Britney Spears denied ‘therapeutic visitation’

January 23rd, 2008 // 89 Comments

Britney Spears’ lawyers scheduled an emergency hearing today to allow Britney to have therapeutic visitation with her children. Britney initially showed up at the courthouse then bolted before the hearing began. This probably didn’t help her case because, in a quick decision, her request was denied. TMZ reports:

Sources told TMZ Brit wanted visitation restored in a “therapeutic setting” — meaning under the treatment of medical professionals — but that wasn’t gonna happen, especially since she never showed to make a plea. The Court noted Brit’s absence.

On a related note Mark Vincent Kaplan made the following remarks to People about Britney’s deposition:

We are going over things that are very, very gut-wrenching. Just to revisit them even in your own mind would not be pleasurable. It’s not something anyone would enjoy,” he says.”

I’ll assume, no doubt accurately, that Britney’s deposition consisted of her repeating over and over again the catchphrase for Fig Newtons in her new English accent: “It’s not a cookie, mother. It’s fruit and cake.” I actually can’t stop saying it right now. It’s not a cookie, mother. Sweet Moses! Excuse me while I pay a homeless man to kick me in the eye with his hobo boot. If my next post seems to heavily involve tin cans, the bastard stole my keys and left me for dead. Call the police. I don’t want him eating the last Toaster Strudel. I’ve got ten icing packets stored in my pillowcase; I cannot stress how important that is.*



  1. Still sick of Britney.

  2. FIRST you weepy cunts!

  3. The Ex

    RIP, Brit, RIP :(

  4. Donkey Ass

    And she’s gross

  5. And why does she have her shirt on backwards and inside out?

  6. Rachel

    What does this have to do with Heath???

  7. theShizaan

    She needs to be careful…that gut of her is catching up to her boobs

  8. Oh well…
    When it has to be… its just is :)

  9. fergernauster

    She just can’t stay inside, can she? EVER.

  10. Steve More like

    Can we go one day without multiple Britney stories? No one really cares about Britney Spears.. get over her… please!

  11. BunnyButt

    A few years ago, my brother, one of those old guys who lusted after an underage Britney, commented that the big difference between Britney and Madonna is that Britney is “a natural beauty” who doesn’t have to make any effort to be gorgeous, whereas Madonna is not naturally attractive and has to put a lot of effort into looking good (totally failing, of course, to take into account 1. the 20+ year age difference between the two, and 2. that he finds any female over 22 sexually repulsive). I asked him what he thinks of Brit now, and he refuses to discuss her. Damn, I find this so funny.

  12. The Office Whore

    What we’ve learned from Brit:

    When you eat Taco Bell everyday, you will have chronic side-of-the-mouth acne.

    mmmm, chronic!

  13. Sam

    I’m glad they denied the visitation. When a parent is a drugged-up irresponsible fucktard out partying and hooking up with a different degenerate person every month, the kid is better off not seeing the parent. In fact, the best solution would be for the parent to just fucking die, like we all wish for Britney.


  14. I hope PETA files a court order to get that dog taken away from her too.

  15. What an uncooperative being. She just behaves ridiculously. Again my sympathy is gone. I’ll save it for the children

  16. Awww, my stupid troll though it was first..

    I agree with office whore. If you ever go into a Taco Bell (which I don’t recommend) look at the counter people. Volcano city!!!!!

    Mmmm chronic..

  17. boinsie

    “I don’t want him to eating the last Toaster Strudel.”
    Really now, let’s some grammar using corretive, yes? XD

  18. Years ago I used to have lots of therapeutic visitations with Britney’s videos.

  19. ann

    That’s brintey spears. seems she is on It is a site for celebrities and millionaires to mingle. …It’s said she is writing a blog… I will check it.

  20. ann

    That’s brintey spears. seems she is on It is a site for celebrities and millionaires to mingle. …It’s said she is writing a blog… I will check it.

  21. #5 she can’t see with those ridiculous glasses on..

  22. Mike

    @18 Hey Jimbo, I am have a therapeutic visitation right now.

  23. Ann(us)

    That’s Britney Spears. Seems she’s on It’s a site for drugged-out sluts and assholes to prepare for sex during the afterlife. She seems very ready.

  24. AZ Cowgirl

    I like the pooooo-tang! And Mike, I’ll give you some having visitation right now. I bet your penis is more like a pussy, so I’d be more into it.

  25. bwahahaha..*snort*

    “It’s not a cookie, mother. It’s fruit and cake.”

