Britney Spears debuts ‘If U Seek Amy’ video

March 12th, 2009 // 104 Comments

Seen here terrorizing performing in Long Island last night, Britney Spears launched her latest video for “If U Seek Amy” on her website today. Like most of her videos with no discernible audience, if you enjoy prominent displays of Britney’s cleavage (And have a mute button), you’re in luck. If not, hopefully bleeding from the ears is your favorite.

NOTE: Next person who whines about not seeing an ass shot gets punched in the pancreas. Seriously, I’m afraid to close my eyes now. *blink* AHH! – - Get me the tape.

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  1. Amy

    Eh, this isn’t her best, but she doesn’t look bad! Her body’s looking good…she just needs to tighten it up a little more and wear more flattering clothes and VOILA! Also, my real name is indeed Amy. Seek me.

  2. Jrz

    HA! I just googled Clothes of the Insane and wouldja just look what popped up!

  3. Zanna

    JRZ!!!!!! GUY!

    Jrz..tell met hat ostrich one is Bjork….

  4. met hat ostrich

    It is?

  5. baxi69

    I’ll take those shots to the pancreas, sir…Just don’t stop with the @$$ shots!!! Sry dude not sure why you like them boney, tight @$$es cuz our girl Britney falling out of her wardrobe is buldging not only my eyes! Almosttheaven babe.

  6. Darlene

    What… an awful song

  7. Christina

    God, what an awful excuse for a song. It truly boggles the mind how people can willingly listen to that kind of shit without stabbing their eardrums.

    Britney isn’t fat, but she can’t pull off the kind of clothes she’s wearing any more. That’s not even a bad thing. She’s getting older and she has two young kids. She needs to learn how to wear a flattering outfit that is still sexy without being so horribly trashy.

    Oh, and I also like how her lip-synching in the video doesn’t even match up quite right. She apparently has lost that skill…

  8. Danighella Borascelli

    That’s a good video and a good song. I’m not a fan of her voice, but this one is good. She looks great in this video.

  9. R2-D2

    Blip,bloop! boo! beep!

  10. This is a total farce. In 1982 a band called April Wine released a single named ‘If You See Kay’ and it raised less controversy than this useless song. It’s probably where she got the idea for her feeble little attempt to be shocking.

    It’s a better song too and the chick in the video makes Britney look sooo sad.

  11. Anna

    I do not understand why she can look so “good” in her videos – well, much better than her norm – and not so much in public or in concert. Yes I realize that there’s video editing and stuff to make her look good, but seriously, why can’t she have her hair and makeup done that well in public?!!?!

  12. Carolyn

    Randal sounds like some fag sitting on his chintz loveseat knitting doilies.

  13. dude

    Carolyn, I love you. I may have ejaculated a little in my shorts.

  14. Her butt lokks jiggly like jell-o. Even Madges butt looks better at like 2x the circus clowns age.

  15. Refinnej

    so… who’s Amy?

    anybody else find the dance sequences a little bit… high school musical-y?

  16. norton

    I think it’s time Shitney hung up her “dance” shoes.

    The psuedo-Madonna thing ran its course – I dunno – 20 years ago when Madge wore it out, and is still wearing it out.

    Sad. Truly, truly sad.

  17. Maloney

    Haha hehe, hohoho… what?
    Who the fuck is Amy?

  18. aubreyfan

    Why beat around “bush?” Here’s a movie that gets straight to the point: sex. Aubrey O’Day’s film debut, to boot.
    “American High School”

  19. Deuce

    Dat’s a HUUUUUUGE bitch!

  20. Jen

    Instead of parodying a good mom in a video clip, maybe she should try to be one.

  21. sara

    that outfit is so michael jackson, just retire already, pleasssssse.

  22. meathome

    She’s gonna be so proud when her kids realize what the song means: F-U-C-K-Me….hahahahahah!

  23. meathome

    She’s gonna be so proud when her kids realize what the song means: F-U-C-K-Me….hahahahahah!

  24. Allen's Woody

    Got through 0:43 seconds of that shit and had to cut the bitch off.

  25. LPb

    Whose costume is she wearing in #2? Or do they buy the stagewear off the rack?

  26. Dog the Bounty Hunter

    That’s my costume! That bitch stole my clothes!

