Britney Spears donates money to Kabbalah

Madonna has persuaded Britney Spears to donate $32,000 to Spirituality For Kids, a Kabbalah club for children, so that her unborn baby will be accepted into the religion. A source tells The Daily Mirror, “Britney made the charity donation last month. Madonna suggested Spirituality For Kids because she thinks it’s amazing. She has told her that introducing her baby to Kabbalah as soon as possible will be greatly beneficial to everyone involved in the child’s upbringing. She thinks Madonna’s a great role model and would never question her advice.”

You know your life is destined for ridicule when you make Madonna your personal mentor and role model. I don’t want to call her a crazy bitch, but the crazy bitch talks with a fake accent and supports Kabbalah juice. Even the hobo that lives down the street knows that Kabbalah juice is crap, and he drinks his own urine.