Britney Spears’ visitation remains suspended

January 14th, 2008 // 102 Comments

The court upheld it’s suspension of Britney Spears visitation rights today. Another hearing is scheduled for February 19. The judge heard testimony from several witnesses including first responders to Britney’s house during her standoff. The media was initially allowed into the hearing, but the judge barred them before any testimony could be given, according to the Associated Press:

Court spokesman Allan Parachini said those who testified were two Los Angeles police officers; Paula Strong, the court-appointed monitor who was present for the visit at Spears’ home; Lisa Hacker, a parenting coach who has been working with Spears and Federline; and Lonnie Jones, the bodyguard who went to the home to get the children.

Britney Spears, who legally was not required to attend, did show up briefly at the courthouse then quickly left. Mark Vincent Kaplan addressed the media shortly after the hearing but refused to answer questions:

“The word victory is not something Mr. Federline or his counsel would ascribe to this. There is no joy. This is a grave situation for all,” Kaplan said.
Although Federline thought the ruling was correct, Kaplan said, “his goal, his hope for the future is at some point he will be able to parent the children with the participation of their mother.”

What an incredibly huge load of shit. If Kevin Federline has any future plans for Britney seeing the kids, it involves her locked in a cage in his garage. Actually, I’m not even supposed to say anything, but he’s already faxed the judge some estimates on a cage. I hear the judge is thinking it over, but he’s mainly afraid to make “the most logical and awesome ruling in the history of law.”


  1. Thank god someone has sense.

  2. The judge that is.

  3. Missystar


  4. #3, owned bitch. I got TWO comments in before you did.

  5. harpua

    ew, look at the way he is grabbing her arm!

  6. Ally

    Poor Brit, she is digging her own hole..
    She has money,fame,she is young,pretty…beautiful kids I wonder what does she want in live?

  7. Allie

    I love how he’s pulling her by her wrist while she looks all dazed and confused.

  8. Minkku

    How Federline can afford Kaplan? Mayhe he shares Britney’s money with him, after they manage to convince her to commit suicide?
    What exactly has B. ever done to those kids, to be called such a horrible mother?
    If the law really (c’mon ?) requires that a parent cannot drink alcohol, ever, then where’s Kev’s test results?

  9. coach_d

    February 19! If she doesn’t off ‘erself first…. fa!

  10. coach_d

    February 19! If she doesn’t off ‘erself first…. fa!

  11. zz

    holy hard nipple batman!

  12. haroof

    wow are there enough fast food grease stains on that top?

    she looks so far gone it’s sad.

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  14. hausfrau

    Every day I say to myself, “self? Britney could not look any more white trash-ish than she does today.” And every day she surprises me by being more filthy and disgusting than the day before. And now she speaks with a British accent! Oh, she is fun!!!!!

  15. TS

    Missy, why is it not uncommon for you to write “first?” One would think that you’d be over it by now. Quit acting 13. Just some friendly advice.

  16. Pablo

    That outfit is amazing! I didn’t know that such a bright red shade of lipstick could match so well with a grease-stained purple t-shirt and cutoff jeans! That pink pair of space-moccasins and the alien-bug sunglasses totally complete the ensemble. Brit also receives extra bonus points for going bra-less too.) Sweet!!

  17. w

    damn, home girl’s wardrobe is HURTIN’. Also, note how he NEVER holds her hand, it’s always the wrist grip, *sigh* it must be true love after all..

  18. w

    damn, home girl’s wardrobe is HURTIN’. Also, note how he NEVER holds her hand, it’s always the wrist grip, *sigh* it must be true love after all..

  19. auzzie

    Hey Pablo, you forgot the shit stain on the pink ‘boots’….

  20. W

    Shit, that’s what I get for being impatient and pushing submit twice. MY B, ha

  21. Helen

    Homegirl wore those same boots with the mocha splat on ‘em several months ago. They’d look like shit without the stains. Can’t someone force her to get help? Everything about her just screams, “The hell with y’all. Ah’ll dew wotever I wanna dew!” Really tragic that her children are eventually going to see this behavior.

