Britney Spears does a bunch of crazy stuff

Britney Spears demonstrated this weekend that the crazy train is at full throttle. She wore the top of her wedding dress while car shopping with Adnan Ghalib. Then she was spotted at an L.A. mall looking super classy (above). On top of that, it’s reported that Britney has a master plan to get her kids back: Fake her own death. News of the World reports:

“She’s been discussing all these wacky plans to reinvent her life and convince the courts she is a good mother. She has discussed in depth a fake death, moving abroad and even plastic surgery. It is scary to hear her romanticise about these insane plans.

“She believes she could spend six months away and make a comeback as Britney the world’s best mother.”

Britney is also looking to take her relationship with Adnan to the next level. In fact, she’s even learning his language, according to The Sun:

Britney — who has started talking in a strange British accent — is said to be keen to marry Ghalib after a whirlwind two-week romance.

Britney Spears probably thinks she’ll show up in court today and wow the judge with her new British accent: “Right-o, judge, me speaking like them smart people. I am, I am.” At that point, I think the judge has legal grounds to give Britney the death sentence. Then he’ll chomp down on a cigar and say “Fake this, fool.” Did I mention the judge is also Mr. T?

Photos: Splash News