Britney Spears denied custody of her children

October 30th, 2007 // 66 Comments

Commissioner Scott Gordon has just issued his written ruling regarding the Britney Spears/Kevin Federline custody battle. Kevin Federline will maintain custody of the children while Britney is only allowed three visits a week. Two from 12 to 7 PM and one overnight visit. A parenting coach is still required to be present. Britney is also required to provide evidence that her pool is child-proof. TMZ reports:

In the order, the Commish wrote that when Britney has the kids, “the environment at the house ranged from chaotic to almost somber with little communication at all.” The Commish also recounts what the parenting coach complained of — that “during all three of my visits, Ms. Spears rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play.”

According to the report, the coach wrote, “It seems that [Britney's] choices are dependent more upon what she wants to do at any given time rather than what would be more enjoyable for the children.”

The coach also provided her final conclusion on Britney’s parenting:

“The problem is that unless Ms. Spears realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has [on] her children, nothing is going to be successful.”

Really? I thought the problem is that Britney Spears is a shitty mom who likes to show off her hoo-ha and drunkenly breast-feed her kids. But I guess we’ll go with what you said. About the consequences and stuff.


  1. jbird

    I had a friend back in highschool who really, really, REALLY wanted this cute pup she saw in a pet store. She bought it and about a week later she was tired of it because of all the trouble there was in keeping it. Her parents warned her that if she didn’t begin taking better care of the pup they would make her give it away. With that, she began DELIBERATELY neglecting the poor thing and acting as though she was the worst, stupidest pet owner ever. Her parents gave the pup away a couple of weeks afterwards. I’m just saying….

  2. PunkA

    Brit needs to just do what she does best, which is not being a parent. It is being a pin cushion and sperm bank to random guys she meets.

  3. MAKE CHOICES IN LIFE!! Or you want to be a full-size mother, or are you goning for the STARS? When you’re choosing the first option, it’s O.K., but we don’t ever want to see your face iagain in gossip-collums and all that shit!! Just NOTHING!! If you are choosing for the STARS you’re gonna give the absolute maximum for about ten “lonely” years. But it’s damn lonely out there, that’s for sure. But after that time you are allowed to give mum’s love to your kids. You simply can’t have all.

  4. RENEE Z....

    Perfect, she’s all set for her future job at medieval times.

  5. Dick Richards

    Fucking just deny Britney her kids for goddamn good. She doesn’t care. It’s like trying to get? I was going to try and make a witty analogy about Spears being like some type of animal but, that would be an utter disservice to the beautiful nature of, nature. Britney’s just a self-centered product. Her mother produced this derelict-of life. Now, no one tells Big-Britney what to do!

  6. Fritz

    Shitney is a media whore and will do anything to stay in the news. The paparazzi is stupid enough to follow her around town. She’s so deluded that she mistakes this attention as positive and there’s a new revelation every week. Next week, I’m sure it will be back to her “bi-curious” stage and she’ll generate more disgusting pictures of her hoohah and another fake lipstick lesbian.

  7. Matthew

    britney:: I am goin g to starbuck git me some coffee dang it where’s my cheetoes I hope brandine goes to the store find me some funyuns and cheetoes to with my starbucks and moonshine..Court Officer:;trainwreck

  8. Mike

    What excuse will everyone give when she hurts one of these children??? Save their lives and keep her away!!!

  9. jbird

    QUESTION FOR ALL YANKS: Is “your” now an accepted spelling for “you’re” here in the states? Not only is it spelled that way a jillion times in this thread alone, but in practically every blog you come across. I first noticed it about 5 years ago when someone emailed me and apparently didn’t know the difference because they used it throughout the message. Then I started noticing more & more people doing it until NOW — I’ve seen it spelled that way by presumbably intelligent people (news articles, magazines). Seriously, is it now an acceptable spelling?

  10. Yank

    No. Most of us know the difference between ‘Your” and “You’re”. Some of us still care about spelling, grammar, and not butchering our words.

    That aside…. Britney is a fat girl with no boobs. The only way she can HAVE cleavage is to pull and force her back fat and her side flab into some sort of top or bra. When she’s in a loose bikini or topless, her breasts are tiny. But lots of side/back flab. GROSS!

    Still sick of people saying she’s not fat compared to the rest of Americans. How insulting to Americans! It’s unpatriotic, I say.

  11. jbird

    Thanks, Yank. YOUR very clever.

  12. 30notes

    Aw, everyone should cut the poor girl some slack. She has talent. Matter of fact, how cool would it be if EVERY mother could stand up and breastfeed a child who’s laying on the ground? She just lets them sag right into their little fetal alcohol syndrome mouths. How adorable!

    Britney wishes she had Paris’s body, but that ship sailed with the first 60 pregnancy pounds. Now she just looks like any other dumpy mother of two in the trailer park. Shame.

    Oh, and one more word for Brit: Proactiv.

    Have a great day. :)

  13. BishOP


    In Britney’s case, too much was “in her” apparently.

    Also @36:


    Okay, enough of that crap. I could care less about their trailer trash romance or who made x claims. It’s like a fucking soap opera. Let’s sum it up shall we? One thing is certain: They are both media whores who will do anything for attention. One is corporate product who achieved media attention because she dressed up as a slutty cheerleader(the fantasy of virgins and middle aged men, alike) with marginal musical ability(Oh yeah and she’s a shitty mother to her children).

    The other’s notority was because he fucked said talentless hooker cheerleader and rode the golden ticket all the way home to the bank.

    Now they’ve spent all their money on booze and blow and need to make more money to support their habits.

    They’re both sick people. End of story.

  14. selina

    she is sexy but i can not see her face clearly, maybe later i will go to have a check there.

  15. Chris could never come back again, and I wouldn’t care, but I like the show itself. Chris is written for the people who like nothing but bathroom humor, which is a shame

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