tie was to cover up the gaping hole between her buttons in the previous pictures.

    One also wonders if that checkered pattern on her leg is made by the straining fishnet stockings beneath, trying to escape from their cruel prison of too-tight pants.

    Moreover, why gush about how you love your new bob when you’re just going to add crap hair extensions to it to look like Paris Hilton a week later? Indeed, why hang out with Paris Hilton at all when she made fun of how you looked in the Matt Lauer interview?

    Oh, the short memory of a star. Can’t even remember to keep her tie OR her pants on.

  45. Missallanpoe

    I uh…er..*mind explodes*

  46. PrettyBaby

    #44 Let me take your comments a step further. Why hang out with Paris Hilton when she will soon no doubt be fucking K-Fed?

  47. SumLikeitHoTT

    can paris tell britney she dresses like shyt since she’s been knocked up…like seriously i’m waiting for her to bust out mom jeans paired with a sequined tube top.

  48. ffordegroupie

    Britney? Dropping her pants? Heaven forfend.

    And let’s see — too tight shirt straining over giant boobies, fishnet stockings, open-toed sandals, bad weave… if she smears her makeup a little more, she’ll be the very picture of trash-with-money.

    I wonder if they’re having an affair, hence the dropped pants. We all know Paris likes girls as well as boys, and Britney reportedly does too.

    And of course, where are the Britney fans squealing “omg she iz such a good mom, like you could do any better you loosers!”? After all, what good mom doesn’t leave her kids to go partying with legendary skanks… every… single… night?

  49. tsarinaamanda


    Damn, you just said what I was gonna say! That outfit is HIDEOUS…what on Earth made her think a fucking TIE was a good fashion choice, not to mention the gross sandals and too-tight, cheap-looking pants? Those extensions look like shit too, she isn’t hot any more, she should just stay at home with those inbred brats that she threw her career and looks away for. Stick a fork in her, she’s DONE.

  50. Soh!B

    Doesn’t Brit-nay know that ciggies will ruin your voice?? Doh! Too late.

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