Britney Spears domestically abused Kevin Federline

October 10th, 2007 // 184 Comments

An insider tells Life & Style that Britney Spears beat Kevin Federline “several times during their marriage,” and that’s why K-Fed asked the judge to order her not to use corporal punishment on Sean and Jayden. A source from Britney’s camp denies the rumor, saying:

“This is just another attempt to make Britney look like a bad mom.”

Has the guy from Britney’s camp been asleep for the past two years? Attempting to make Britney look like a bad mom is like trying to prove that Hitler was kind of a dick. Your entire case could be to just point at them and shrug. Besides, beating Kevin Federline is probably the most responsible thing Britney’s done in her entire life.


  1. Yourfairytale

    This is hilarious. First of all, it’s obviously made up…otherwise why wouldn’t he have mentioned it earlier? Second, even if she had actually beaten him, he certainly deserved it.

  2. jorge


  3. stelahh

    yikes…this crap is like the dregs of a supermarket cup of coffee

  4. Financial Wizard

    I hope she has set up a Trust Fund for those two kids because it would be nice for them to profit off her for all their misery when she dies penniless in a few years. On the other hand, if she doesn’t leave them anything, they can always make a mint off of writing stupid tell-all books.

  5. danielle

    whatev, I def think her outfit looks cool.

  6. Mr. Bubble


  7. jlo

    i’ll give her props, her hair has been lookin a lot better

  8. Habitual Line Stepper

    Sure #55, but when you turn 7, you’ll realize how ridiculous she looks.

  9. Ript1&0

    @50 – Is a 3-holer like a 3-bagger or a 3-ringer? haha.. Ok I guess you’d have to be Cajun or live in Oakland to get those. Or be inside my head.

  10. Emily

    Lookin good Brit-Brit!!! Check it out, even on the sites filled with anonymous bitter haters, they have to admit that you’re sexy! Hahahahahaha! Joke’s on them!!!

  11. Sexy Brit !


  12. lux

    #55: Where do you shop? The junoirs section of Walmart?

  13. lux

    Good one 58

  14. MrSemprini

    Where can I sign up to beat K-Fed? And, from a scientific stand-point, women are considered to be fat when their arm circumference equals 3 times the circumference of their wrist. Absolutely true. Documented by scientists. Really. Oh, and when the back of the arm jiggles. That’s documented, too. Says, “jiggles”.

  15. veggi

    “Ok I guess you’d have to be Cajun or live in Oakland to get those.”

    Still wouldn’t work, because then I’d put a bullet in my head right away.

  16. danielle

    well, im 23 and graduated Magna Cum Laude
    and her outfit looks cool to me

  17. Habitual Line Stepper

    Oh Shit! the kids are home from school! Run quickly, or you’ll read the dumbest misspelled shit possible. Fuck you US education system.

  18. lux

    I would rather see her in the cowboy boots then peep toes with those nasty feet!

    So like I go into this like salon place, yknow
    And I wanted like to get my toenails done
    And the lady like goes, oh my god, your toenails
    Are like so grody
    It was like really embarrassing
    Shes like oh my god, like bag those toenails
    Im like sure…
    She goes, uh, I dont know if I can handle this, yknow…
    I was like really embarrassed…

    -”Valley Girl” Frank Zappa

  19. danielle

    i shop at :
    banana republic
    Charlotte Rusee
    Urban Outfitters
    and Target
    …. Im pretty sure this outfit is not from walmart
    it is way better than how she normally dresses!

  20. Habitual Line Stepper

    #66 From high school right? So what was it like to finally not have to go back to school this fall?

  21. veggi knows where her troll lives

    65- I don’t get it. Kinda like sex for you.

  22. jrzmommy

    Danielle, what does graduating magna cum laude have to do with anything? You can be the smartest fake innernet persona in the world and still have no style.

  23. Vince Lombardi

    No telling when these photos were shot, but the pathetic thing is: no matter how bad her press gets, no matter how bad her custody issues get — this broad CANNOT stay under the radar for a nano-second! She feeds on this. This is what makes her truly sick. A “normal” Britney would think: “Hmm, Brit…. I have been humiliated on MTV, I have every aspect of my life in front of a lens – from my kids to my kootch, maybe I just need to get out of LA for 15 minutes or so. Go home with Momma, eat chikkin-fried whatever, and make all the camera-holding people with those flashie thingies think I’m not interested in having my picture taken.” Instead, this broad decides to don her latest Wal-Mart reject she calls a wardrobe and her pie-plate sized sunglasses and waddles out so she can generate more press.

