Britney Spears disappoints at VMAs – gasp!

September 10th, 2007 // 399 Comments


  1. vixen

    Yeahh that was just so sad. I feel sorry for her.

  2. zenia

    the main thing isn’t that we are makung fun of her becuase she’s fat or whatever…it’s because this bitch gets paids millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars for pitiful performances and club openings…she is a washed up has been …give the new people with real talent a chance. oh and her hair was disgusting…try to be a professional instead of some white trash ho..but maybe that’s too much to ask of Britney, y’all

  3. @117 You are mistaken LadyJane. Your fart smelled much better than Britney’s performance

  4. steve-o

    sarah silverman sucks

  5. LadyJane

    Thanks, Texas Tranny, I love me too.

  6. NH

    Actually she looks good and the hair is perfect. You guys just like to trash other people, because you don’t have mirrors at home. That’s the painful truth

  7. Britney is not fat! Just Flab!

    mkay. Britney Spears is not fat, she is just flabby for hollywood. Plus she used to be a sex-symbol so people require more from her. She isn’t in that bad of shape for a regular woman, but for someone who is in show buisness…she looked sick, drunk, lathargic. Pretty much what people say here.

    Her performence was ok at first, then in the end she crashed. Don’t count her out yet, she should just disappear from public eyes for about 4-5 months get in shape, counseling. and be happy.

    As with her kids she has nannies to take care of her kids! she doesn’t need to be with them at this point! Its not like children at that young age tell the difference between a nanny or a mother. cept breast milk.

  8. Lindsay

    Gugh! Everytime Britney flipped her hair or turned around, a little piece of me died… Why didn’t she pull her hair back or ask someone else (besides her boys) to attach the extensions?

  9. beverly penn

    Yep, only Alicia Keyes – she rocked. Britney – it was sad, when the cameras panned the audience it was even sadder.

  10. @101/97

    101? God, people like you really piss me off! Assholes like you is why this goddam country is falling apart! fine? Good? So goddam glad you settle in to mediocrity so easily. Christ! That performance wasn’t even mediocre, it was fucking awful! I bet getting D’s in school is fine and dating some jobless loser off the street is good with you? People like you make me want to puke.

    97? Bet you’re into pregnant chicks. fucking loser!

  11. Noelle

    omg… that was horrible… couldn’t stop laughing. There were times she just stopped lip synching all together. This girl needs to face reality… she’s washed up… drop the singing and go find something else to do! Stop trying to punish the masses!!!

  12. Moopie

    Pic 13. Do I spy a Tara Reid tummy?

  13. happyhandsclub

    It’s pretty pathetic that someone can be that fat after getting lipo. Can you imagine how fat she really would be if she didn’t get lipo?

    Putting the horrible “performance” aside, the song was one of the worst songs I ever heard in my life. Could it get any more simple and repetitive? I could not imagine having that song play in my house or in my car and enjoy it. Who really listens to that kind of music anyway?

  14. Jess

    Christina is 5 months pregnant and her gut is smaller.

  15. Kelly

    One quote comes to mind after watching this performance. It’s from the movie “Hope Floats”, when Justin says to Birdee:

    “You used to be so bodacious, Birdee. What happened to you?”

    Now, don’t get me wrong….I don’t agree with everyone who keeps saying Britney’s fat. She’s not as thin as she used to be, but she certainly doesn’t qualify or deserve being told she is fat…she’s far from it. The fact is that she just doesn’t seem to care. The girl makes $700,000 a month and pays $25,000 a night for her hotel suite but apparently won’t fork out money for a top hair stylist. There’s no reason for her hair to look so shitty. Did she weave that herself before the show?

    You know what she should have done? She should have removed the extensions and punked out her short hair ALA Madonna circa “La Isla Bonita”. That would have been far more effective in a positive way.

    Why is her career over? Because this was an incredible opportunity for her to take this hideous life of hers and turn it around and she took it for granted. She clearly didn’t rehearse. She clearly didn’t even TRY to dance or sing. She partied every night despite her promises to MTV to take this seriously. She just doesn’t have any life in her. Her eyes are dead…look at her “Slave For You” performance and then look at this….it’s like she’s had the life sucked out of her. The only thing I know of that can take the life out of a person like that is tranquilizers or some other kind of prescribed drug….years ago Stevie Nicks said that her addiction to cocaine did not ruin her career because she could still work….it was her addiction to Klonopin that ruined her career because it zapped the life out of her and took away all her energy.

    Assuming her money is invested and she’s able to continue making a living on the interest of her investments, Britney needs to buy a farm somewhere in Louisiana and raise her boys there and call it a day. Her 15 minutes are up.