  22. Victoria

    These two bastards look like they’re wearing the same sunglasses. Anyway, more disturbing than her singular erect nipple and apparent aversion to bras and, possibly, deodorant is the aforementioned spattering of diarrhea on the top of her shoe (which is REALLY doesn’t pair well with coochie cutters purchased from the Goodwill in Compton).

  23. Do_Freebird

    Say what you will about the bitch, but damn, she knows fashion.

    DIrty, wrinkled, Stench emitting from the ass cut-offs. DIrty, wrinkle, stained, stench emitting from the arm pits and Dirty, snow boots being worn in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Oh and don’t forget the Giant, smelly, disgusting stain that has a death grip on her right arm.

    I’ve seen Bums in the Iron Bound section of Newark who look better than her.

  24. juniper

    IT’s too hard to dress like an adult, Brit?

  25. Madison

    She beginning to look like one of those Bratz Dolls with the weird puckered lips, and would the rest of you please stop calling those things on her feet boots – they are house slippers. Really, you’d have thunk that y’all were brought up in a barn.

  26. Anyone else love the URL for this post?

  27. cree

    she just won’t wear a bra

  28. It’s quite funny to see that she wants to look sexy but she just shows her mental condition this way:
    btw, including her nipples!!

  29. hairdressertothestars

    She now looks totally detached from the real world. You can tell she just isn’t there anymore.

  30. Jim

    His little soul strip is a bit off to the left. He needs to center it.

  31. Dee

    What a shame. Those kids will never bond with her, and sadly she never boded enough with them to give a shit she won’t be seeing them for the next month.

  32. whataloo

    she leaked period blood all over her boots.gross.

  33. bc language

    ba! bad influence & brit has a bad rack O! girl you so not da bomb!

  34. storm

    its down right shamefull that anyone would let this walking disaster out of the house looking like that,.. and to think our children have been watching this circus freak as far back as the mickey mouse club?!!! if she is such a bad person that she can’t take care of her self to care for her OWN kids what the hell are we doing so she doesn’t scarr one of ours?if she really does need help and i think she does someone is going to have to intervien some how before she winds up killing herself in front of those babies at a visit or doing a more unthinkable act because she can’t have them back in full custody. there needs to be a judge with enough balls to say when enough is enough and court order her to be hospitalized until further notice or until she is well,… this is no way to handle a situation like this and i hope some one does something soon before she really does blow up and hurt someone,.. coddling her because she’s a “star” is complete b.s wake up and take action ,.. somebody!!!

  35. Say It Isn't So

    Et tu, oh Fishy one? Please be so kind as to fix the it’s/its foible at the beginning of this article. Many thanks.

  36. Wow, nipples.

  37. AnonymousPerson

    This picture was taken in STUDIO CITY, (Los Angeles) California.
    I was there and I saw Britney walk out of the restaurant “Gaucho Grill”. A bunch of pathetic girls yelled “I LOVE YOU BRITNEY!!!”

  38. Will


  39. justtheobvious


  40. thetruth

    yesh! #33

  41. Z

    There are just so many words one could use to describe her, some vile, others outrageous, still others plain old rude.

    But there are no words for her that are more apropos or as bad as these two: BAD MOTHER. As of today she is officially a social pariah.

  42. I dunno, Brit looks pretty hot in this pic. I’d bang her even if she spoke in tongues and downed a Twinkie during orgasm.

    PS: Brit needs to dump the ugly dude with the ass hair on his chin and step up to this!





  45. EuroNeckPain

    @25: those are house slippers ? You mean igloo splippers, right ?

    Have you noticed that this Adnan guy seems to have seized the opportunity to renew his wardrobe ? Aren’t these designer glasses ? Anyway, I notice a big difference with the first photos, where he had old dirty boots and a pitiful looking woolen hat.

  46. There’s poop on her shoe.

  47. miss_sweden

    She needs a wash.

  48. abdo

    Please Everyone Have Some Mercy On Her….

  49. beauty

    Believe or not, Britney will still rock the year 2008. I am big Britney fan. Just saw her profile on millionaire dating site called last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

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