  27. Masha

    wow you ppl are jealous ugly fucks. Britney is fabulous, nobody cares if you think her song sucks.

  28. meme

    Dude she performed ON Long Island, not in Long Island. We live ON the Island. Common mistake. :) Don’t know why but that is just how it is.

  29. ctti

    #9: You said it.

    #20: What are you? Her publicist? You’re so sure everyone who says that she looks like crap is ugly. I’m sure not all of us look like wasted, washed up crack whores i.e. Shitney over here. The song is noise, not music & her “vocals” are absolute rubbish, as is her figure & dress sense. And DUH, anyone with half a brain would know that she couldn’t name the song “F-U-C-K Me” or it wouldn’t get past the censors. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a completely inane title to go with a completely mindless song. It’s not smart, it’s just trying to be.

    Besides, if everyone who doesn’t like her makes you sick, why even visit The Superficial? You’re just asking for it.

  30. ET phone home

    ha her dancer in pic 4 makes Brit look like such shit in comparisson

  31. marie

    Oh my god she looks like dog the bounty hunter from behind. Ouch!

  32. Jeremy Francour

    Well I think its a good video…not as good as toxic, though. Man you guys have some mean shit to say, eh? I hope somebody talks about you guys that way when you’re just trying to make a fucking dollar.

    What kind of mothers do you people have? Weren’t you raised any better? My parents would have beat the shit out of me for talking about somebody like that.

  33. Gull

    Only by pro-ana standards is she FAT, let’s be honest; she’s porky at best. Look at her arms though, pretty hot for bipolar trailer trash.
    She looks like she did in ’00, I’d still tap her.

  34. Her “NOSE-BONE” is already gone, folks!!

  35. mya

    i wonder what happened between womanizer and this vid. more taco bell perhaps. we’re back to mtv awards 2007 again.

  36. Michael Jackson

    there is a LOT of junk in this girls trunk

  37. simplicity

    She really DOES look like Dog the Bounty Hunter in Pic 2.

  38. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Big Bottom, Big Bottom
    Talk About Mudflaps, My Girls Got ‘Em!

    Said it before and I’ll say it again: Not a BAD figure, but geez- Cover UP! Always puttin the Problem Areas on display!

    I’ve been thinking it over and this song is really not “clever” at all. It doesnt come out “F.U.C.K. Me”…….it comes out “F.U.C.K.A. Me”
    What the Hell does “Fucka Me” mean????
    APRIL WINE got the joke RIGHT. Britney FAILS.

  39. londonafter

    who cares if she’s a bit fat??? oh, wait, everyone, her whole f*cking career is based on her looks, she has no talent and will never be considered as a true artist, sucks for her.

  40. RichPort's Toast

    #6 – then you’d wake up.

    Now go back to fapping in your mom’s basement, surrounded by boxes of Captain Crunch, Pop Tarts and fruit roll-ups.

    And hey, lay off the Sega Genesis and the Dungeons & Dragons, will ya, you stupid fuck?

  41. Jammy

    Clench, Britney! CLENCH!!!

  42. Kelly

    I thought you were based out of NYC?

    Please change it to “on” Long Island, not “in”


  43. Jenner

    I think she is the most sexy celebrity, so there are so many men are talking about her at ^^^C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M^^^ forum, they are interested in posting her naked photos and private news.

  44. britneysings

    that is just so unnecessary. I expected more out of her. It just ruined all that she has worked to erase. Where was her dad during this decision?

  45. the big kahuna


  46. salmon


  47. little j

    you guys are such haters. i mean seriously. she looks AWESOME and the song is a very clever way to tell you HATERS to fuck off. so do.

    how does it feel to be so hateful? thats such a waste of energy. chill out.

  48. Kazou

    WOWO I find this song very FANTASTIC !! I don’t understand why you don’t like it ?! It makes me dance ! Moreover the video clip is so cool, and the end is very great,during the clip Britney is a fucking bitch and in front of paparazzis she looks like an exemplary housewife ! I find this idea marvellous !!

    PS: I’m a French young girl, so excuse me if we read bad spelling or bad grammar, French Schools aren’t well-known for the languages acquisition.


  49. I don’t get it

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