Britney Spears domestically abused Kevin Federline

October 10th, 2007 // 184 Comments

An insider tells Life & Style that Britney Spears beat Kevin Federline “several times during their marriage,” and that’s why K-Fed asked the judge to order her not to use corporal punishment on Sean and Jayden. A source from Britney’s camp denies the rumor, saying:

“This is just another attempt to make Britney look like a bad mom.”

Has the guy from Britney’s camp been asleep for the past two years? Attempting to make Britney look like a bad mom is like trying to prove that Hitler was kind of a dick. Your entire case could be to just point at them and shrug. Besides, beating Kevin Federline is probably the most responsible thing Britney’s done in her entire life.


  1. becky


  2. jimy



    That Stupid Skank Is Still Coming Out In Public!!!!!

  4. becky

    doesnt he kind of deserve it though?

  5. Sara

    Oh my God. It’s like face-pain just reading this site. I think Britney Spears has to be viewed with a slight pinch of salt. I doubt any of us know about her as a person. All these things that we see her doing, it’s tabloid manipulation half the time. If you really want to vehemently hate somebody, as people so obviously want to, hate the newspapers. They are the biggest liars out there. With regards to Britney’s music, it’s all to do with personal opinion people. If someone loves “Gimme More” and thinks it has a funky beat, why can’t they think that? Why bother to come on this site if you’re just going to belittle it? Hatred can stem from envy or jealousy, or pure hatred. Britney’s not got the most amazing voice, but jesus christ, have you heard half the entire entertainment industry? Britney should be seen as a performer; she puts on one hell of a show. If you don’t want to see it, don’t. It’s as simple as that.

  6. Ted from LA

    She must be tougher than she looks. Are they sure it wasn’t her sister?

  7. Aura

    We are country…. y’all…. that’s how my momma raised me…

  8. jrzmommy

    By “beat” he meant “refused to fill up the Ferrari she gave me”.

  9. brandon b


    Hell yeah she is tough!
    she has always been athletic looking!

  10. GoAwayPlease

    At least those beat-to-shit brown boots are nowhere to be seen. They should file a domestic abuse claim as well.

  11. DAVID

    she isn’t stick thin
    but she is lookin pretty damn good to me
    her legs have a great shape

  12. Bigheadmike

    There are major problems there. Both are not capable of parenting. Someone needs to spank her!!!

  13. Pete

    WTF?! Why are some guys saying she looks hot here? She’s looking FAT, not hot. True, she’s looked even fatter in other pictures, but she’s obviously still larded out in these.

  14. mrs.t

    I’m about to file my own domestic abuse case against Britney. Every day I sit here in my domocile, being smacked around by images of her tore-up mug. I’ve had it. She’ll be heaing from my team of lawyers at Acciani, O’Connor, and Lickmyass.

  15. IWONKY

    Her last “show” sucked and that is the opinion of most of the world. Duh.

  16. Auntie Kryst

    Stupid fucktard. If she wants to be photographed shopping, she should be at a Baby Gap or a toy store, not buying more useless crap for herself.

  17. veggi

    I like her outfit. fuck, I need a drink.

  18. shanipie

    Those who know me, know I never compliment BSpears. But, is it just me or does she not look that bad in these pics? Maybe she should diet for a month solid and work her ass off at the gym, she def has the potential to get in shape.

  19. Is there anything else going on in the world beside Britney?

  20. IWONKY

    How does someone continuously fuck up? On Purpose.

  21. dana

    she looks cute
    sometimes i think she kinda has a cool style, but her clothes just don’t fit properly, or her hair looks TOO crappy, but im liking this.

  22. IWONKY

    Crash and Burn or Do Porn Brit . Make up your mind.

  23. Julie

    Why are we even writing about such mindless crap? Here’s the undeniable truth: there’s genius in the fact that we all know who she is when she can’t sing, dance (anymore), act, speak clearly, wear clean clothes (including undies), and bathe. Weird society we live in eh? A global religious war is just beginning and we’re writing about Britney!?!

  24. Sammy

    she DOES look good here!

  25. Jamie-Lynn Spears


  26. ginniffer

    whew, im glad she took off the boots,
    looking at her in them was making MY feet sweat.
    her legs looking kinda hot here too.

