Britney Spears debuts ‘Womanizer’ video

Britney Spears debuted her new video for “Womanizer” today and the song definitely benefited from visuals. And, Jesus, the visuals. Here’s what to except from this thing conveniently lodged after the jump:

1. Naked Britney. And I didn’t cry!
2. Lingerie Britney cooking eggs. Her real specialty: Flaming bowl of Lucky Charms.
3. Britney photocopying her ass then punching said photocopy. I didn’t know this was autobiographical…
4. More Naked Britney. Again, no crying.
5. Cocktail Waitress Lap-dancing Britney. I think this video has exceeded its head-whipping threshold.
6. Britney driving a car with her foot while having sex in the backseat. This explains all those accidents.
7. Showering Britney. I’m gonna need a minute.
8. Crazy Vengeful Lingerie Britney. Yeah, make the bed over him. Guys hate that!
9. Naked Britney. Oh, I get it. She’s the narrator. Ha! Gonna need another minute…
10. Words. In a Britney Spears’ video? I guess – if you wanna be “artsy.”

Is Britney Spears back? Frankly, it felt like she never left. No, seriously, she can’t be killed!

Photo: Sony/BMG