Britney Spears domestically abused Kevin Federline

October 10th, 2007 // 184 Comments

An insider tells Life & Style that Britney Spears beat Kevin Federline “several times during their marriage,” and that’s why K-Fed asked the judge to order her not to use corporal punishment on Sean and Jayden. A source from Britney’s camp denies the rumor, saying:

“This is just another attempt to make Britney look like a bad mom.”

Has the guy from Britney’s camp been asleep for the past two years? Attempting to make Britney look like a bad mom is like trying to prove that Hitler was kind of a dick. Your entire case could be to just point at them and shrug. Besides, beating Kevin Federline is probably the most responsible thing Britney’s done in her entire life.


  1. Annica

    Beating Kevin Federline is probably the most responsible thing Britney’s done in her entire life.

  2. Habitual Line Stepper

    #101 If you think you can say it better than the fish, you should probably change at least a couple of the words around.

    #100 Usually people say they’re not attracted to somebody because they don’t find them attractive. If you don’t take care of yourself, that’s fine, just don’t ask me to tell you that you look good.

  3. Yeah, she looks real healthy, stumbling around with stains on all her clothes.
    Where do I sign up?

  4. Mandy

    You’ve internalized your conditioning very well. Kudos.

  5. #102, I was going to say that. Only for some goddamn reason the fish makes me sign all my login crap in again even though I CLICK THE REMEMBER PERSONAL INFO BUTTON!!!
    So, anyway, I knew you would cover it for me.

  6. jrzmommy

    Mandy–you think she looks healthy? Seriously? Healthy by….skid row standards? She’s a fucking mess. Look at her. She looks drugged out, dirty, disheveled, pale, wasted…..but definately not healthy.

  7. Andie

    This is turning into the all-Britney network here.

    Isn’t there anything else going on?

    Britney is like a train wreck, you don’t want to look but you can’t look away. I don’t think she looks fat here though. Her wieght seems to go up and down by ten or fifteen pounds. I love it when I can honestly say that Britney is fatter than me, but I can’t say that in these photos.
    Those pics of her in her back yard in her underwear, though? Yeah, WAY fatter than me.

  8. meanwhile

    “NEW YORK (Reuters) – A U.S. hospital where George Clooney was treated after he was knocked off his motorbike has accused about 40 staff, including doctors, of inappropriately looking at the movie star’s chart, a union said on Wednesday.

    The Health Professional and Allied Employees union in New Jersey said seven of its members had been suspended for a month without pay by the Palisades Medical Center — across the Hudson River from Manhattan — over the incident.”

    fuckin Jersey mooks…

  9. Oh please….it doesn’t take a “rumor” to make Britney look like a bad mom. She does a good job of that all on her own.

  10. Mandy

    Oh wait, I forgot – she needs to weight 78 lbs. My mistake. Carry on.

  11. jrzmommy

    yeah, #108–like hospital staff in, I dunno………..Hell A ….don’t leak shit out to the entire universe…….it only happens in New Jersey.

    fuckin’ loser.

  12. jrzmommy

    Mandy, you seem to be the one fixated on weight here. There IS more to a person’s apperance than their weight.

  13. Andie

    Her skin looks terrible. I wish I knew how much she weighs.

    I’ve looked all over the internet trying to find out how much celebrities weigh and I can never find shit.


  14. Fuckemall

    Looks like we got one pissed-off mook on our hands here!!!

  15. Dumbass

    Britney is so sexy in these photos, I’m in love with her again.

  16. i thiiiink

    she isn’t pale jerseymommy.
    i think she weighs 135.7 pounds.

  17. It’s cool to stop giving a shit what you look like. We should all learn something here

  18. Kazam!

    That big Elmer Fudd-esque hat really makes her look healthy.

  19. Mandy

    So true. We must be skinny, and also dress impeccably. Our skin and teeth and hair must be flawless. Otherwise the horse owner—errr, I mean potential husband – won’t want us. You’re so right, mommy.

  20. Habitual Line Stepper

    #115 You know, you don’t have to use your real name on here.

  21. Big'uns

    My gosh. She looks 0.03% better than normal and all the Brit lovers are ejaculating over it. Her legs look decent and better, and I know they’re not fat, but they’re still thick ‘ol things with cankles. You people complimenting that outfit obviously have no taste. She may have individual pieces of the outfit that are okay, but the whole ensemble is sloppsville at best. And give me a break on the kudos’ing of the retarded hat and glasses. It’s been said a million times before, but that chick looks like she smells, especially them unkempt feet and tootsies.

    Yes, K-Fed may have deserved to be beaten at times, but I don’t doubt him a bit that she was abusive. Being abused doesn’t mean you lost a fight, it means that someone crossed the line in getting physical. Figure it out.