  16. The song was pretty good and 50 Cent was just looking at all the women. These people are champions ’cause they are pulling down the money while you sneak peeks at the superficial on the public computer terminal at the post office you work in. Why don’t you get behind the counter and service the customers you lazy losers?

  17. Bugman4045

    “31. Chivas Regal – September 10, 2007 9:54 AM
    She’s not fat you dimwitted fucks!”

    Look, when you jump around on stage in (essentially) a bikini, you better have some distinction among the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips!
    Brit is barrel shaped.
    Also, tattooing little crosses at the edges of your C-section doesn’t make it sexy.

  18. fdsj

    the guy whose crotch she grabs is hot

  19. Alex H

    that was terrible! she didn’t even put any effort in!!

  20. Ouch. That made me really sad. Like watching Anna Nicole Smith stumble around on stage.

  21. swan

    A while back I posted and said she should just retire, live off of the interest ($) and just fucking relax! Have a good time with the kids, do yoga, be a mom and just enjoy it! How hard is that? She doesn’t look like her old self and shouldn’t be trottin around in undies on stage on national/international TV but she looks really good for a mom who had two kids in under two years. She should use that as a positive and start dressing sleek and stylish and just give up the bubble pop tart career. Just have short hair and get a cute cut….people would be more excited about her shedding the pop tart image and becoming a unique authentic person and changing her life than this junk. Too many people here are getting mad about her being fat…I see it as her not being HAPPY or in the right field anymore. NOBODY with kids should sing about that stuff or dress like that.
    We don’t need another Madonna…i wish she would quit, too. Even though she is skinny, she still SUCKS big time.

  22. jugger

    gawd, she’ll probably go off the deep end…even more…now. What a mess I foresee a lame attempted suicide soon from her, but then Criss Angel will magically heal her wounds thus saving Britney for her Vegas comeback with Celine Dion.

  23. Chivas Regal

    Most Etheopians are fat by Hollywood standards! Lets face facts, all you people saying she’s fat like little boy bodies on women!!!
    Yet the fact is most of you are Yanks who are the fattest people in the world! Infact as you were typing how ‘fat’ Britney is you were all proberbly slurping on a Gallon size coke to wash down the 12 double cheeseburgers (one for each chin)
    You’ve just been brainwashed to think fake is good!, yeah maybe you put a man on the moon but no other fucker was trying!!! We Brits didn’t try cus there was no-one there to conquer!

  24. Riotboy

    That performance made my eyes sad.

    /”I’m Britney, bitch!”

  25. Nina

    Look at any other celebrity who has had a kid and who is older than Shitney with just as much, maybe less, money. They’re back to their pre-pregnancy weight and mindset. NOT THAT I THINK THESE PEOPLE ARE TALENTED OR GOOD LOOKING but these people look like they did BEFORE SHITTING OUT kids and they are older: Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, Maggie Gyllenhaul, Kerri Russel, etc. They were in shape before just like this idiot and managed to get it back but why cant this hag get it together? She’s got the money and the time, she’s just lazy and that post-pardom depression/ bi-polar disorder is taking over… someone should tell her that the way to control that is the correct prescription drugs, not Xanex, Coke or Red Bull and Vodka

  26. YouRang

    I heard that wasn’t even Britney Spears. It was just some look alike MTV found early Sunday. They taught her to sing and dance because Britney was all fucked up and vomiting, pissing, and shitting herself in a ditch somewhere.
    It’s hard to feel sorry for some talentless white trash jackass, that’s worth a couple hundred million dollars because they were chosen to be the marketing product of some predatory record label that preys on the stupidity of US teenagers.

  27. Phy

    Dear Superficial:

    Thank you! Now my mental dictionary has a visual definition for the word “tawdry”.

  28. JoeRod

    I actually had to cringe when I watched this. Who is she trying to be now? I can’t figure out who’s career has went down faster. Michael Vick or Britney Spears? At least Michael Vick will make a comeback!

  29. Nina

    She’s not fat, she’s just thicker some how and needs to tighten up. No matter how much exercising she does I don’t think that ass or thighs will get smaller; sure she was built like a footfall player to begin with, with that thick nect and shoulders but didn’t the lower half seem to get just thicker after kid 2? God, I never want a kid if it turns my body into a runningback!


    I’m sorry.. but the Sarah Silverman commentary was, actually, AFTER her performance.. it’s soooooo stupid to blame her.. FACE IT, IDIOTS, BRITNEY IS DONE and OVER!

  31. Niamh

    HATERS!!! i mean like she is just sooo fat rite? Like totally obese? i have never seen anyone that fat before!! She needs to get herself onto a pro ana site with the rest of you perfect people!! Man it must be hard being as perfect as all of you!!

