Britney Spears debuts ‘Womanizer’ video

October 11th, 2008 // 100 Comments

Britney Spears debuted her new video for “Womanizer” today and the song definitely benefited from visuals. And, Jesus, the visuals. Here’s what to except from this thing conveniently lodged after the jump:

1. Naked Britney. And I didn’t cry!
2. Lingerie Britney cooking eggs. Her real specialty: Flaming bowl of Lucky Charms.
3. Britney photocopying her ass then punching said photocopy. I didn’t know this was autobiographical…
4. More Naked Britney. Again, no crying.
5. Cocktail Waitress Lap-dancing Britney. I think this video has exceeded its head-whipping threshold.
6. Britney driving a car with her foot while having sex in the backseat. This explains all those accidents.
7. Showering Britney. I’m gonna need a minute.
8. Crazy Vengeful Lingerie Britney. Yeah, make the bed over him. Guys hate that!
9. Naked Britney. Oh, I get it. She’s the narrator. Ha! Gonna need another minute…
10. Words. In a Britney Spears’ video? I guess – if you wanna be “artsy.”

Is Britney Spears back? Frankly, it felt like she never left. No, seriously, she can’t be killed!

Photo: Sony/BMG

  1. Sophie


  2. Hexum2600

    God damnit. SOMEONE STOP HER.

  3. OMG FIRST! -go tj!

  4. Hexum2600

    God damnit. SOMEONE STOP HER.

  5. Jakeeee


  6. Corinna

    And everyone knows the best way to stop men is from being womanizers is to writhe around naked, and come onto them in the office, restaurant, and while driving them around. Feminism at its best.

  7. Byrd

    Whoa, a post on saturday? and a typo? What is the world coming too?

  8. Britney2

    This song sucks and this poor girl is such a sad case. I feel sorry for all the 12 year old girls who are going to watch this and think it’s normal.

  9. Seenbot

    hey there’s another one of those sex-orgy/dance sequences. except with the cast of the Office? or Law and Order? I dunno you can try imagining it. I did.

  10. i love kevin <3

  11. i love kevin <3

  12. i love kevin <3

  13. i love kevin <3

  14. Lipster

    Palin, like all republicans, is a cunt.

  15. yeeeha

    when does this bitch start making porn?

  16. CaptainMorgan

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this song. I can’t stand it. I really don’t like it. I plug my ears. I run away. It is HORRIBLE! Dammit she CAN’T sing! What talent does she actually have?

    Listening to her is the equivalent of looking at Heidi Montag (the horse faced cow).

  17. pirhan

    I guess this is far to deep for me to understand, because, I don’t get it.

  18. monty

    Hate to say it, that vid rocked!

  19. Racer X


    /go take care of your kids

  20. Gar

    I’m raising funds to send her to mars.

  21. JPRichardson

    I want the old (2001) Britney back!

  22. Joe Pike

    Best part about that was in the beginning & the guy was looking at his phone. April 20th. 4:20

    Even brit still likes her pot.

  23. shelly

    I think she looks a lot like Jessica Simpson in this picture.
    Great video!

  24. chris

    I have never posted before and I may never post again. But goddamn, that sucked some ass. The song, the video, the whole thing is just…goddamnit.

  25. Slut

    I wonder who had the job as butt double….cause that photocopy was too small to be Britt’s butt….sorry Britt, but all those mochachoca lattes caught up with ya

  26. ix

    Her singing makes my ears bleed. Who the hell thinks she has a voice to be a professional singer?

  27. Binky

    She should have been swinging her umbrella at that guy.

  28. someone just dialed in a performance. well, if you count zombie as acting.

  29. Anonymous

    I really like the video. Sure, it’s a lot like her video for Toxic, but she seems angrier in that one and more playful in this one. Plus she seems like she’s making fun of her self, winking at the camera when she sings, “You say I’m crazy” at the end.

    I didn’t like the song when I first heard it, but it’s growing on me… and I have to say that the video helps. She just looks so hot in all the sauna scenes!


  30. Clem

    Utter, utter shit. What’s with the flat, Marilyn Manson-esque, processed voice? Everyone knows she can’t sing (apart from herself) and yet still she continues because her brain-dead fans are turning her into a later day Michael “King of Pop” (what!!!?) Jackson.

