Britney Spears designing children’s clothes

Britney Spears visited Ed Hardy offices yesterday to do some baby shower shopping for Jamie Lynn. But she also met with designer Christian Audigier to discuss a new children’s clothing line. While most people would be frightened of Britney near a sewing machine, the people at Ed Hardy were apparently drunk off their asses and decided to roll with it, according to People.

“She wants to work on a clothing line with Christian,” says Ed Hardy representative Nicole Irving, who adds, “it was a closed door meeting, but we will say that they are planning to do a children’s clothing line.” Spears sought out the former Von Dutch designer specifically to discuss the project, seeking his “flair on the line.” Irving explains, “I know the one thing she stressed, she loves and really respects Christian as a designer.”

Just what mothers of the world are clamoring for: clothing designed by Britney Spears. The girl knows fashion. Nothing says “Mommy’s little precious” like torn fishnets and Ugg boots on a two-year-old. Freaking adorable.

Photos: Flynet