    Is there ANYONE who doesn’t think this dame is the poster child for mental illness?

  24. Tara

    britney is da bst performer on da planet she’s beautiful and a fantastic singer she’s got really bad press lately which is disgusting because she’s learning to be a mom for god sake! how would u lk it if ppl sed dat bout ur mom? die haterz die!!!

  25. Kazam!

    you shop from tacky mall stores, Danielle. I wouldn’t brag about any of those places. Grow up.

  26. jrzmommy

    What Danielle means to say is that she owns clothes from those places that she’s picked up from Curb Alerts on Craig’s List.

  27. veggi

    Look, I’ll rip this bitch a new one – who am I kidding, 1000 new ones – but don’t call her fat. My thighs are twice as big and I’m definitely not fat.

  28. veggi

    um, tara, you aren’t texting, mmmm k? and most of us are older than 12 and don’t appreciate that kind of teen lingo.

  29. MHS

    britney’s outfit is kinda cute
    it’s not a ball gown or a chanel suit
    it isn’t what everyone else wears when they are trying to be stylish ( skinny jeans and tennis shoe slippers )

  30. I’d pay to watch Britney and Jamie-Lynn beat the crap out of Kevin on Pay Per View! Get onto that TV producers.

  31. Beautiful Deaf Girl

    I think she is the Anti-Christ.

    I like Wal-Mart. I shop there and other places, and I look cute. Britney looks like she gets her clothes out of people’s garbage cans.

  32. Markus

    As a guy, I hear a lot from women about men being macho, aggressive, insensitive, hurtful, you name it – it’s fair game on guys, you can say anything publicly and not worry about having to apologize (just look at the daytime talk shows). So it gives me smile to see a transcript here of women showing how they take the knives out on one another. One thing, though – no more comments, ever again, about how pictures of thin models and actresses “cause” eating disorders, please? We’re seeing the process right here, as girls bash each other about appearances. Talk about superficial…

  33. Italian Stallion

    Really? Everyone leave Danielle alone, I mean she shops at…….

    banana republic
    Charlotte Rusee
    Urban Outfitters
    and Target……..

    She’s got enough problems…….

  34. MHS

    it’s ok daniele, i see you are saying you are not 7 and you don’t shop at walmart.
    i like urban outfitters too.

  35. Italian Stallion

    Plus the poor bitch had to graduate with Mega Cum on her, and she’s only 23………

  36. meemo

    As long as I dont have to look at her loose meat, I care not what Britney wears. As far as beating K-fed, well, he’s k-fed.

  37. Italian Stallion

    Full disclosure: I’m writing now only after rubbing one out to these pictures. I know it’s wrong for a retard to make you splooge, but what can I say? I like big butts and I cannot lie.

  38. Habitual Line Stepper

    #84 Who the fuck are you? I seriously doubt that even Danielle would go to the school for the learning disabled looking for her knight in shining armor.

  39. Italian Stallion

    @87 Pretty weak………. Guess it’s still stupid as fuck in here. I remember when this place was funny…………

    You can do that shit all you want, it doesn’t bother me. I say what I want and then roll out……..

    Later fucker…………

  40. Italian Stallion

    74- someone else that speaks britney! woo hoo!

  41. KamUK

    Who wouldn’t wanna hit KFed? he cheated and he would probably have died if he’d been with me. A uy like K Fed and that fake ghetto gangster rapper thing I would want to bury an icepick in his skull.

  42. veggi

    I hate this place TOO I.S.!!! Take me with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. BunnyButt

    Britney: “Hay-ell! Ah don’t know wah I cain’t beat them key-ids! The bay-est way to shut them bray-ets up is to whack ‘em upside the hay-ed!!” *stubs cigarette out on Preston’s noggin.*

  44. BunnyButt

    And for all of you gushing over her shirt, you might notice in pic 8 how filthy it is.

  45. Trey Parker

    Sorry – that was Cartman trolling @ 89: “Whatever, whateva, I do what I want!”

  46. Ript1&0

    We’d be helluv glad to do that for you.

  47. What, I’d beat his ass just for PooZao

  48. Italian Stallion

    shit, typo in #89, I meant to write: “I say what I want and then roll out…in my Members Only jacket.”

  49. veggi

    I hate PoopooZao as much as I do trolls and warm beer and close standers. and people that blow their nose in public.

  50. Mandy

    In the old days, Britney used to be the greatest idol of all for teen girls, and that was horribly damaging because of her impossibly skinny-but-curvy body. Here she looks the way an idol should: healthy. I’m not surprised that the brainwashed masses are calling her fat and unattractive. They’re a major part of the problem.

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