    Sadly… Imagining her saying/doing this isn’t so hard!

    I guess now that she can’t see her kids, she’ll go home and make new little T@liban recruits with Adnan

  26. Auntie Kryst

    Will a dermatologist be on hand for the therapuetic meetings?

  27. Anonymous

    Bunny Butt,

    I think what your brother is currently going through is called “eating shit”.

  28. RosiesVaginaSap

    No other dogs are ever gonna play with that poor little mutt ever again. That fucker is tainted.

  29. Anonymous

    Hey ann:

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  30. RENEE...

    hahahahaha. Serves the spoiled bratt right. I feel sorry for her kids, but they really shouldn’t be around the media whore…I mean their mother…anyways until she cleans up her act (if that ever happens). All she seems to care about is herself. And WHY can’t she ever sit still and just stay home once in a while?! Oh, and wasn’t this meeting today called together because SHE requested it? Then she doesn’t fricken stay for it! What a joke. Why does she keep getting so many chances?! They should tell her to go blow until she can meet with them ON TIME , and grow the fuck up. NPFB…No pity for Britty

  31. Pangi

    We should order a ton of neck braces for when Britney dies and everybody pulls a 180 and writes “RIP” and says how sorry they feel for her boys, being deprived of a mother. Too bad death can only happen once, it seems to be the ultimate “get out of jail free” card for people who chose to live shitty lives.

  32. Mike

    Arizona Cowgirl!! Please rub your penis on me!!

  33. Zang

    #32 – I once heard a Vietnamese hooker say that.

  34. Sandy

    I’m pretty sure her pimples got visitation rights, but only in groups of 5.

  35. Mella

    I think her shirt is inside out and backwards.

  36. Rebecca

    why the hell is her shirt inside out?

  37. Rebecca

    why the hell is her shirt inside out and backwards????

  38. AfterHours

    Soon her nipples will be tucked inside her jeans. What a truly disgusting looking 26 year old girl. No more Britney postings please and thank you.

  39. brokebackKid

    i would gaze at unfitney while doing adnan in his filthy arab ass.

  40. LL

    The dipshit apparently thinks that court appearances are like concert appearances; if she doesn’t show up, they get rescheduled or canceled.

    RE the lawyer’s comment: “We are going over things that are very, very gut-wrenching. Just to revisit them even in your own mind would not be pleasurable. It’s not something anyone would enjoy.”

    Yeah, sitting in a room listening to people tell you what a fucking waste of space you are would be a bummer. No wonder she chose to skip that. That would actually indicate she has some sense of reality. That’s the generous interpretation.

  41. #41 I’d choose to skip that too! In fact I often do!

  42. Maya

    More importantly, is she wearing maternity-stretchy pants in these photos? They’re low cut jeans, with an interesting thick band around the belly . . .

  43. Mal Reynolds

    Therapeutic to whom?
    The healthiest thing for the kids would be if they never saw here again!

  44. Mella

    @40- Asked and answered. I thank you.

  45. Matthew

    please super fish no more miss redneck stories

  46. awsum

    I used to be so sick of her. I am truly sorry for her now she looks lost look at that pic. This is what happens in todays money obsessed world, money is not happyness look at all these people the are truly a mess. Heath seemed like a nice enough guy and he dies. Britney was to young for all this freedom and money and she never grew up, I just feel sorry for her and her kids. She should have stayed with Justin she would have been better off.

  47. Angelia

    You know, my first thought at seeing these pictures was this:

    What is WRONG with her lips???? That lipstick is so goddamn bright it looks like they are trying to jump off her face!!!

    Then I notices the inside-out-nipples-showing-through white shirt (EEWWW!!!) and totally forgot about the bad lip color she is sporting!

  48. BaldAsBritney

    And I though Paris Hilton calling her an “amazing mother” would have been good enough for the powers that be. Full custody restored ! The law is so fickle.

  49. Helena

    How many fucking dogs does this imbecile have?

    If she wasn’t a pop tart she would’ve lost custody of her kids by now….and I like to think all the dogs she’s gone through (sat on? Eaten? Killed?) too. I guess the fact that Dad is almost as messed up puts a brake on losing custody too.

    I hate this bitch. I pity her a little, b/c her family and her parents are repugnant…but…UGH. Poor kids.

    Britney keeps on rolling, probably the next Anna Nicole Smith, getting knocked up with one successive kid after the next and fucking them up….but a talented Heath Ledger dies and leaves a daughter/ex-wife he actually seemed to care for.

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