  22. OMG that’s funny

  23. Lil'uns...for brains

    Sure, sure…Britney and KFed got in arguments, Britney got physical and “crossed the liine” and KFed…maintained his perpetual gentlemanly restraint. You have a point. Wear a hat and nobody will notice it.

  24. jrzmommy

    Look Mandy….I didn’t say she had to be impeccable……or flawless..stop putting words in my mouth you ignorant bitch. I said she looks WASTED….and DIRTY… one has to look perfect in this world but Jesus Christ, she could at least look like she BATHES occassionally….and maybe try wearing clothing that FITS…..God I’d hate to see what you look like. You’re probably one of those people who are just so irretrievably homely that you’ve given up and go around telling people who actually give the slightes shit about their appearence they’re shallow. Typical ugly girl thing.

  25. Dumbass

    @120 – intentional irony. Ever heard of it? Didn’t think so. But this thread is about a tard, so you don’t exactly stick out.

  26. Kazam!

    “…Otherwise the horse owner—errr, I mean potential husband – won’t want us”

    Um….dumped much?

  27. IMO

    atleast she isn’t in drag. when she isn’t too fat or broken out, her face looks better than half of hollywood without makeup. she is almost naturally pretty with her cute button nose and feminine featured face.

  28. chrissy

    Who’s the dude in the pic? he has justin timberlake’s features…. uh oh… i feel a rumor coming on….
    no but seriously… who’s the dude?

  29. Habitual Line Stepper

    #125 have you ever heard of intentional irony? Jesus, you’re fucking STOOOPIDDD!!!!

  30. Is there a new post yet!!!!

  31. hey #119

    britney actually does have near perfect teeth. i will give her that.

  32. Mandy

    Yes, I’m probably an ugly girl. And fat. And frequently dumped. Because…you must be pretty and thin to get a man…you must be pretty and thin to get a man …you must be pretty and thin to get a man…WAIT I’m about to have an independent thought!–no you must be pretty and thin to get a man …you must be pretty and thin to get a man…

  33. ScottL

    Britney beat up Kevin – well it’s about time someone knocked that smirk off his face. Let’s face it, his job is knocking women up then moving onto the the next big thing. The only reason that tool is fighting for custody is to keep the gravy flowing his way

  34. jrzmommy

    ……………uh……………………..yeeeeeeah…………..*whispers to others* I think Mandy’s hittin the sauce again.

  35. Dumbass

    It’s like trying to talk to Rain Man…nice long, awkward, unfunny name, btw

  36. dustin


  37. Britney's Super Cool Friends

    Hey 100! Gosh! Mandy! What a stupid name. Anyway, Britney is laughing her ass off at you because you are such a freak loser. We all are Mandy. God, what a ‘tard. If Britney told you to drink draino you probably would. What a lesbo!

  38. ScottL

    And for the record I don’t think Brit is fat, but she is a hot mess mentally. Don’t worry folks, Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab, so I am pretty sure in a week or so it will be all Lohan all the time again

  39. Habitual Line Stepper

    #132 when you started this shit on post #100 you accused Britney of being healthy and Attractive. She just plain isn’t either one of those things. The bitch has a drinking/drug problem, and she eats shitty food. Wake up!

  40. F4U

    And to think I used to stroke myself raw over her.

  41. Rachel

    I don’t know. I’ve read this site for awhile and I’m no fan of Britney’s (she lives like a pig) but there’s definitely group think going on here. I don’t know if it’s because 90% of the posts are about Britney, maybe to see if an anti-Britney cult would be forced into existence, or because people love to rehearse the same handful of old insults, like they do behind people’s backs in real life. It’s no more dignified or entertaining than she is.

  42. chrissy

    WHO’S THE GUY IN THIS PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Mandy

    Habitual Line Toe-er, I’m shocked that you agree with everybody else.

  44. a man

    Keep repeating it chubs, ’cause you know it’s true.

  45. Habitual Line Stepper

    #135 Please define the word irony. When the information sets in two or three days from whenever you look the word up, you will know why your name seems so remarkably appropriate.

  46. Britney'sSuper Cool Friends

    Christ Mandy. You are m-e-n-t-a-l. How many cats do you have?

  47. Habitual Line Stepper

    #143 I don’t agree with these assholes, I just come here to stir up some shit.

  48. Kazam!

    Rachel—shut it. Shut it now.
    Group think……….any more psychobabble cliches you’ve picked up during your internship at the marketing firm this semester?

  49. Yes Jimbo, another Britney Spears post.

    Hey, Britney Spears rhymes with “Git Me Beers”, how weird is that?

  50. routhless

    Brit, babe I’d be your whipping boy any time, any where, and ANY WAY!! Your thighs and tush could damage me any way you please!! WOW you are pure heaven. This domination, kick-ass image of you has caused me to love you more than ever!!

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