  32. swan

    @ 126

    Kids “at this age” certainly DO know the difference between their mother and a NANNY. Jesus Christ, have you ever read a book? Those two kids are going to be so fucked just on the crappy treatment they have had so far. There is something called “attachment.” If you do not establish a good attachment to your child and vice- versa your child will actually be more insecure and have deeper emotional problems as a result. THAT IS WHY THERE Are sooo many fucked up people on the planet! Cuz dumb asses like you think it’s ok to leave a baby with whomever and not the baby’s own parent, shove a bottle in it’s mouth and leave it in a crib for hours while it cries! I was a nanny…it’s a bad situation when a parent leaves an infant with someone else for days on end….NOT good.

  33. lambman

    Honestly, she was hardly the wrost thing about that tavisty of an award show. The whole things was a mess from start to finish, and there were MANY moments more cringe worthy.

    yeah, it was half-assed at best, but the rest of the show seemed to be put together by a retarded monkey with add

  34. shanipie

    Yes, its all Sarah Silverman’s fault.

    Funny, I thought we were done blaming the jews for everything.

    Brit Brit (shakes a finger in disapproval)

  35. lambman

    ps she’s not FAT in the general sense she is just WAY TOO FAT FOR THAT OUTFIT

  36. Her performance was great. By great I mean bad. By bad I mean shitty. By shitty, I mean fucked up.

  37. Dep

    I hate to admit she doesn’t look horrible there….but is it too much to ask after lip syncing the whole song for them to turn the microphone on at the end when she says “Thank you” ?????

  38. Gringer76

    I’m too lazy this morning to read all the comments, but did anyone else notice in the pics that one of her fake nails is missing? Just goes to show how professional this gal is…”Tacky Bee-dazzled bikini? CHECK! Bra strap showing? CHECK! Missing acrylic nail? CHECK! Hey ya’ll, I’m ready now! Let’s get this party started, ya’ll!”

    After all, she is from Louisiana! Yup, the redneck in her showed last night.

  39. Nina

    Ok, for all tose idiots who are defeding her because of fat comments how about this:

    She’s a bad parent, always out w/o kids, if she’s around them she’s a danger (cigarettes near their heads) there’s no way you can justify a lit ciggie near a kids head unless you’re just as white trash as she is and this is your “lifestyle” and how you were brought up.

    How many chances are you people going to give this trainwreck? You’re probably just as deranged as she is and lead misearable lives because you allow people to walk all over you by telling yourself “it’s just one, two…. twenty mistakes, they’ll come out of it” just like you do with your thoughts on this morons “career comeback”

    I can’t stand people who make excuses for actions that COMPETENT people know are unprofessional, dangerous, selfish, or just plain crazy

  40. ogirlie

    Why is she still around? Horrible dancing, fat, careless, high/drunk and lame all around. Bring on some real talent, please!

  41. jess

    its like she just walked on stage and said “yeah i’ll do this, why not” she had no pop! it was like 3 minutes of her just wondering around the stage. probably looking for cheetos.

  42. Ruff

    Does she a have a serious boot addiction or what?
    It may be time for an intervention.

  43. Nina

    @159, unfortunally MTV thinks talent involves remakes of Michael Jackson songs and Boy Bands corroborating songs with “rappers” who can’t “rap” the whole song and let the audience take over every few words

  44. jt

    oh. my. god

  45. Nina

    My favorite part was the stumble about 20 seconds into the performance,

    “Do I go left, do I go right? What were they telling me in rehersal after I had my 5th stiff drink and Criss Angel’s dick in my ass?”

  46. PrettyBaby

    My two cents for those who are DYING to know…

    She looked heavy… I mean yeah she isn’t obese or anything, but her choice of outfits was a fucking trainwreck, not only that… she was slow, clumsy and dull looking. Think back a few years, she used to be an excellent dancer. It was very, very bad and pathetic and she DID look too plump.

  47. jugger

    Man it must be hard being as perfect as all of you!!
    150. Niamh – September 10, 2007 11:54 AM

    Not really, but it definitely would be for you.

    …actually make that impossible, crist even I’m left in awe at my awesomeness.

  48. Dr. Phil

    To all the bitter fat girls:

    So about 10 years ago you walked into the living room and caught your boyfriend masturbating to a Britney Spears video. She crashed and burned 3 years ago, and you’ve been beating the dead horse ever since. It’s time to grow up, move on, get a new boyfriend, and try to accept yourself for who you are – not thin, not pretty, not successful, but maybe ok in some ways that a few people might find worthwhile. Stop binging on the bitterness. It’s only making you look childish and ugly.

  49. PrettyBaby

    I will say one other thing … I thought her skin looked very good and clear and her makeup was good.
    *ducks tomatoes thrown by evil Superfish folks*

  50. squirlgal1

    She has enough money, rather than actually perform, she should have hired a Britney look-a-like from one of those Las Vegas shows to do it for her.

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