  27. Superevil

    3 Brit stories all on the front page? Did Paris die? Get some new material for fuck sakes.

  28. 20-20 and straight

    Cute? Hot? Those are jokes, right? Look at picture 6 – enough fat for 4 thighs (and a wing). Pork on the hoof.

  29. Nicole Richie


    the shoes
    the legs
    the hair
    the hat
    the shirt
    the jacket
    the purse
    the shorts
    …… good job britney!! keep it up!

  30. jrzmommy

    Okay, K-Fag….quit while you’re ahead. He’s so fucking stupid that he’ll start to come out with shit like, And she used to shove things up my ass and make me dress like a ballerina and I got pictures to prove it!!!

  31. Derrick

    #28, looks like muscle to me. looks kinda good too. not SKINNY
    but not too fatty, looks kinda toned… overall not bad
    am I WAY wrong?

  32. JohnsWorld

    #23 I concur with your premise about the genius of her marketing. (amazing how easily it is for a mediocre talent to garner such celebrity. Though I wouldn’t want her notoriety for all the tea in China)

    As to the global religious war vs Brit… it is all about priorities. (Well actually more about how much easier to discern Brit in black and white while the current problems affecting the world are much harder to comprehend and find a workable solution.

  33. miggs

    he’ll do that after he steals one of TT’s family albums

  34. Josh81

    #23, you are an idiot
    this website is called ” THESUPERFICIAL”
    thus is will contain SUPERFICIAL posts

    britney is lookin kinda cute to me right here

  35. Janice

    Obviously Kevin doesn’t know how an orgasm should be faked. He had everybody convinced, and now he’s starting with the over-the-top screaming.

  36. William D.

    “#23, you are an idiot
    this website is called ” THESUPERFICIAL”
    thus is will contain SUPERFICIAL posters”


  37. james

    i’d hit it
    ( and im being serious )

  38. jrzmommy

    Hey, Julie….you need to lighten up……here……this always puts a smile on my face……….

  39. hill

    oh good lord when did K-fed get a vagina? Shut your face you little spoiled baby-maker. She should have given him a Lorena Bobbitt…

  40. How much do think that guy paid for his sweatshirt? At least $100? I’m getting some white out right now and heading to LA with a business plan and a dream!

  41. Ript1&0

    You know KFed wanted that beating… really REALLY bad. Like the bitch that he is.

  42. lux

    Good Good, even people with bad taste can put together some semblance of an outfit, even if it is a bad oufit. The things she wears aren’t can’t even be considered that, the are always a jumble of the ugliest pieces and accessories ever. She is like a 4 year old that wants to dress themselves.

  43. lux

    I won’t wear open toed shoes if my toes aren’t pristine. With all her money there is no excuse for that. Get a fucking manicure bitch.

  44. Elizabeth

    #38 – here’s another:

    It’s much funnier seeing him as the developmentally disabled person that he was. While living wheelchair-bound in a residential home he grabbed a nurse’s butt and she insisted on full prosecution. Ohio had a program requiring release of info and photos for convicted sex offenders. So he became a laughingstock. Pretty funny indeed, especially to kind-hearted moms.

  45. meee

    you are right lux #42
    BUT i think this outfit looks kinda fun, i like it with the hat, i like how the shirt laces in the back, and the shoes flatter her legs i think.
    this is one of her better days.

  46. Kelly

    of COURSE she did!

    What the fuck is next Kevin? Did she molest the kids??? Or would making that up be going to far? Lets wait and see shall we

  47. Biff

    This KFed comment reminds me of the David Cross routine where he talked about being visited by the Virgin Mary…”and then…then…she raped me” (bursts out crying).

  48. jrzmommy

    Elizabeth……this one’s a riot, unless of course you take into consideration the true, sad story of Professor Mon Kee…….he was a PhD who grabbed a lab assitant’s ass and was sold to a circus.

  49. George

    Who really cares about this dame. She has one-foot-in-the-grave already. I really don’t know how she can live with herself. I guess that is where all the drugs come in.

  50. Only beating on K-Fed?

    Was that all she did, beat on K-Fed? I think she did more than that, I think she probably sucked on him too, and put other parts of his anatomy inside parts of her anatomy, maybe even all three holes! Britney is a 3-holer!!!

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