    Shit on every level.

  31. rob

    I’d do her

  32. meee

    i’m not gonna lie…that was entertaining…her voice sounds like crap as usual but it’s catchy enough.

  33. alley

    This video= Toxic video
    Nothing new…..

  34. ACUP

    She looks good! That’s not easy for me to say. She looks like Ashley Simpson #23…the wig and all.

    Horrible song. And…geesh…couldn’t she get a hotter guy to play the “womanizer?” He’s like a cereal commercial actor.

    And Superficial Writer…c’mon. Where’s the funny?

  35. Sharon


  36. 420

    Can someone explain to me what the blog writer meant when he said “I’m gonna need a minute”
    It sounds like he’s going to masturbate or something.

  37. Tyler

    @36. .. Wow, you sure do catch on fast!

  38. chuck

    This video proves nothing. Even beneath all the ProTools and Autotune she remains completely tone-deaf. And the two or three times she actually looks decent are just photographic trickery. ANYONE can look hot in a music video. That’s why they spend the big bucks on DP’s and post-production houses. Hell, the first time I saw the video for “There You Go” I would have sworn Pink was the sexiest girl alive. And that woman has no neck. The most disturbing thing here is it seems like the Superficial writer is ROOTING for BS to make a successful comeback. What gives?

  39. Captain Planet

    @38, I believe everyone hates Britney outwardly by bashing her…..but inwardly they secretly love Britney, they remember a time not too long ago when they first bought her baby one more time album and listened to it nonstop.

    The superficial write is that kind of person. He hates and loves Britney…just like how Gollum hates and loves the Ring of Power.

  40. Thighhighs

    She’s baaaaaaaaaaaack :). I’m glad for her…it’s been a long road.

  41. Anon

    So when you sales are low go down the i’m naked and too hot for you, misandrist throwing and violent to men ego trip other female singers do.

    She does know she has two boys right?


    wonder what would be said if a man was throwing a woman around like that?
    With the obligatory groin kick.

    epic fail and she looked so good in the first 10 seconds.

  42. Harry

    The song is horrible, but she looks bangin’ again. Better not find out it’s all CGI airbrushing!

  43. I know i gave this a bad review earlier, but it ain’t that bad. Its Toxic the sequel,,,and whos the geek shes tossing around is that suppose to be kevin featherhomo…with luv!

  44. Eddy

    I love how polarized most of these comments are. I dunno, it was okay. My feelings on her music have mostly been that its more… techno inspired by her, with her standing in during the video to be pretty. A lot of pop music is like that, its a style, and I’m not really bothered by it (I kind of enjoy that about it, actually). Not terrible, just… adequate.

  45. ummm...yeah

    #30, I totally agree…SHIT!!!!
    # 39, YOU are a fucktard! Everyone HATES Britwhory Spunk on the INSIDE AND OUT ASSWIPE!!!
    Someone/anyone PLEASE kill that whory skank and put us out of our misery!!!!!

  46. Corinna

    Wow, I’m retarded. “Stop men from being womanizers,” obviously, not “stop men IS from being womanizers.”

  47. marjorie

    i love kevin

  48. writer77

    Honestly, her song is not terrible, the chorus helps it a lot. But, the video to be honest was not good for her as a come back vid. They tried to just do the same old Toxic shit.
    I would have really liked to see her in some very cool situation where her man is cheating on her or something or flirting with a million women…and some creative way of shooting the scenes. I felt it lacked a ton of creativity. I also felt the naked scenes were out of place and just trying to be too forward. Why not have her naked in the shower crying due to her womanizer man…that would make more sense. Instead shes in the sauna doing what i hate most…hands around the face and hair like a Russian catalog model.

    I dont know why this bothers me (and explains the wigs) but shes had two years to grow her hair out…and it still looks really choppy and rooty. Whats with the top of her hair. Notice how she’s wearing wigs, or her hair is wet. How come she looked so good at the VH1 awards? Now that stylist should be doing her in the videos as well.

  49. Nikky Raney

    video > song

  50. Pirate Kuhnbeard

    dude. this video is fucking sweet. i don’t even care what anyone says. b. spears is back and it’s kickass.

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