Britney Spears denied ‘therapeutic visitation’

Britney Spears’ lawyers scheduled an emergency hearing today to allow Britney to have therapeutic visitation with her children. Britney initially showed up at the courthouse then bolted before the hearing began. This probably didn’t help her case because, in a quick decision, her request was denied. TMZ reports:

Sources told TMZ Brit wanted visitation restored in a “therapeutic setting” — meaning under the treatment of medical professionals — but that wasn’t gonna happen, especially since she never showed to make a plea. The Court noted Brit’s absence.

On a related note Mark Vincent Kaplan made the following remarks to People about Britney’s deposition:

We are going over things that are very, very gut-wrenching. Just to revisit them even in your own mind would not be pleasurable. It’s not something anyone would enjoy,” he says.”

I’ll assume, no doubt accurately, that Britney’s deposition consisted of her repeating over and over again the catchphrase for Fig Newtons in her new English accent: “It’s not a cookie, mother. It’s fruit and cake.” I actually can’t stop saying it right now. It’s not a cookie, mother. Sweet Moses! Excuse me while I pay a homeless man to kick me in the eye with his hobo boot. If my next post seems to heavily involve tin cans, the bastard stole my keys and left me for dead. Call the police. I don’t want him eating the last Toaster Strudel. I’ve got ten icing packets stored in my pillowcase; I cannot stress how important that is.*